Pets and other Special Items

This room is where I harbour all of my other miscellaneous, but still very loved, pets and creatures. 

A very cool gift from Kamiki! A fox after my own heart ;) From Kamiki's Charity Foxes. Nightmare, another limited edition unicorn - and also appropriate for me :3 A gift from Kamiki from Pimpernel's Shop Night, a limited edition unicorn from Pimpernel's Shop, a gift from Kamiki ^^ Special Edition Britain Soda Shoppe Teacup - one of a set of 11 for regulars of Kipestshin's Plant and Monster Shop. An Awesome Cerberus - a gift from Kamiki *Glomps her*
I've always loved mythical beasts, esp. Cerberus! (From Loxodograph's Magic Shop) 


anjupotion  cert anju box  anju bump  
 A really cool Halloween gift from Sosiqui - an Anju Potion ^__^ 
A youta kitty from Aimee's Youta shop ^_^.  ADORABLE cats, and I'm not even usually a cat person. Almost too cute to be legal, these animal kids were too much to pass up :3  This and the snow leopard were adoped from Mixed Nuts And a friend for the wolf to the left, a Snow Leopardess.  This GREAT Anju bump icon was made for me by Hikari  Kourien