August 29, 2014

Current commission status:
I am COMPLETELY backed up - I am so sorry!  I am going to remain closed until I am able to catch up for now. 
Donations for donation artwork (past and present) and Community Funded sequences are still open.

If you are interested in checking out my up to date worklist, click here:  MY COMMISSION WORKLIST

News items:
 Happy Update Day!  Updates to many of the popular series this month!  Hope you all enjoy!

1 - Sketchbook sale CONTINUING this month!  To make things simpler, I am offering my filled, 100-page sketchbooks for $25 each.  That includes shipping within the US.  If you're outside the US, please contact me for details/ overseas shipping can get expensive for more than one book.   If you order more than two sketchbooks, I'll throw in extra bonus stuff :) 
Interested?  Drop me an email ( arania(at) ) to check availability and get your order in :3 

2 - This month's Donation Artwork:  Continuing the Egyptian Mythology theme this year, A female thief sneaks into a museum to steal a powerful relic that she believes can grant her immortality.... 12 page pencil sequence.  Woman -> Anubis.    

3 - Community Funded Sequences - Updates to Corruption of the Innocent & Moo Leader

4 - General reminder: If you send me an email and don't hear back in a few days, there might have been an email problem (it happens occasionally, and it sucks :C  )  - you can try my alternate email, araniaartist(at)

I have set up a Facebook group for my website that will allow me to post information like what I'm currently working on, to-do lists, and other news or information about the website/my artwork!
  this link takes you to my up-to-date commission worklist. 
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*PPS: Tumblr:
I have set up a tumblr account as well, though I don't really post art (at least I haven't yet, IDK if I will in the future).  It's mostly random rantings, fandom reblogging (lots of Marvel M/M slashpairing fangirling - be warned), occasional photos, etc.  But if you want to follow me, I'm: araniaart

*PPPS: UPDATES: Updates to my website are typically the last day of every month (or Friday if the last day falls on a weekend), unless something very important comes up, in which case I will do my best to at least post notice.

PPPPS: Filled Sketchbooks: Finally, If you are interested in a filled sketchbook of my original artwork (mostly my TF art :) )- drop me an email for more information/availability.  I burn through sketchbooks pretty quickly, so I almost always have multiple available.  These are 100-page sketchbooks filled with my original artwork!  I'm asking for $50/each, and if you live in the US, that will include shipping - and I will consider this as also a donation for that month.  If you are interested, drop me an email first to make sure I still have one available.  If you live outside the US, the offer is still valid, but I would ask for an additional $10 to help cover shipping.  Thank you! :D

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at:
If for some reason any of you have any trouble reaching me through my normal email address, you can try me at araniaartist(at)

I now accept donations through Paypal! I am currently doing artwork as a full-time job to pay my way through Graduate school. So if you want to continue to see regular updates to the page, show your support, or otherwise help a starving artist, then your donation - for any amount as little as $1.50, is welcome!
FURTHERMORE! Anyone who donates will receive at the end of the month via email a special piece of transformation artwork that will not be posted anywhere else. When you donate, you can include in the Subject or notes an animal, and/or a gender (or transgender M-F or F-M) and near the end of the month I will see if there is a majority - and if not, I'll pick one to do.  You can also give me input as to whether you prefer comic-style or sequence-style.    I am trying not to repeat animals I have done in the past, so keep that in mind for suggestions, and also if there's one you're hoping for that I haven't done yet, stay tuned! 
At this point, I might, now that I have a number of years of donation artwork, occasionally revisit an animal - but there will always be a different twist if I do (ie, a different gender, or full animal instead of anthro or visa versa). 
And at the end of that month, everyone who donated will receive via email the artwork. It may be anywhere from a sketch to a full, detailed CG piece, to maybe even a comic - depending on how much in donations I get that month.
In addition (!)  Also assuming that I receive a fair amount of donations, I will make sure to have an update to my website at the end of every month as long as I'm receiving donations <3

** Please do NOT Distribute Donation artwork!!! **

I am accepting donations now for
September. So, at the end of  Sept,  I will email out the completed artwork to everyone who donates to me between now and Sept 30
If you want past donation art, be certain to specify in your payment, otherwise I will assume that you are donating for the current month. 

