Other Breedables

This is my page for other Gaian Breedables that I have collected other than those made by the "Galveston Crew" - Zahra Ovaci, Britain, Orasteele, and Aster.  If I collect enough of any of them to warrent a separate page, then they will be moved ^_^.

I have put my HEAVY RP pets (Fa'e, Island of Moreau, and GMFC kid) at the top, the rest are in alphabetical order by shop)



~Current photo(direct link)~
A mysterious seed was given to my by Anya!  And one of the very first Fae available.  Here I will keep an image of each of his stages of growth ^__^.  He has a full journal on Gaia Here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=9580587

To visit the FA'E Shop for yourself, and perhaps adopt a beautiful fae child of your own, Visit Anya's Fa'e shop.  This is one of my primary activities on Gaia, and where i RP the most ^__^.  


"Inside the gift box you find a single seed in a glass jar that feels cold to the touch, a squat black obsidian urn with six red markings on the side and about an ounce of grey ash. There is no message or instructions whatsover. If you choose to plant the seed you will have to put this card into your sig. Otherwise the seed will wilt and die. What is this mysterious seed? and what might come out from it?"
And the seed has grown into this :3 *curious to see if it grows more*  This is very neat!  Very appropriate of course - I love the anju pot =^^= 
 Annnd - next  to this stage :3 - the plant grew into a flower Fa'e child ^__^.  And its name is Mordath - after a very long story - he looks so mischievous - and I love'em ^_^.  He and my mimic fae get along Faaar too well :3

Mordath didn't come to this world as a screaming baby - he came to this world as an unassuming seed that got delivered onto Sabin's doorstep by a stranger on Christmas day. Soon though the seed hatched to produce a strange looking seedling and after New Year rolled around, one night the Anju looking pot cracked and a charcoal skinned kid was sitting in the middle of all the shattered pieces. Mordath is thus a plant child, a rare variety of the Fae. He has scarlet eyes and wings dotted with leopard spots. The flower petal like crown on his hair looks very exotic.

Anya has since her Xmas gifts officially opened the fa'e game shop, where these will age and grow.  Mordath is now officially a "kid".  He has an outfit, and is happily clutching his evil teddybear.  His petal-hairis longer, and has a calculating look on his face ^__^
Teen Mordath
Wow - Getting all angsty-bishoneny ^__^.  Mordath's petals have split into actual hair- there's an interesting dark streak in his hair (from the middle of the flower from before I presume), you can see his pointed ears again, and he's got a great smirk as he manipulates shadows :3 - Mordath is currently walking the fine line between good and evil, being pulled in both directions - read his journal (link up top) to learn about what's been going on in his life.  

Mordath, his memories returned en force, has emerged older, more bishonen and elegant.  Tslanak ever by his side, he now steps beyond childhood to face his future and his past and to integrate them into something that he can face and overcome to try to reach his goals.  ((I REALLY love this piece ^___^ ))


Gaia Fraternity and Maternity Clinic

A shop owned and maintained by Kamiki - the GMFC - bringing Gaians biological children with the help of Reevely and Rik Prowley ^__^.  Kamiki and I were the first couple to conceive a child, a son of our very own, Gavin :heart: - the little ball of trouble ^_~.

Gavin's Journal is Here~! his new Journal is HERE






Island of Doctor Moreau

A shop that I have become one of the staff artists for because it is so frikking up my alley!!  Based loosely off the book, here, Doctor Moreau's great grandson has started a secret project acquiring research subjects to partake in his ghastly experiments, transforming them into anthropomorphic animals.  The shopfront is HERE.
Ambrose's Journal is HERE.

100% STAGE



Non-Diary Pets


Amaroth Alicorn

A really sweet gift from Dragonglass, a really wonderful artist - and one of the first of her alicorn pets from her store.

Animal Spirits

WhoO!!  I finally got one in the essay flatsale! :D :D - I wonder what animal I will be found to correspond most with~!  I'm so curious :D  The main store is here.


Avatar Spirits

A really cool idea started by Alexina - customizable and breedable people/theriomorphs, "The spirits of avatars yet to come".  Avatar Spirit Breedings here.

Alexina made a custom for me of my character, Ambrose Maurlias :heart:


Ben and Jersey's
 A really sweet gift, and a nod to my recent coffee addiction, a Ben and Jersey's cow, Buzz :cute:


Beautiflly done canines - lineart by Sepp, and colored by reanimator.  They're mostly lupine, but with larger claws on their forefeet, and thicker fur.  I LOVE the design - and each outline is unique (except siblings from litters which have the same lineart.)  No one can own more than 3 bulfs - two purchased.  *really wants to get a custom done*
   The thread is located here.

