Sabin Duvert's PARDS

Welcome to my aviary that I keep my special winged cats, Pards.  *you see elegant big cats in stunning colors sunbathing, gliding around, and some chewing at meat left for them*.  I specialize in collecting and breeding Black pards, trying to bring out combinations that result in pard colorations after my own heart - black with red.

My personal pards are going along a naming scheme - mainly with times of day, and shadows/darkness  (my personal forte, being a shadowmancer anju ;) .)  Shadow was my first, and Daybreak my first unique, who produced a beautiful litter.)

Winged Pards are adorarable winged big cats that are made by Britain and Orasteele and sold/bred at Britain's Pard Aviary.  Also, The Terra Pard Sanctuary. The crouched and stalking pard archetypes are male, and the lying and jumping ones are female.  They can be bred and are hatched from eggs.  Information on Pards is found here (as well as an owners list and ALL of the pards made).


One of the raaare Shifter Pards!  A growing, shapeshifting Pard.



     Hallow's Eve       
Shadow and Daybreak's 3rd cub, a male, "Shadowed Dawn" - another keeper ^_^  I sold the second to Lauryn.

This is the perfect mixing of Shadow's and Dadybreak's aspects, and he represents the last bits of night in his fur color, but being chased away by the brilliant dawn colors of his wings

Hallow's Eve - a Gorgeous black and orange pard won from an auction - the pard was the offspring of both a terrapard and a winged pard - so he carries terrapard genes.
I won him just a few days before Halloween, and so his name is even more appropriate ^__^

ALSO - Hallow's eve is a rare MAGE pard with a gift for Distortion / tainting.

Nightmare Before Christmas - another AWESOME gift from Purr and Caneton - a gorgeous black and red pard ^__^ - The name is he was a christmas gift, but definately Nightmarish in coloration, after my heart ^_^


Shadow, Male Pard Forever Night        
My First Pard, Shadow, a male limited winged Pard, from the first ever run of limiteds, #3 of the 3rd limited Pard.  Being a limited, his parentage is unknown.

Shadow, because of Sabin's theme, he's by first pard, and he represents the inky darkness, at the edge of light.

 Forever Night : A beautiful jet black series pard made after the black color pard sold for a very high price.
Name a reference (and different spelling) of an old TV show I enjoyed ^_~ - plus is appropriate for this ebony beauty. 

Silent Spring Night - Another lucky Raffle pard, in beautiful Greens and Blacks... *looks consideringly to Beltane* 

His name comes from the verdant green dimmed by black, with designs that look like stones - a cool, still night in spring.

Element of Surprise - while technically a series pard for posting on the 100th page, this pard is a bagful of fun for breeding - throwing a random element in coloration ^___^ 


creante         present
Creante - a totally PERFECT pard ^__^ - This is my secret Santa pard - a gift from Kamiki - and modeled after my anju form, and named after my anju side (Creante is "fear" in French, and a name the anju half of me adopted - the real name unpronouncible by most mortals.) Its black, with red highlights, and six red eyes ^___^ Samhain - the compliment to Beltane, and represents the celtic holiday that Halloween is based after, and the begining of the "dark half" of the year.  and my other custom winged pard ^_^.  He's got several of the futharkian runes that spell out Samhain, and is a beautiful and elegant pard, and I love him very much. BloodDawn - the first of the set of the hued pards - one for each of the colors of the rainbow, and selling in that order.  What came to mind while naming him is "red in the morning, sailor's warning"  so he is like an ominous red sunrise.  He is going to be bred with Ivy's Voice - which should result in some beautiful cubs ^__^.  And now I have at least one pard of each pose ^_^. 
Dim Present- The second Raffle pard in the past/present/future series.  This is the "present" - a gray pard with purple wings ^_^



Heart of Midnight - a male wingless pard.  I was gunning for him and for the female black winged pard auction (same series as Blood Dawn) but missed her by a hair.  But he is still a stunning beauty, especially with the blacker markings on already black ^^.  So Heart of Midnight - the blackest of the black. BloodShadow - a raffle terrapard celebrating Zahra's 27th page of her terrapard hatchery (27 is her lucky number.)  Another celebratory piece is the little banner under my pards.  She had 100 slots for the raffle, and was giving out 27 pards - I won with my lucky number, 48 ^__^ Night Hunter- Ah, the glories of being a colorist - I'm allowed one of each of the series pards that come out from the store.  This is the Darus Ninau Pard (Pards colored to resemble the Ninaus).  I really like his markings! Daywalker- And the 2nd Ninau Pard, colored after Sami Automatic. ^_^



