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Entry # Thumbnail Artist Character Description
1 Kittenfae Sabin An intense anime-style Sabin walking towards the viewer, with Shadows in his hand
2 Chibi Beat Ambrose A cute Ambrose looking through a spyglass ^^
3 halo9ine Sabin (Anju form) A very creepy anju, with some great inkwork!
4 Jade-chan Sabin A bishi Sabin looking confidently towards the viewer with an outstreatched, bloody hand.
5 Kittenfae Sabin, Anju and Samantha Sabin and Samantha banishing the anju in a rather... creative way ^^.  I actually feel sorry for the anju here ^_~
6 HellDragonFlie Sabin Avatar Edit An avatar edit of Sabin as he should be - with a real victorian cloak ^_^
7 Flashdragoon Sabin and Anju A neat black and white picture of Sabin with a manifestation of the Anju looming behind him!
8 HellDragonFlie Young Sabin Avatar Edit First Entry of Pre-possession Sabin - a really cute Avatar edit!
9 Tuyen Sabin (Anju form) A neat creepy graphite of the Anju on lined paper
10 Nemoh Sabin The first of two interesting interpretations of Sabin with wilder hair and an earring
11 Nemoh Sabin The second of two interesting interpretations of Sabin with wilder hair and an earring
12 Anasazi Sabin (Anju form) A really cool piece of an anju - done in real media that really lends to the feel of the piece!
13 HellDragonFlie Sabin A nice, smooth CG of Sabin in his traditional Victorian Garb
14 Serilda Aline Sabin, Ambrose, and me (Arania) A really great entry of me (Arania) with Sabin and Ambrose as my shoulder Angel/Devil - Great idea and Hilarious!!
15 Jade-Chan Sabin and the Anju A dark piece of the Anju bursting out of Sabin's back.
16 Lazarous Sabin (Anju form) A creepy Anju piece, its features emerging from the blackness.
17 Chibi Beat Ambrose (werewolf form) A really nice picture of Ambrose in werewolf form - looking frightened down at his now furry and clawed hand.
18 Daisuke-kun Sabin and Ambrose *snickers* I knew someone had to do this - dispite him claming it's "not a real entry" I decided it simply needed to be - I love the chibi Sabin commentary at the bottom ^_^.
19 kitimoogle Sabin and Anju A dramatic pencil piece of Sabin with his anju side looming behind him
20 Devilchu Sabin Sabin in a new outfit, looking quite pleased with himself for finding it ^_~ - this is a great depiction of Sabin's goofy side.
21 Anya! Sabin and Anju Sabin in profile imposed over the anju form in the same pose.
22 Sentar Ambrose A charcoal-looking piece of Ambrose tipping his hat.
23 HellDragonFlie Young Sabin A really cute picture of Sabin before his possession, when he still had brown hair.
24 Flashdragoon Sabin and Anju Some really nice inkwork on this one - face shots of Sabin and the Anju back to back
25 HellDragonFlie Renee(!) LeSueur A surprise entry (even though it's not technically in the parameters of the contest this was really neat) of Renee, a girl from Sabin's past.
26 Lazarous Sabin, Ambrose, AND Anju All the characters as infants - and not getting along very well ^_~
27 mammalfeathers Ambrose Ambrose in a very neat style in a more feral form (with lupine eyes and ears ^_^ ) and a very original costume!
28 Putret Sabin Sabin in trueform - with a really nice and detailed look at his 6 eyes
29 Omegaus Sabin A very neat sketch of Sabin done in a style reminiscient of Yoshitaka Amano
30 Mammalfeathers Sabin and Anju Another neat, willowy and creepy piece of Mammalfeathers of Sabin in trueform and anjuform
31 Ayatsuri Sakon Sabin and Anju A really cute picture of Chibi Sabin having opened a box and not got quite what he expected ^_~
32 Sepp Ambrose Wolf form A really awesome piece of Ambrose in full wolf form - nice lineart!
33 kitimoogle Ambrose A cute Ambrose done Chibi style
34 Willow the Wanderer Sabin and Samantha Samantha brings up an interesting point
35 Shining_K Sabin and Anju A really neat picture of Sabin and the anju in very dramati action poses!  Nice pencil and shading job ^^
36 Willow the Wanderer Sabin and Anju and Samantha A really hilarious possible scene of Sabin and Sam visiting a fortuneteller ... I could so see this happening... Sabin is far too curious for his own good.