 Dreams of Wonder- the "Spirit" of the pack. An old respected female, while past her prime is wise in her years and respected by the entire pack.
"This particular bulf is the elder female bulf. She is the first borne in captivity, and the first to have children in captivity. Over the years her bones may have started aching, her vision may have dimmed, her reflexed dulled, but she is honored amongst the pack as the spirit of the pack. With her great wisdom, she conducts her duties as spirit eliquently. A spirit tends the young, cares for the sick and injured and concils the leaders. As the eldest female, no other bulf can conduct her duties as well.

She does not need an owner so much as a keeper, a guardian, a friend. Someone to help her up when she falls, to guide her on her way. And yes she still has a few litters left in her."

Cein Isles

AWESOME 'tauric animals (not just centaurs, but cervitaurs, wolftaurs, foxtaurs, and many more half-animal mythical creatures like mermaids, sirens, and minotaurs!)  I shall have to get more of these, Ohyes.  Shop is here!

Ambrose, Wolftaur version! :D 
Teen - Adult



Sunny was fundraising for wings for Cassidy - I donated and got this ^_^



Little Dragons made by Jade-chan ^_^.  She offered me one of the initial ones :3.  Dralee adoption center is here



Khisanth - a red and black female - colors as per my request :3  Named after a dragon from the Dragonlance novels I used to love :3



Another spiffy shop featuring art from Ivynian ^__^.  I have one of the limiteds, non RP versions :3


MOST Spifftastic - he is SO sexy - mostly black with red... he and Mordath would get along far too well, methinks ^_~



Very awesome, smooth and sharp equines (generally) from the East of Eden shop.  I got one for Xmas from Kamiki!!

(Equus) - This is Thestral, a totally perfect Equus - not only is he of the Sleipnir variety (meaning that he's of the darker side with the bat wings) but he's a Vampiric Nightmare AND red and black  *hugs him, much to Thestral's irritation* 
Box, Child, Teen, (Eventual Adult Maybe?)



Yay!  I got one of the breedables from my want list - a Ferrus, from the Sinbound store! :heart:  A definate break from the normal cutesy pets, these lupines are dark souls seeking either redemption or acceptance of their states.  A heavy RP pet.

My ferrus as a cub - won at an auction, Brindle has tiger-like markings despite his lupine appearance. ^^.  Wary-looking and beautiful, he is named after his striped markings.

Brindle as an Adolescent

Brindle as an adult - all dark and sinister

Fyre's Dragons

ADORABLE little dragons made by Fyre - she's just recently started, and I'd really like to get one :3  Shop: here there be dragons

 egg  cert
 The Egg that my new Dragonling came from - The result of breeding a Red and a Black dragon.  Thank you SOOO much Kalais!   Hatched Egg!  This will eventually change into the dragon itself ^____^ and I will then be able to name it :heart: And here she is in her Red/Black beauty, Takhisis, named after her mother Tiamat.  *huggles her* I love how she turned out! Whoo!  Anniversary Dragon!! :D  A little boy dragon with the HORN feature! :D I got this from nearly winning the black dragon egg auction >.< - buuut - I am promised one of Kalais's hatchings :3 (see left :heart:)



  (no growing birds)

~Current Photos~ (Direct Links)

These mystical birds with gem-encrusted feathers were discovered by Tavis Harts - and I was one of the priviledged few that he first gave one to :cute:  The store is found here.

Egg, Chick1, Chick 2, Teen
Egg, Chick, Teen



Very spiffy and fearsome hounds - there are many different types - I personally own a bayhound, known for its fearsome howl.  A gift from Kamiki to Mordath and I :heart: I named him Garm, after the canine guardian of the Norse hell.

vdayhyvern vdayhyvern vdayhyvern vdayhyvern


Hot Labs' Viruses

While at first a bit weirded when I heard that Cimeara gave me a virus for Christmas, I quickly found out that I should not be worried ^_~.  And... even better, I actually "got" the one virus that I wouldn't mind at ALL actually getting :^w^ * Shopfront

I am the proud owner of a Sample of the Lycanthrovirus of the lupine strain ^__^

Stage 1: Simple / Stage 2 / Stage 3 / Stage 4


This awesome Hyvern was given to me as a valentine's gift from Caneton :heart:  - This is a series Hyvern.  Hyverns are from The Hyvern Centre.


A gift from Endejester~ :D


Kuuroinochou originally created these shadowy creepy felines based after my Anju, though through some talking she deviated a bit more from her original six-eyed design and is sticking with the shadows and grins - nevertheless, these are some awesome breedables with lots of personality that deviate from the standard "cute cute" critters you see about.  Kreature breeding station.