As always, everyone has till the morning of the 1st of the month (OR the morning after the update day, whichever is LATER) to donate for the previous month's donation artwork at the normal minimum price for a current month.  Just be certain to request that month's art or I will assume you are donating for the new month.

To Receive Past Donation Artwork:
Past Months: If you missed out on a month's donation artwork, there is a way to get it!  When making a donation, if you would rather get a previous month's donation artwork instead of the current month's, please indicate the month(s) that you are donating for in the comments or title of the paypal payment (please include the year as well ;) .  To receive older donation artwork, please donate a minimum of $5 per past month art sequence you want.  

Full Years:   IN ADDITION: If you missed out on an entire year of donation artwork (So far we have "Year 1" , "Year 2", "Year 3", "Year 4", "Year 5", and "Year 6" )  You can request all twelve months of it for a minimum donation of $50 per year (that is $10 off the individual price) - just ask for "Year 1" ,  "Year 2",  "Year 3" , "Year 4", "Year 5", and "Year 6" in your comments or subject field.   These must be the entire October - September year blocks, not any twelve selectively chosen pieces of art.

As an incentive to donate for the current month, remember, the total amount that I receive before the end of the month for the current donation period influences the amount of artwork that will be made for that month's artwork <3 AND current month's donators can offer suggestions as to what they would like to see. I will always choose a theme based on the suggestions received.


YEAR 1 = 108 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2007:
 Halloween-themed M->F werewolf comic.  2 inked comic pages + 1 splash color page
November 2007: "On the Catwalk":  Two fashion models are transformed into the big cats that their ensembles resemble.
                    (F-> Leopard & F-> M Lion) 6 page inked comic!
December 2007:
Man -> Anthro female cow.  12 page pencil sequence.
January 2008: Man -> Anthro female pig.  4 page inked comic.
February 2008: A woman caught in a blizzard prays to the winter gods to save her life.. .
                    (Woman -> Anthro snow leopard. ) 3 page inked comic + 1 high detail CG splash page
March 2008: A female explorer discovers a lost world... but can never leave it!
                    (Woman -> Velociraptor) 5 page inked comic + 1 fully colored splash page
April 2008: On his birthday, Oliver gets a surprise - a playboy-style bunny girl on his doorstep...
                    ( Woman -> Anthro bunny / Man -> F Anthro Bunny -> Nonmorphic Rabbit) 8 Page Inked Comic
May  2008:
Despite warnings to keep out, Chris sneaks into his little sister's bedroom to mess with her stuff...
                    ( Man -> Anthro F Unicorn -> Nonmorphic Unicorn) 1 page pencil comic lead-in + 19 page pencil sequence
June 2008:
A curious man steals a canister of $999/oz Green Tea from an Asian store.  When he samples it, he begins to change...
                    (Man -> Anthro F Kitsune (multi-tailed fox).  1 page pencil comic lead-in + 16 page pencil sequence
July 2008:
A man complains about the high price of gas and wishes for a better way to get around...
                    (Man -> Camel).  8 page inked comic
August 2008:
The Olympic Hurdles Womens' division athlete from Australia turns into a Kangaroo mid competition. 
                    (Woman -> Kangaroo). 7 Page Inked Comic
September 2008:
A young elven adventurer finds an ancient tome that she thinks will grant her an amazing mount..
                    (Female Elf -> Centaur) 1 page inked comic + 12 page pencil sequence

