Artwork of Den Maurlias

A group of artwork by me - mostly design sketches and fun off the cuff sketches of Den & Sabin
The first commission of Den by snowzapped
His uniform design has changed a bit since this piece.
A near perfect image of Den and a brilliant reference by autumn-sacura
Absolutely ADORABLE and awesome sketchpage of Den & Sabin by razuri-chan
Edit - now TWO sketchpages!
Fantastic Den & Sabin piece by the talented Cris-art - TY so much to Cris as well for nailing Den's tattoo.... and everything else >3
An absolutely adorable piece of Sabin and Den by afterlaughs!
A chibified Den (who still looks srsbusiness X3 ) by the talented eyecager
A fantastic piece of Den and Sabin - just having crossed the border into Fey from Raw Dream.  Den has stepped forward to protect Sabin, exhasuted from the trip through Dream and just having reverted from Anjuform, from another borderguard.  Art by Stellacadente113
omocha-san's Den really hits the character's feathers on the nose!  Great piece and fantastic reference!
Doubleleaf 's incredibly sexy Den & Sabin in a fight... sort of >3

Saniika's fantastic sketch portrait of Den / UPDATED with a colored version by me, as well as a meshing of the Den & Sabin pieces
pample's Den - going over battle strategies
Pample's Den and Sabin >3
NSFW: I did a bit of a collaboration with this commission from tybay.  Funtimes with Den and Sabin >3.  I added shading/some extra colors to the pieces.  Tybay-only version HERE
Saniika  also did this design sketch for Marconius (Den first/lost love) - colored by me :)
An adorable anime-style couples piece by hikari-chan
A nifty and cute sketch page + colored image by avionetca
Fantastic Den in action by elephantwendigo
Perfectly Characteritic commission by InkyDemon

DoroxDoro did this fantastic set of pieces of Den and Sabin - two images that fit together to form one image PLUS a bonus set of bust sketches.
Clover-Doe does fantastic M/M artwork and I was able to get an illustradtion of Den and Sabin from her!
Irulana's fantastic and amazingly detailed scene with Den and Sabin at a ball in the feyrealm!
ADULT piece of Den, laying back on the bed.  By the talented Dwenda!
An adorable Den & Sabin by GalacticDustBunnies - I went to Capitol City Comic Con and picked up a number of con sketches ^_^
Sam Lotfi Had a great style that really caught Den's look!
Sotursi's fantastic Marker-den!
Virus_AC is an immensley talented artist, and really caught Den here!
Kamiki surprised me with this great couples piece by khallix!
A really lovely commission and great character piece of Den by z-pico