Cauchemar - or "Nightmare" in French is my custom Kreature made for me as thanks for part of the inspiration of the kreatures themselves ^__^.  Cauchemar - Hatched.  I liked the egg so much that I decided to display it by itself, but here is Chaucemar himself in all his glory.  He has an interesting trait that the fur/skin on his paws  and his talons are red, lending the illusion that his paws are bloody *Grins*



 Adorbale little dragons that Sosiqui gave out for Xmas gifts (on the left)  =^^= I'm naming mine Caliban. 




A spiffy gift found by Mordath during the Easter Egg hunt :3 The store they are from is here.



 A breedable that I helped start out by doing the lineart, and some of the coloring for :D  - A whole breedable based on werewolves, how cool is that?!  The storefront is here. I was commissioned to do the lineart, but the shopkeeper didn't keep up with the store :/



Another AWESOME Chrsitmas Surprise, from XiaoRen, this Medusa, made by Kipestshin, is simply spactacular, integrating lupine aspects!  Store Here.

Meet Fenrir! :D

Direct Link

Initiated by a cool gift by Protoavis, these cool felines are available from a thread here:

MoKat egg
Ceilican Grown    
My mokat Egg - Pulasting, you can see a feline form inside.  This is actually a cross between an angelic and a demi (demonic) MoKat.  Protoavis's Teregus (male) x Nyao-chan's Khar P'ern (female).  It's either an Ange-mic or a Demi-ilic!   I can't wait to see!
And here is the MoKat Kitten! :heart: He's adorable, and given his angelic/demonic opposing nature I'm naming him Ceilican (after the multiple-personalitied Fey cats.)  And he's absolutely adorable - I like the blue/white color design!  I can't wait to see how he looks when he grows up and how the features express!  This is a Demi-ilic! Eee!  And here Little Ceilican is all grown up!  AND Even better - he looks AWESOME - with one angel wing and one devil wing - a great smirk, and some really intersting designs!!
Monitering link here:


From Spiritweaver!  I got this most fantastic custom, Folie, from winning her art contest :D The main shop is here.


This adroableNessie  was given to me as a valentine's gift from Purrasha :heart:   The Nessies are from .... can't find thread :sweat:



Initiated by a Secret SantaChristmas gift from Aris Ravenstar - These are really neat equines with a detailed genetic breeding scheme and real horse-color patterns ^__^  The thread is located here.



 Daybreak - My first Ninau!  And a secret santa newbie ninau from Aris :3 -
I was hoping for a male to breed with Lady, my gift to Kamiki,
but she's still quite gorgeous and maybe someday I'll order a custom of Allendyne ^_~




I fell in love with these pups ever since seeing one in someone's sig once, but never could find the actual shop!  Then, browsing the forums around Xmas time looking for gifts, I found them!  And now, kamiki, myself, and several Gaia friends are now the proud owners of some adorable Pazi Pups :)   Main thread here (must not lose again!)

Crayon, my ADORABLE Pazi Pup! :heart:

Poison Dart Froggies

From Kamiki's new shop, Rainforest Songs, I got my first adorable little female froggie :D  Wonderful coloring and linearts - these are adorable AND realistic.

Shaoilin Woods Wolf

Kamiki and JadeEye Absolute ROCK ^__^.  I've been fiending for one of these since I first say Reivan's teaser artwork of them.  I love wolves... VERY much.. and I love Reivan's art.... what better combination ^__^.  Due to workings with JadeEye's fundraising for a Fa'e... and Kamiki knowing I've been wanting these, I have a baby black and red  female wolf~!~!~!  The thread is located here ^_^


UNIQUE Shaoilin Wolf: "Barghest"
ADULT (only) - FULL Image (w bkg)
NYX - my beautiful, beautiful Red and black custom female ^____^.  A wonderous gift from Kamiki, who knows how much I love wolves, especially beautifully drawn wolves.  Nyx is a bit of a human hater.  Her journal is HERE.
Based after our doggie IRL

A rather inept, tailless wolf.

Fenrir - a wolf I won from a contest from the Black Party :)
And, to go along with Nyx, Shaoilin woods companions, a bear, Mistmorn
  And, to go along with Nyx, Shaoilin woods companions,  a doe, Seline!
Valentine's day Squirrel ^_^


Sidhe Draoi

These are awesome fae-like (I assume) Breedables made by Sosiqui and Fyre that have several life stages.  I only currently have a limited version that will never reach the final adult stage.  The page is here
sidhe flower     sidhe flower

Shounen-ai Love

Adorable animal children that grow to cute animal boys - who have cute shounen-ai/yaoi relationships :heart: - I got Simon by Pure chance - looking through the breedables directory while on Mordath's teen quest and looking for a familiar I came across a surprise flat sale!  Luck-y!!  The Shounen-Ai Love thread is here.

