The Kymaera - beasts that fill stories and are as varied in appearance as imagination can determine.  They begin with purebreed kymaera that look nearly indistinguishable from normal animals, except that they can join with any other kymaera to form amazing children that combine different traits of their parnts.  No two Kymaera are the same.

The Kymaera are a creation of myself, Sabin Duvert, and Kamiki.  Come take a look at the thread and perhaps join us in crossbreeding.


Lykos - a purebreed wolf kymaera - and one of the very first batch ^__^.   Creante- *Grins* the Anju arcane shadow elemental pureblood.  I had to make this, and this is the official introduction of the shadow element! :heart;




 The cub of Chimaera, the joint-owned Kymaera of the store (see the banner above), and Kamiki's fox Crescendo.  Kipestshin was really awesome and volunteered to do a store breeding for us ^__^  I named hir Ashanti - beacuse it seemed to fit and came to mind :)  

My Kymaeras' Breedings


Breedings that have already Happened

Lykos x Shinka (the eagle)

Chimaera x Crescendo

Scheduled Breedings

                        Balnax (Protoavis's ebil fox-peacock-snake) x Anju