YEAR 2 = 117 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2008:  Halloween-themed - a guy out on Halloween thinks it's a GOOD idea to egg a teacher's house...
                    (Guy -> Bat).  2 inked comic pages + 10 page pencil sequence
2008:  A vampy Black Widow has seduced her newest husband and changes to her true form for the wedding night - a spidertaur.
                    ( Woman -> Spidertaur.  9 page pencil sequence + 2 comic pages)
December 2008: A woman becomes a husky dog on Christmas when she desperately wishes to get a dog for her son.
                    ( Woman -> Husky dog.  1 inked comic page lead-in + 11 page pencil sequence).
January 2009: A princess is thrown into the dungeons, proclaimed to now be nothing more than the princess of the rats...
                    ( Woman -> Wererat.  1 CG shaded B&W comic page lead-in + 10 page pencil sequence (The last page is also B&W CG Shaded)
February 2009: A woman receives a valentine's gift of perfume.  But when she applies it she turns into an anthro skunk!
                    ( Woman -> Anthro Skunk. Pencil comic lead in + 10 page sequence (Many with close-up inserts, last page is CG-shaded).
March 2009: A young asian woman and activist for the preservation of red pandas has a wish twisted when she wishes she could do more for her cause.
                    ( Woman -> Anthro red panda.  Pencil comic lead in + 9 page pencil sequence).
April 2009: A young Chinese woman with the bloodline of the dragon is discovered, and her heritage awoken.
                    ( Woman -> Anthro Golden Chinese Dragon.  10 pages total: 1 pencil comic lead-in, 8 page pencil sequence, 1 FULL COLOR - detailed Inked CG + Bkg final image)
May 2009:  Harry, Hermione and Ron have their wands replaced with tampered-with ones from the Weasley Twins, and when they cast a patronus spell, are turned into
                        anthro versions of their animals.
                    ( Harry -> Anthro Stag, Hermione -> Anthro Otter, Ron -> Anthro Jack Russel Terrier). 7 total pages (2 pencil comic lead-ins, 4 x 3-char TF pages, 1 Full color pinup)
June 2009: A lady knight barges in on a witch's hut in the woods, and is transformed into an anthro pangolin.
                    (Woman -> Anthro Pangolin.  5 inked pages total: 4 inked comic pages + 1 inked pinup of final form).
July 2009: A Greek warrior slays Cerberus in an attempt to save his late love.  However, Hades forces him to take the place of his fallen guard dog.
                    ( Man -> Cerberus.  12 page pencil sequence).
August 2009: A womanizer is transformed into a succubus. 
                    (Man -> Demoness/Succubus.  10 pages sequence; last page is a high-detail full color image with simple background). 
September 2009: A super heroine of sorts and what goes through her mind as she shifts to her alter ego an anthro rhino.  This one has a lot of muscle growth as well.
                    ( Woman -> Anthro Rhino.  6 detailed pencil comic pages, includes muscle growth first.) 

YEAR 3 = 128 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2009:
 Halloween-themed - a woman comes to a halloween party dressed as a sexy black cat.  When she drinks the punch, it becomes more than just a costume...
                    (Woman -> Sexy anthro-ish black cat).  3 full colored images (before/mid TF/after)
November 2009:  A free-form diver woman looking for pearls and other treasures encounters a strangely glowing fissure.  Caught in the light, she is transformed into an octopus-creature.
                    ( Woman -> Octopus creature). 8 page sequence/ first page has color accents. 
December 2009: A woman celebrating New Year's alone has her new year's wish twisted, transforming her into a nonmorphic spotted hyena.
                    ( Woman -> Nonmorphic spotted heyna).  11 page pencil sequence.
January 2010: A fashion model tries on a belt that supposedly will make her look taller and more elegant...
                    (Woman -> Nonmorphic giraffle). 12 page pencil sequence.
February 2010: A lonely woman on Valentine's day visits the museum, and sees a statue of Artemis, angering the Goddess...
                    (Woman -> Nonmorphic doe).  1 page comic intro + 8 page pencil sequence.
March 2010:  A man receives a package of "Cougar Powder" intended to use on his boss, but accidentally is exposed to it himself.
                    ( Man -> Female Anthro Cougar).  4 page comic  + full page splash last page
April 2010: A would-be hoaxer sets out to take photos of a fake Loch Ness Monster, only to find herself the victim of a fey prank, to become the monster herself.
                    ( Woman -> Plesiosaur / Loch Ness Monster) 2 Page comic + 14 page pencil sequence!
May 2010: A woman got separated from her Safari group and thoroughly lost in the Serengetti.  She is transformed into an anthro genet.
                     (Woman -> Anthro Genet) 16 page pencil sequence!
June 2010: A woman performs a spell to turn her into a great owl!
                    ( Woman -> Owl) 10 page pencil sequence
July 2010: A critical model finds herself becoming just what she criticizes others of being: a screeching baboon
                    ( Woman -> Baboon) 10 page pencil sequence
August 2010: A man buys a cursed monkey paw off of ebay with one wish remaining and tries to use it to become a woman, but he gets more than he asked for
                    (Man -> Female Anthro Ferret)  includes 6 pencil comic pages & 3 full page pencil pages- 9 pages in total
September 2010: An archaeology grad student uncovers a long-hidden statue of Zeus, and is granted a wish... however, it doesn't turn out as he intended.
                    (Man -> mixed gender Hydra).  One pencil comic lead-in to an 18 page pencil sequence.  19 pages in total!

