Sabin Duvert's Verlashi

Adorable magical creatures that are similar in nature and appearance to a cross of wolves and antelope.  Pack creatures, they form packs of 3-6, and participate in various pack activities.  I contributed the name of the species ^_^.  There are two stages of growth, pups and adults.  They are found at Orasteele's Verlashi Clan Grounds.

The DEITY of my pack, the Verlashi God of Fear, Deimos Phobos.

My Verlashi's representative pack is called the "Harbingers of the Night"

* = Current  Pack Member


 Spring Dawn
This is Spring Morning - a male Verlashi, and will be a probable future mate with Switfshade ^^.
His Baby Picture is Here. 
And this is Phantasm, a male Verlashi from the same litter as Anju ^_^  The swirly purple on dark fur reminds me of something spectral and illusionary, hence the name ^_^.
His Baby Picture
*This is Wolfshade, a male bi-color Verlashi.  He's absolutely gorgeous, and reminds me of a timber wolf's markings with lovely shadowy-black markings.  I won him in an auction.  Given his wonderful Con and Abilities - he is  my Alpha Male ^_^  His Baby Picture

Wild Hunt
oceansdepths sliver of midnight
The Wild Hunt - A stunning bicolor male cub, the offspring of my Wolfshade and Sosiqui's Autumn's Moon.  The green designs on an auburn body give me a Celtic-y mental image and the bicolor body makes me think of a natural animal, and I think that The Wild Hunt is a great name for a verlashi - especially with their pack games ^_^.  His baby picture
This is Ocean's Depths, a lovely black and blue male verlashi, offspring of my Phantasm and Maia Juno's  Edonil Cryso.  The name is a nod to Kamiki's Dark ocean, whom he resembles.  His Baby Picture *Sliver of Midnight - My newest male, this is the son of Anju and Zahra's Iasus.  He's a stunning jet black beauty, and comes from Great Parentage!  He also has a really spiffy special ability!  His Baby Picture is Here.


Blood Moon - A gift from Kipestshin!  From a random flatsale drawn by Dragonfyre - Blood Moon is a gorgeous black/red Verlashi ^__^.  Cert Pending.


Monsieur Duvert
*Lure of the Ocean - A beautiful -aquatic- verlashi, and only the 4th of his kind -t his one unique in his full head fin.  He's a beautiful black with hypnotic orange-patterns :heart:  I won him in an auction. *Ambrose - The first Winged Verlashi - a beauty with gorgeous coloration, AND incredibly appropriately colored - blonde with blue - to earn the name Ambrose, after my original character. Monsieur Duvert - This was an AWESOME gift from Steele for Xmas - a Verlashi designed after yours truly :heart: Red and black with a tophat and victorian cape - truly PERFECT.  Waiting on his cert. ^^

dream sculpture
dream sculpture
Erebus - The offspring of Sangria and Kingdom hearts, and a brand new outline, only possible through the mating of 2 royals!!  *hugs the squirming little guy* He's Red, black, spikey, and awesome!  Here's his baby picture ^_^
Dream Sculpture - A beautiful cub, and Ambrose's and Light of the Shadow's cub ^_^  I love her blue designs and patterns!  Her Cub picture is here.
Bioluminescence - A STUNNING Deep Sea Verlashi!! And the 2nd ever Deep Sea ^___^.  I was damn lucky to snag him in the wonderful verlashi flatsale with some beautiful ones to choose from - he was my first choice.  Named from his coloring and the mental image of angler fish and other deep sea fishes ^_^.


Swiftshade   kitiara
The VERY first ever made Verlashi, a new kind of pet by Orasteele.  I created the name of the species, and was gifted with the first created ^___^.  This is Swiftshade, an adult female bicolor. 
Her Baby picture is here.
*Sangria - One of the prizes of my Verlashi collection, this is Sangria, a royal Female verlashi - and part of the Valentine's day mated pair auction - The Poison Arrow owns the other, Kingdom Hearts.
She is currently my Alpha Female
Kitiara - an adorable Blue DRACONIC verlashi!! *huggles her* I've been wanting one for ages :heart:  Thanks SO much Kaekia, for letting me keep her :3. Named from the Blue Lady from Dragonlance ^_~   Her Cub Picture is here. This is Anju *wide smile* a female Verlashi - and with my ideal markings, dark black with red - deserving of her name!  A child of Swiftshade and Kamiki's Dark Ocean. 
Her Baby Picture


earthen Treasure  
Highland Thistle - a wonderful Christmas gift from Alexina, one of the verlashi from the colorist auction ^_^.  The green with hints of purple remind me of Scotland and the bits of heather on the slopes ^_^. Earthen Treasure - my female - her daddy is Wolfshade, her mother is Daisuke's Limberlost.  She's a beautiful Verlashi- brown with veins of gold ^__^  Her Baby picture. * Nyx - my custom beautiful Verlashi- I think this is my favorite of the normal poses (that I hadn't had before) And she is a SOLID black - with the solid black ability.  With shining red eyes after my own heart as well :3 - she's named Nyx, after the Greek goddess of the night, and Erebus's sister by mythology..... ^_~


Light of the Shadows: A stunning black and white verlashi named after a one-shot werewolf character of mine, who seems to very much fit the name ^_^.  This was a verlashi won in a raffle where we gave a list of colors for Steele to choose from to use ^_^. 
Kamikins -  The Verlashi made to aid Kamiki's halo quest.  She's breedable, but a pacifist (She won't participate in pack games and has no stats.)  She's a beautiful coloring!  The name is a wink to Kamiki (And may change ;) )
Midnight Seraphim: My angelic Verlashi!!  A WONDEROUS present from Purrasha ^___^.  And she's absolutely STUNNING.  Unfortunatley, Verlashi are no longer statted :( Cub Picture.

