You enter a HUGE aviary, with lots of vegetation, mini-canyons, and light streaming in from above.  You see majestic creatures alight on the edge of the canyon, feathers and fur bristled in pride and majesty.  Welcome to my Griffin sanctuary.

Directly interconnected with the Pards (and made by the same people) - in fact, the first griffin egg (mine!) was found among some pard eggs - much like a cuckoo, griffins can hide their eggs among other similarly-sized creatures to let them breed them.  They cannot breed with pards, though can breed among themselves.

*looks down* I'm going to need some girls, huh? ^^;  *waits for Sahara's eggs*


Sahara Sunset, THE first griffin made and its egg was sold as a terran pard egg, which when it hatched revealed this stunning beauty.  The colors really struck me as a sunset over a desert, Southwest first came to mind, but it didn't seem to fit with the concept of a griffin ^^.  Nightmare - a male custom Griffin - red and black - shadowy, after my own heart, complete with extra eye marks on his head.  *Strokes him affectionately* Huron - a beautiful green Griffon - and the FIRST griffin that was made in this position ^_^   I love the mottled green on his wings and the position he's in is very regal looking.


This is Solar Flare - #4 in the Emperor Fabulous Raffle ^_^.  Very vibrant coloring ^_^.   This is Khan, The first of the limited Griffins - a STRIKING male tiger-patterned Griffin.  Absolutely beautiful ^_^.



  Mist of Morning Twilight  
  Mist of Morning Twilight - one of the female offspring of Sahara Sunset and Kamiki's Onyx Flame.  She's a stunning Griffin, and reminds me of the remnant mists of the early morning hours, just as the sun is starting to brighten the sky. She's mysterious, elusive, slipping in and out of the mists.  

My Griffins' Breedings

Breedings that have already Happened

1. Sahara Sunset (M) x Kamiki's  Onyx Flame (F) - 5 Eggs!  THE first Griffin Breeding.
    -  Mist of Morning Twilight - Female - I kept her
    -  Shadow Aura - Male - Purrasha won her egg in an auction
    - Midnight Sunrise - Female - Kaekia bought her directly
    - Blaze of Inferno - Female - Saitou Puppy won in egg auction
    - Winter Storm - Female - Owned by Kamiki

Scheduled Breedings

1.5:  Sosqui's Wren (F) x Tiger Series Gryph (M)
 - I have an egg reserved in Sosqui's Wren x Tiger Series Gryph

2: Nightmare (M) x Mist of Morning Twilight (F)