YEAR 4  = 125 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2010:
 Halloween-themed - a woman is stung by a scorpion that was hiding in her candy bowl and is transformed into a monstrous scorpion!
                    (Woman -> Giant scorpion).  One page pencil comic lead-in to a 10 page pencil sequence.  11 pages total.
November 2010: A new student at an academy for mages is subject to hazing of a magical nature!
                    ( Man -> Female anthro Ring Tailed Cat with an extra condition... ) 2 comic pages + 10 page sequence.
December 2010:  New Year's Eve - a woman is at home with her dog, and due to a wish, they are turned into each other.
                    (Woman -> Male Golden Retriever.  Male Golden Retriever -> Woman).  12 page 2-character pencil sequence.
January  2011:  A man tries on a pair of polka-dotted womens' panties that he finds.
                    (Man -> Woman -> Anthro Cheetah).   15 page pencil sequence
February 2011: A high-detail color pinup companion to "The Tome" - of the woman midway through her transformation into a kirin
                    (Woman -> Kirin).  Single high-detail color piece with alt version with shadow & dialogue
March 2011: A woman snorkeling finds a mysteriously glowing pearl necklace that she tries on...
                    (Woman -> Mermaid -> Hippocampus).  9 pencil comic pages + 3 full page images = 12 pages total. 
April 2011:  "Griffon Lesson" - A woman walks into the wrong classroom and finds herself volunteered to test the serum of the day.
                    (Woman -> M Griffon) 7 comic pages + 2 full pages = 9 pages total. 
May 2011:  A volunteer for the Aperature Science Mantis DNA project gets in a little over her head...
                    ( Woman -> Praying Mantis) 11 page pencil sequence.
June 2011:  A cute female farm hand tries the farmer's apples after a hard morning's work... despite his warning against it - and is turned into an anthro clydesdale horse!
                    (Woman -> Anthro Clydesdale Horse) 2  comic pages + 11 full pages = 13 pages total
July 2011: A woman is granted access to a new zoo... only to find herself one of the exhibits!
                    ( Woman -> Serval) 1 comic page, 8 page pencil sequence + simple CG mid-TF pinup = 10 pages total!
August 2011: A woman is on a Tibetan vacation, but her quest to find enlightment is difficult when she refuses to put aside her petty complaints.
                    (Woman -> Male Yak) 1 comic page + 10 page pencil sequence = 11 pages total
September 2011:  Okapi Lesson!  This time we have a female volunteer from the class who is given an Okapi serum.
                    (Woman -> Okapi) 6 pencil comic pages + 1 full page splash ending = 7 pages total