Nonbreeding, Misc Verlashi Stuff

Award for being a loyal customer :3

My Verlashi Goals

1. One of each Type.  I'm missing:

    - Faelashi .... So pretty.....

My Verlashis' Battles

1. Swiftshade  x Maia Juno's Edonil:

            - Swiftshade winner! - 1 point won!


My Verlashis' Breedings


Breedings that have already Happened

1. Swiftshade(F) x Kamiki's Dark Ocean (M) -

- Oilslick (M) - Owned by Kamiki
- Anju (F)
- Kiritsune (F) - Owned by Kamiki
- Phantasm (M)


2. Phantasm (M) x Maia Juno's Edonil Cryso (F)

- Xukoth (M) - owned by Maia Juno   
Ocean's Depths (M)

2. Zahra Ovaci's Iasus (M) x Anju (F)

- Sliver of Midnight (M)

- Zandru (M) - Owned by Zahra

- Mormallor (F) - Owned by Zahra

- Sarciel (F) - sold to Daisuke-kun

3. Wolfshade (M) x Sosiqui's Autumn's Moon (F)

- The Wild Hunt (M)

- Ebony's Blight (M) - Kept by Sosiqui

- Ambrosia (F) - Owned by Kamiki


4. Wolfshade (M) x Daisuke-Kun's Limberlost (F)

 - Earthen Treasure (F)

-   Kuyoy (F) Kept by Daisuke-Kun

-  SilverMist (F) Kept by Daisuke-Kun

-  Daimian (M) Auctioned to Kipestshin

5. Sangria (f) x TPA's Kingdom Hearts (M) 

 - Erebus (M) - New outline (spiky!)!

- Styx (F) - Kept by Cimera and is a Royal

- Cerberus (M) kept by TPA another of the spikey new outline!

6. Ambrose (M) x Light of the Shadows (F)

    - Endless Dreams (F) WINGED - Kamiki got first pick and chose her ^_^

    - Dream Sculpture (M)



Scheduled Breedings


Breeding Ideas

 My Ambrose and Kamiki's Ambrosia need to breed ^^
~Light of the Shadows x Sosiqui's Ebony Blight
~Phantasm (M) and/or Anju (F) x one of Purrasha's
One of my male Verlashi x Unloved's Superieur (ROYAL Female)
~Some breeding (prob with royal) with Protoavis
** Lure of the Ocean (M) with Purrasha's Amphitrite - DEEP SEA (F)
** Nyx (F) x TPA's Kingdom Heartsh (M ROYAL)
Anju (F) with TPA's Shadow (M)
~Dream Sculpture (M) with Sosiqui's Kadish Tolesa (F)
?* TPA's Opal (F draconic) X Ambrose (M winged)
+*** Ambrose WINGED(M) x Kitiara DRACONIC(F) - when she grows up ^^;

Immediate Priority
***Lure of the Ocean AQUATIC (M) with Purrasha's Haiku - WINGED (F)
**** Ambrose WINGED (M) x  Chaeval's Azure Wraith (F) SPIKEY (Demonic?) - approved :D
**** Sangria (F) ROYAL x Bioluminescence (M) DEEP SEA

((The more stars - the more I want this to happen)) 
~ =  Request from other side ^_^
+ = must wait to grow up ^^;

- I promised Purrasha a draconic baby from when I get to breed Kitiara

Crossbreeding Possibilities

- Royal x Winged = winged royal
- Royal x Draconic = ***
- Royal x Angelic =  **
- Royal x Aquatic =  
- Royal x Deep Sea =
- Royal x Royal = possibilities of Demonic
- Royal x Demonic =  ***

- Draconic x Winged = **
- Draconic x Angelic =
-  Draconic x Aquatic =  *
- Draconic x Deep Sea = **
- Draconic x Demonic = **
- Draconic x Draconic = only max of 2 cubs - draconics.

- Winged x Angelic =
- Winged x Aquatic =  *
- Winged x Deep Sea =
- Winged x Demonic = ***

- Angelic x Aquatic =
- Angelic x Deep Sea =
- Angelic x Demonic = *
? Angelic x Angelic =

- Aquatic x Deep Sea =
- Aquatic x Demoinc = *

- Deep Sea x Demonic = *

~ The more *'s the more I want to see what happens!!

**Reading more I think that there will no longer be special crosses. :(