37 Eh Steve Sabin and Anju A neat dramatic CG piece of Sabin and the Anju in a very unique style ^_^
38 Angelyc Sabin and Anju A cool piece of Sabin in both human and anju form ^_^
39 Bird Draggon Sabin An interesting idea of Sabin as a Dragon anthro
40 Kiriko Sabin and Samantha A very pretty and well laid-out CG of Sabin and Samantha ^_^
41 Yitomic Sabin Yitomic made this ad banner for my contest - and in it contains his original art of Sabin ^_^
42 Shiro Hime Sabin and Samantha and Anju Sabin and Samantha holding onto each other for comfort against the darkness and the anju
43 Peko Sabin and Anju A neat detailed sketch of Sabin with the anju's presence nearby
44 Willow the Wanderer Sabin and Anju A really cool progressive piece of Young Sabin with the anju's temptation, Possessed Sabin, and final form Sabin

Colored Version Here:

45 kitimoogle Sabin and Samantha Sabin and Samantha share a romantic kiss
46 Lemme Ambrose Wolf form A really cute picture of Sabin in full wolf form, with his rapier nearby :3
47 Jade-Chan Ambrose Ambrose loses control - getting entirely shit-faced drunk
48 Tats Sabin A pencil piece of a mostly stoic looking Sabin.
49 Susurinaki Sabin A nice piece of Sabin with some great detail work especially on his clothes.
50 Tundra-Thrivis Sabin and Anju A really awesome oekaki of Sabin and the anju - I love the take on the anju in particular here!
51 Willow the Wanderer Ambrose and Angelina A GREAT sequence of Ambrose from human form to werewolf and back - and some poignant embarrassment at the end - Adorable and Great concept!!
52 Aeralea Ambrose and Angelina An adorable sweet piece of Ambrose and Angelina taking a break from a fancy party to enjoy each others company in a nearby body of water ^___^
53 SlayerX Ambrose A nice portrait-type piece of Ambrose - an alternate version is here, in monochromes, with the addition of some werewolf art he had to add for dynamic ^_^:
54 SlayerX Sabin and Samantha A piece centering around the affections that Sabin and Samantha share for eachother.
55 Sajhiri Ambrose Wolf form A neat animated gif of Ambrose's howling wolf head ^_^
56 Sajhiri Ambrose The pencils (very awesome ones) for an Ambrose piece - I'm pretty sure she has plans to color this, but I decided to upload it anyway - I'll update it when/if the colors are done ^^.
57 Sajhiri Sabin and Samantha A beautiful piece of Sabin and Samantha - artistically depicting Samantha's love shielding him from the influence of the Anju
58 Tundra-Thrivis Ambrose and Ambrose wolf-form A really awesome piece of Ambrose in both his human and wolf-form ^_^
59 Count Cain Sabin and Samantha A very powerful piece of Sabin's dilemma - though he loves Samantha, he fears that he puts her at risk by being so close.
60 poem Mouselet Sabin My first non-graphical entry!  A poem by mouselet that speaks of his past ^_^
61 Tundra-Thrivis Sabin and Anju A sweet animated gif of Sabin and his anju form ^__^
62 mouselet Sabin and her original character A picture of Sabin interacting with her own original character, Zeffrin - it looks like there could be an interesting story behind this ^^.
63 Talion Sabin and Anju While intentionally rough, this piece captures the strong emotion and wild magic that was occurring during the initial possession of Sabin by the anju.
64 Sajhiri Ambrose and Angelina Her first piece with Painter, Sajhiri created a beautiful piece of Ambrose and Angelina sharing a tender moment.
