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 Deviant Art One of the more reliable art hosting sites online, this is where I have a lot of my art posted.  I will frequently update here in small batches before doing a massive update to this site.  My Deviantart site also only houses clean artwork.
 My first (oooollld) webpage, titled "Kenshinny's Webpage" (an old handle started my Sophmore year at UNT). Deals mainly with the anime Rurouni Kenshin, including fanart, some fanfics, a gallery, and most notably an extensive Doujinshi gallery.  Also includes my Stuffs lists, and Japanese shopping guides.
My Anime Cel page.  This is an online display of my anime cel collection - a result of lots of time and far too much money.  I haven't collected cels actively in years, but this is still a well-presented site.
My Furaffinity Page My newest location that I am hosting my artwork, Furaffinity.  I've been reluctant to start another new gallery site, but with how much anthro art I do, it was inescapable. ;)
My Transfur Page My Transfur Page ^^ - With links to my transformation art ^__^.  A really awesome site if you like transformation sequences.
My Livejournal My online blogger - I post occasionally when laziness doesn't overtake me ^^;  I hardly ever touch it anymore.
My Ebay Page If I decide to sell something on Ebay (a commission, parting with a cel, etc) then this link will take you to my Ebay seller's page.  Hardly ever used.
My Gaia Avatar Page Yes... Yes... Free time can be a dangerous thing.  Very dangerous.
My Gaia Profile Here is my profile page actually ON Gaia.
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