YEAR 5 = 119 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2011:
 Halloween-themed - A woman alone on Halloween decides to give an old spell book one more try... ignoring the warnings... VERY sexy sequence. 
                    (Woman -> Succubus -> Herm Hellhound) 8 comic pages + 9 full pages = 17 pages total!!!  ((HUGE!))
November 2011:  A man strolling on the beach finds a shell necklace.  When he puts it on he is changed into an anthro sea otter.
                    ( Man -> Anthro Sea Otter).  8 single char pages, plus 2 x 2-character pages with a female sea otter anthro. (10 pages total)
December 2011: A woman receives a white elephant gift for Christmas...
                    ( Woman -> Elephant)  9 full pages + 1 comic page.  (10 pages total.)
January 2012:  A female entomologist is stung by a strange species of hornet, becoming a hornet-queen!
                    (Woman -> Anthro Hornet) 9 page pencil sequence (9 pages total)
February 2012:  A man doing last-minute shopping for Valentine's day tries a perfume not intended for me. 9 full pages + 1 comic page (10 pages total)
                    ( Man -> Female Anthro Binturong)
March 2012: A Norse warrior has just joined the ranks of the Bear-shirt berserkers, and taken a bear's pelt to take on its form.  However, he didn't realize it was a she-bear until it is too late. 9 pg pencil sequence.
                    ( Man -> Female Bear)
April 2012:  "Lynx Lesson"!  A female student in the class is chosen to be the subject for a lesson on lynxes.  7 comic pages + 1 full page = 8 total pages
                    (Woman -> Lynx)
May 2012:  A man finds a magical amulet and wishes to become a dragon.  However, not careful with the phrasing of his wish, he is transformed into a komodo dragon.  8 page pencil sequence.
                    (Man -> Komodo Dragon)
June 2012: A gardener sneaks into her employer's pool during her lunch hour as a reprieve from the heat of day, but in her insolence is transformed into an inflatable dolphin pool toy.  10 page pencil sequence.
                    (Woman -> Inflatable Dolphin Pool Toy)
July 2012:  An Alternate take on a scene from the "Amazing Spiderman" movie - The Lizard uses his transformative gas on Gwen Stacy. 5 pencil comics & 4 full pages: 9 pages total!
                    ( Woman -> Anthro Lizard)
August 2012: A woman on safari finds a small, clear pond.  Tossing caution to the wind, she enters it, but is changed into a hippo!  5 pencil comics & 4 full pages: 9 pages total!
                    ( Woman -> Hippo)
September 2012:  A woman's friend buys a button with a donkey on it, thinking it will help change her political views... but it changes much more than that! 1 comic page + 9 page sequence = 10 pages total!
                    ( Woman -> Donkey)

YEAR 6 (NOW COMPLETE!) = 118 pieces of unposted artwork!

October 2012:  Halloween-themed - A young woman is dressed up in a Halloween "Mouse" costume (read: skimpy outfit with ears and tail) ; transformed into a witch into a creepy, nonmorphic rodent.   1 comic page intro +  9 page pencil sequence = 10 pages total
                    (Woman -> Creepy Nonmorphic Rodent)
November 2012:  "Naga Lesson!"  A male student is chosen to demonstrate a female naga serum.  6 comic pages + 1 full page image = 7 images total
                    ( Man -> Female Naga)
December 2012:  "Christmas Reindeer" A woman dresses in skimpy Christmas lingerie for her lover, and opens her Christmas Eve present - a magical bell collar that lets her really get in the Christmas spirit. 1 comic + 11 page sequence = 12 pages total
                    (Woman -> Anthro Reindeer)
January 2013: An environmentalist woman gets more than she expects when she wants to reduce her carbon footprint, as she is changed into a tree.  1 comic intro + 13 page TF sequence. = 14 pages total
                    (Woman -> Tree)
February 2013: a female cop is called in to help with the "man"hunt for a monster loose in the city.  It gets the drop on her and bites her - infecting her... 4 comics + 7 page sequence = 11 pages total
                        (Woman -> Monster (Sammael the demon/monster from the Hellboy movie)
March 2013:  Since this donation artwork is being released April 1, this one is going with an "April Fool's" theme - in the tradition of the European "April's Fish" - a pranskter is changed into a fish when he tries to pull a prank on a witch.  2 comics + 8 page sequence (10 pages total)
                ( Man -> Fish)
April 2013:  Corgi Lesson!  In the Lesson series - a man volunteers to try out the pembroke welsh corgi (a breed of dog) serum in front of the class before he realizes it is a corgi female that he's volunteered for. 6 comics + 1 full. (7 pages total)
                ( Man -> Female Corgi). 
May 2013:  A boy scout troop leader sends the kids out on a "snipe hunt" to find a jackalope to free up some time to himself to drink... but a mischievous fairy turns HIM  into a jackalope.   12 page pencil sequence.
                (Man -> Female Anthro Jackalope)
June 2013: A female fighter and her elven archer friend combat a displacer beast.  But an unusual circumstance transfers the beast's essence into the fighter!  5 comics + 4 full pages = 9 pages total
                ( Woman -> Displacer Beast)
July 2013:  A male marine is captured by the Queen of Blades ((Starcraft universe)) and changed into a hydralisk!  8 page pencil sequence.
                ( Man -> Hydralisk)
August 2013: A male farmhand is shown what it takes to be a REAL cowboy!  10 page pencil sequence
                ( Man -> Anthro Bull)
September 2013: Sea Serpent Lesson!  In the Lesson series - the teacher takes the class to the university pool to demonstrate a sea serpent serum on one of the female students.  6 comics + 2 full = 8 pages
                ( Woman -> Sea Serpent)