65 Serilda Aline Sabin and Ambrose A very cute and amusing picture inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean - with Ambrose as Will and Sabin as Jack ^_^
66 NeoNecron Sabin and Anju A picture depicting the torment and the anguish of Sabin and the anju and their merging.
67 djRosi_oh Sabin An adorable chibi Sabin trick-or-treating - Halloween would definitely be his favorite holiday
68 Josef Sabin and Anju A really neat, more American-style piece of Sabin and the Anju and their metaphorical struggle.
69 Talion Ambrose and Angelina A pretty piece of Ambrose reaching out towards Angelina :3
70 Wolfessa Mirror Sabin A neat ink piece of Sabin looking quite savage ^_^
71 Faolin Sabin and Anju Another take on Sabin, this time focusing on his emotions frustration and sadness at his new state of being.
72 Aeralea Sabin and Anju A really nice piece done with Painter of Sabin and the anju silhouetted in front of the moon.
73 kitimoogle Sabin and Anju A battle of inner-selves - don't insult your other side when he's mean and has big teeth ^_~
74 kitimoogle Sabin Avatar An adorable illustration of an outfit I had far too much fun with playing up Sabin's geekier side.
75 Saines Sabin and Samantha A really dramatic, powerful piece of Sabin gripping Samantha while shifting to Anjuform
76 Yelehna Sabin A very beautiful pencil piece of Sabin, with great attention to detail
77 CatsGame Sabin and Samantha Another nice pencil piece - this of Sabin and Samantha, Samantha's head casting a shadow on Sabin and revealing a glimpse of his true form.
78 Synister Sabin and Anju A beautiful and characteristic CG colored piece of Sabin and the Anju - with a border of encroaching Shadows.
79 Talion Sabin A fun shot of Sabin, looking confident.
80 The Pie Sabin and Anju A really cool, stylized piece that reminds me a lot of the sort of style you see on Hot Topic paraphernalia XD - definitely a fun and unique take!!
81 Orange831 Sabin A very bishi vampy take on Sabin (not that I'm complaining mind you! :heart:), with beautiful detailing in his eyes
82 Greenishio Sabin A very soft, beautiful -watercolor- piece of Sabin - the feel of this piece really sets in my mind the look and emotion of Sabin shortly after the possession and starting to try to deal with what's happening to him.
83 Ebony Dragon Sabin (with portrait of Sam) A well-executed neat concept of Sabin sitting in a darkened study, lit only by candlelight, and a portrait of Samantha on the wall ^_^
84 Sajhiri Ambrose werewolf A beautifully detailed piece by Sajhiri of Ambrose in his hybrid form, howling at the moon. Crazy detail on each strand of fur!
85 Hanasu Ambrose and Angelina A touching piece of Ambrose and Angelina sharing a tender kiss underwater ^^
86 Noa Sabin and Anju A great, realistic CG of Sabin, while the anju reaches for him.
87 Enumasam Sabin A really cool, calculating piece of Sabin, sitting in a chair of shadows, the presence of the Anju all around him.
88 Watermelon Sabin, Anju,  and Sam A fun pencil piece of Samantha, sitting on a stair, behind which stands Sabin, and an anju reaching for the both of them.
89 Mouselet Anju A neat real-media piece of a creepy and spidery anju
90 Mouselet Anju A frighteningly cute computer-drawn piece of a smiling anju
91 Hika-chan Sabin, Anju,  and Samantha Chibi Sabin and Samantha holding each other as the anju looms in the background.  Drawn in an interesting blend of chibi and goth ^^.
92 Sajhiri Sabin and Anju A really striking piece of Sabin, sitting back to back with the anju in a dark alley - metaphorically showing the anju's influence on sabin depicted by his bloody hand and stain on the cobblestone.
