This is an art series I'm currently working on that will be selling on Furbid individually.  Maybe someday, after I finish all the pictures, I'll do a limited print run.

The idea behind it is a series of werewolves immediately after shifting forms (or perhaps during for some) in a modern day setting, and in varying occupations.  But unlike the common theme of gaining an overpowering Hunger for flesh after transforming, these lycanthropes have an entirely different sort of Hunger, though no less intense, hence the name of the series (I'm sure you can figure it out.)  Either they work nights, or something has kept them late, and the full moon has risen (they should have been keeping better track - tsk tsk), leading to some awkward and interesting situations as they find themselves hairy and horny, and in heat, with generally popped or ripped clothing.


#1: Extra Credit.  This student staying late for a review session finds herself needing something more than just bringing her grade up.

#2: Secretary Working Late. She's just swiveled around in her chair, taking down her hair to encounter the person who just walked in...

#3: Moonlight Martial Arts.  Out Practicing Bojutsu in the middle of the city park, the moon rises and changes this woman of the staff into a beast of lust.

#4: Horny Housewife.  Getting ready for bed one night, the transformation knocks her to her knees, scattering her curlers and ripping through her pink bunny slippers.
#5: Police Beat.  This female officer, newly transformed, has found herself in need of a pleasing herself quickly... with whatever's on hand.

#6: Night at the Cabaret.  It's late at night at a smoky cabaret, and one of the showgirls has undergone a rather... furry metamorphosis, straining her bustier, popping her panties, and slides off the edge of the stage towards the audience, needing to give a very personal lapdance.