October 2013:  Halloween-themed - A pair of women dressed as a sexy witch and black cat find a creepy looking broom on the way to a Halloween party.  5 comic pages +  5 full pages; pencilled= 10 pages total
                    (Woman -> Witch & Woman -> Nonmorphic black cat familiar)
November 2013:  ZUUUUUL!  A transformation sequence of Dana from the first Ghostbusters Movie into the demon-dog, Zuul!  The transformation sequence that the movie mostly skipped. 4 comics + 6 full pages = 10 pages total
                    ( Woman -> Demon Dog, "Zuul" )
December 2013:  A Christmas-inspired sequence:  "Marie Krampus" A woman becomes the Krampus (goat-ish male demon) to remind naughty children that there is consequence to their actions... 4 comics + 2 full pages = 6 pages total.
                    (woman -> male Krampus / goat demon)
January 2014:  A female warrior finds a ring of wishes, but her wish is skewed, changing her into a gnoll (anthro hyena).  10 page pencil sequence
                    (woman -> Anthro Hyena / Gnoll)
February 2014: A woman out jogging one full moon night is attacked by the horrible... the terrible... WERE-MOSQUITO!  5 comics + 4 full pages = 9 pages total
                    (woman -> were-mosquito -> mosquito)
March 2014: An homage to one of my earliest sequences. a museum curator is imbued with the spirit of the ancient Egyptian deity, Bast.   10 page pencil sequence.
                    (Man -> Bast (female anthro cat)).
April 2014:  A man buys an expensive inflatable giraffe female doll, but when he overinflates it and its air is "breathed" back into him, it changes him!  1 comic page + 8 full pages (9 pages total)
                    (Man -> Herm Anthro Inflatable Giraffe)
May 2014: A direct sequel to March 2014's Bast TF:  Bast is in need of subjects and the night watchman at the museum seems the perfect subject.  6 comics + 2 full pages + 1 digital color sketch (9 pages total)
                    ( Man -> Female Anthro Caracal)
June 2014: A female duelist bests a manticore, but not before it stings her.  She is transformed into an anthro manticore herself!  4 full pages + 5 comic pages (9 pages total!)
                    (Woman -> Female beastly-anthro manticore)
July 2014: The full moon rises, triggering a young woman's change into a were-raven!  4 comic pages + 4 full page (8 pages total)
                    ( Woman -> Were-Raven)
August 2014: Continuing the Egyptian Mythology theme this year, A female thief sneaks into a museum to steal a powerful relic that she believes can grant her immortality.... 12 page pencil sequence
                    (Woman -> Anubis (male anthro jackal-dog) )

Please do NOT distribute donation artwork.

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