Kabuki - mayhaps the only pard that will break my naming scheme, this pre-named unique Wingzelle was part of the Asian Splendor "eefil" package that was auctioned at the end of November. Night Terrors - A male nightzelle that I colored, and used as my "each assistant colorist gets ONE pard to keep they color".  I really wanted a nightzelle, and I wanted one with big-cat patterns - and so I incorporated a snow leopard with a jaguar ^^.  Thickened the tail and gave him teeth/claws ^_^.  And of course, the starry pattern on his wings that I had fallen  in love with *Space reserved for a male pardzelle* *Space reserved for a male nightmare pard*



  Anju - My Male FAEPARD!!  He's absolutely gorgeous, if not probably possessing a bit of an identity crisis for both being Fey an Anju, but this pard is definately Deserving of this honorable name *loves the facial markings* ^_^ This was a wonderous gift from Kamiki on Xmas - I've been wanting a faepard for ages!    


Noctourne - A simply GORGEOUS .. black and red... pard - the offspring of my Blood Dawn and IvyCurse's Voice.  I love the name Noctourne and wanted to find a pard truly deserving of it - she fits the bill.  Beltane - A Stunning custom pard, in Greens and blacks, with futharkian runes spiraling over her body.  This pard represents the celebration in May of fertility and abundance and signifies the begin of the lighter half of the year.  Her opposite, Samhain, is another custom pard and forthcoming.  Her central rune, Jera, is the rune of fertility. Solar Eclipse - The daughter of Kaekia's Golden Dawn and my Shadow - a beautiful half-gold half-black winged pard that just seemed to epitomize a solar eclipse midway through ^_^ Witching Hour - A Beautiful black on black striped Winged pard - the daughter of Saitou Puppy's Ink blot and Nightshade (And colored by me ;) .)


ShadowPrism - a limited female Pard won in an auction ^_^.  Her name is reflecting her coloration, which is like refracted light alighting on a darkened area.   NightBreeze - a special female limited edition pard that was given out to people who posted on the Winged Pard Aviary's lucky 77th page :)

The name is from the bluish cloudy airy wings on the sleek black body ^_^


Bright Past - another series Raffle Pard - the "Past" series ^^.  A beautiful opalescent pard that really reminds me of a weak rainbow at early morning. Through a Stained Glass, Brightly - The Halo pard made by Britain for Kamiki's Halo fundraising quest - a very pretty in Purples and golds, colration after Kamiki's heart ^_^  A punny name, I apologize ^_~. 


This is the unique female pard, Daybreak, hatched from an egg, also from Britain.  She is from the 2nd set of uniques, and has no (known) parents. I think the name is suiting, as this is generally what I'm doing at daybreak ;)

Not only that, but Daybreak has been recently discovered to be a rare healer pard!

Shadow and Daybreak's first cub, a female,: "Night Whisper"  She's absolutely GORGEOUS, and the first pard with her marking's patterns.  She is betrothed to Kamiki's "Harvest Moon" for the next breeding period, and should produce some stunning offspring. Moonlight Shadow- A stunning gray/black/white pard from the breeding of Kamiki's Dawn Shadow and my Shadowprism ^_^  I had been looking for a suitable pard to take on this name, and he lived up to the name perfectly ^__^  A wonderful song AND visualization. Burning the Midnight Oil - a Stunning childe of my Nightbreeze and Kamiki's Harvest Moon.  her flame patterns on black and Steele's new coloring style  make her an exquisite specimen.  The name comes from the mental image of the Victorian days of staying up late at night with just a candle against the darkness.


A View of Mars  A STUNNING Red/Black mottled  Series pard female (Series name - "Mars") Mayan Sunrise - A pretty Jaguar-colored pard with Rainbow wings that I created, and used as my one-time raffle to raise money for my art contest.  I couldn't NOT buy my own tickets - I REALLY like how she turned out! Shining Success - A commemorative pard that Britain gave out to the people who supported her during her succesful weight loss program, people who brought her smiles, and spoke with her ^_^.   