My First Shounen-ai, Simon (Named after Samantha/Kamiki's silver fox Familiar, to whom he shared too much in common not to ^_^.
And, Simon found love with Ryou's angsty werewolf (*fannish squel - werewolf!*), Alex

Baby Bundle, Child, Adult

His solo moniter is here.

AND!  Their son, Maurlias (Ryou and Alex kept the other son ^^).

Baby Bundle, Child


Another breedable pet I've seen around that has a really spiffy lineart/concept :3  Main storefront is HERE.




 From Heathen Labrotories, these equine breedables are based after Sleipnir, the 8-legged steed from norse mythology!  Thanks again to Kamiki ^____^  The name, of course, Allendine, is all too appropriate XD.  And the Nightmare sleipni is even MORE spiffy!!


Allendine - A wonderful gift to me from Kamiki - and named after that ... horse from Samantha's and my past ><

Totem, Colt, Teen, Adult

And the most awesome Witching Hour - a Nightmare Sleipnare mare, also a wonderful gift from Kamiki :D

Totem, Filly, Teen, Adult


A fantastic Horse shop that I now work for ^___^.  I have some beautimous horses - one custom I made for myself, and one beautiful breeding product :)  Shop is HERE.

BALROG the great :XD

And my prettyful custom I colored :3

This is Nodin - the offspring of Tabitha and Lakota, and a wonderful gift from lilwerewolfgirl ^___^. 

Basket - Foal - Adult



Aaah~! :heart: I FINALLY got one of these!! I've been wanting one since I first saw them, and now thanks to Arrikanez, I have one ^__^.  I did a pet trade with him for a custom Kymaera and got this awesome Syn named Redd (after one of his characters) with a badass vampiric coloring!! (And he's #42 - the Answer! )

Tahnee Children

While most of these awesome kids aren't technically breedable/changables - they're intricate enough to just about qualify ^__^.  Kamiki ordered a custom designed after Gavin - our son that Daisuke helped us conceive so long ago - and look how much he's grown!!!  He's adorable, with characteristics of us both ^___^.  The thread is here!



I was lucky enough to win a raffle for a custom Tae ^_^ - A creature created by Alexina and Kaekia!  Their thread is here.

  Garou  - A custom in progress by Kaekia - based after the color patterns of my character, Ambrose ^_~  However, it's a female because I preferred the outline.  So I named her Garou, and if you RP like I do, I'm sure you know why ^_~   




The Secret Santa event from the Tayle was AWESOME!  Not only did I get some adorable familiars, BUT both Kamiki and I got ACTUAL Taylaye 0.0 - Kamiki from a bundle (that I bought for her!) and me from the raffle!  OMG~!  the storefront is HERE.


Bundle / Pup / Adult


And a SPIFFIN Min-Taylaye for Valentine's Day! ^____^

Bundle/ Pup

Wiggling Bundle/Nereid the Elf
Wiggling Bundle/Lathander the Elf
Wiggling Bundle/Blitzen
Wiggling Bundle/Comet
Wiggling Bundle/Zero, my new Taylaye's FAMILIAR

*grins* An Anju-ish reindeer to lead astr- er... guide him :)


Time Bandits

A spiffin Birthday gift from Sajhiri, a black and red Time Bandit, "Annos"

Pocket Watch Stage, Baby Stage, Adult Stage


Walrus Lurve!

An adorable concept and some downright SPIFFY linearts!  These little walrusses are TEH cute :3  I got 2 for secret santa gifts!!
The main storefront is here

Walrus #1: KooKooKaChoo!
Clam, Baby, Teen, Adult
Walrus #2: Thanoi
Clam, Baby, Teen, Adult
Mordath Snail
Egg, Snail
Anju Snail
Egg, Snail


Current Picture (moniter)

Some awesome people such as Mousekinn and AA won this black/red CragCrub (wolf/unicorn) for me and Mordath ^____^ The Thread is here.



Wolves of Atlantis

HUGE thanks go out once again to Kamiki for netting me this adorable ball of fluff - I'd been wanting one and was busy during the flatsale *huuuugs*  The Main storefront is Here.



~ I want to hold back on more RP mandatory pets barring exceptional instances - I want to dedicate time to Mordath, Nyx and Barghest, Gavin, the upcoming big bad wolf from the Grimms, and Ambrose.

* A Mythos
*Pets cosplaying as my original characters