High Tide - a beautiful terrapard made by the talented Sosiqui *^^* - I won her in the massive guest terrapard auction - and I'm very happy with the one I ended up with :)  I also incorporated her sea theme with my time of day theme :3 Overcast Daydream - A BEAUTIFUL terrapard made by Aris in graytones for the big "assistant colorist" position at Zahra's - the first auctioned pard.  She reminds me of an overcast morning, threatening rain, and yet beautiful in and of itself.
Night Chameleon - one of the terrapard sactuary's limited celebratory pards for hitting 270 pages (10x Zahra's lucky number.)   



Savannah Noon - the Pardzelle - a limited/unlimited pard made one wacky night at the Terrapard sanctuary - I Think she is beautiful ^_^.  The gazelle colors are a very beautiful combination - I Love the way some realistic animal prints look - and she's just pretty by herself to boot ^^. Ribbon - While not my normal naming scheme - Ribbon is a BEAUTIFUL nightmare pard that seems to have been made for me (and was released with the 2nd eefil - the Christmas one).  She's a red and black nightmare ^___^. 
Ghost of Winter - the beautiful offspring of Kabuki and Tavis's ghostly pard, this female wingzelle is a beautiful translucenty blue that speaks of the wintertime.
*Space reserved for a Female Nightzelle... eventually... :ninja:*


Descendant of Darkness - The must stunning limited pard I believe I've ever seen - a black on black Nightmare pard... so far up my alley that it's practically clambering at the other side.  A gift from Daisuke-kun.
 Heaven's Thunder - My first Nightmare pard, the "halo" pard, and part of Kamiki's halo drive :heart:  A STUNNING pard, epitomizing a heavenly wrath in pard form ;)  Night's Dew - A beautiful green and black Nightmare pard female - while a series pard, she's still beautiful, and I own her thanks to Kaekia's snagging tickets for me while I was out of town :3  Spring Dew - My first Faepard!  She's a stunning series pardess, lovely with her markings and her dragonfly wings ^__^

Special Non-Breedable Pards and Pard Paraphanelia

A limited Baby pard from Britain's Aviary

And a Halloween baby pard from Zahra's


My Pards' Breedings

Breedings that have already Happened

1. Shadow (M) x Daybreak (F) : 

        - Night Whisper (F), 

        - Twilight's Dawn (M) (Owned by Lauryn), 

        - Shadowed Dawn (M)

2. BloodDawn (M) x IvyCurse's Voice (F)

    - Noctourne (F)

    - Aylani (F) Owned by JadeEye

3.  Shadowprism (M)  x Kamiki's Dawn Shadow (F)

    - Forgotten Dreams (M) - Owned by Kamiki

    - Moonlight Shadow (F)

4. Shadow (M) x Kaekia's Golden Dawn (F)

    - Solar Eclipse (F)

    - Dream (F) - Owned by Kaekia

    - Sunglare (M) - Owned by Kaekia

5. Heart of Midnight (M) x Saitou Puppy's Eclipse (F)

    -   Shadowcat (F)( winged pard) - Owned by Saitou Puppy

    -  Shinta (M) (Winged Pard) - Sold/ Art Traded to Kenshin Kitty

    -   Sunspot (F) (Terra Pard) - Auctioned to Purrasha

6. Night Whisper (F) x Kamiki's Harvest Moon (M)

    - Samantha (F) - Owned by Kamiki

    - Burning the Midnight Oil (F)

    - Wind Whispers (F) - Owned by Orasteele

    - Shadow Shouts (F) - Owned by Britain

7. Kabuki (M) x Tavis Harts' Mist (F)

8. Burning the Midnight Oil (F) x Laisewiel Phd's
Garnet Duste

Scheduled Breedings




9. Daybreak (F) x Spritweaver's Hitokage (M)


Possible Breedings

Daybreak (F) x    Aris Ravenstar's "Gabriel" (the Starry pard that I made :) ) - mayhaps

Savannah Noon x Someone ;)

Burning the Midnight Oil x Fyre's Resonance

Pards Coming Soon

A custom Nightzelle Pard ^_^