93 Bird Draggon Anju A quick computer drawn sketch of a twisty anju :3
94 Lady Mist Sabin A beautiful piece of a dejected Sabin, with amazing attention to detail - even showing his scars :heart:
95 Momoka Sabin and Samantha A really adorable shot of Chibi Sabin and Sam
96 Silver Angel Young Sabin A very accurate and with great foreshadowing piece of young Sabin, innocently reading up on Monsters, as the anju's presence is about (look in the fireplace).
97 Poem Greenishio Sabin Poem A very touching poem depicting Sabin's reliance on Samantha to give him courage in the face of what's happening to him.  Done bilingually in French (Sabin's native language) and English.
98 Ashita-chan Sabin A neat Sabin piece in a very modern anime style - the painter (I'm guessing) coloring style make it almost look like it's done in prismacolor markers :3
99 Enumasam Sabin and Samantha A very beautiful piece of Sabin and Samantha holding eachother - Samantha's dress looks like its almost made of shadows here *grin*
100 Serilda Aline and Tara Jenkins Ambrose and Angelina A very dark piece of Ambrose, shocked, running to hold a very injured Angelina.
101 NeoDelux Ambrose A neat, dramatic pose of Ambrose, decked out in his full musketeer garb :3
102 RikProwley Ambrose An incredibly characteristic piece of Ambrose, wincing and looking away as he passes a mirror, not wanting to face the changes he's going through.
103 short story mouselet Sabin and her original character short story A neat crossover short story between an encounter between Sabin and her own original character :)
104 --jAdediCe-- Sabin and Anju A very strong piece depicting the Anju's domination of Sabin - wonderful job in particular on the anju in this one!!
105 nanacchi Sabin and Anju A dark, rugged piece of Sabin, the anju looming behind him - I get a feeling of the hard struggle here, Sabin weary of the long, cold traveling he's done.
106 Evakitten Sabin and Anju A neat, yin-yang type design with Sabin and the anju!
107 [ao] Sabin A portrait of Sabin utilizing some nice screen-tone effects!
108 Syd Barrett Sabin and Anju A CG-done portrait shot of Sabin with the  anju looming behind him
109 Hikari Kagiyaku Sabin A cool, suave and confident looking Sabin
110 Tremolo Sabin A piece done in a very modern American comic-style  wtih an AMAZING background!
111 Syd Barrett Chibi Sabin An adorable chibi Sabin sticking his tongue out
112 Syd Barrett Sabin and Young Sabin I love the idea behind this one - of Sabin as he currently is with an image of his younger self behind him - beautiful watercolors and wonderful job on young sabin!
113 Mabichu Sabin and Samantha A beautiful, romantic piece of Sabin in a debonaire pose with rapier and smooth outfit, Samantha in a beautiful gown with flowers at his feet!
114 Abandoned Dreams Sabin and Samantha Stunning detail on this pencil piece with wonderful shading on Samantha and Sabin - Samantha's hair is crazily detailed! 
115 Yelehna Sabin 3 forms A really awesome piece that shows Sabin in all 3 of his forms: human, true form, and anju!  I love the shadowy effects and the fact that I have now a comparison study :3
116 Yelehna Sabin and Samantha Sabin and Samantha in a beautifully-done colored pencils sharing a tender moment.
117 Dragoness Sabin true form A creepy and awesome piece of Sabin in his true form done is an outlineless-photoshop style!
118 Yelehna Samantha with Sabin and Anju plushies A bemusing piece of Samantha expressing her distaste for the Anju side of sabin
119 Yelehna Anju The most adorable Anju piece I think I've ever seen :3
120 Frantic Flame Anju Followed by the creepiest, darkest anju piece - on that REALLY captures the feeling that should be associated with these creatures of nightmare.
121 [ao] Sabin and Anju A neat piece with a LOT of the emotion present in the Sabin/Anju relationship - really shows off their natures.
122 Ann Sabin A simply beautiful piece of Sabin, nostalgically looking out over a banister at dawn - incredibly smooth CG'ng and beautiful detail - especially on the clothing!
123 Leash Sabin Sam and Anju This piece really captures the position of Sabin and Samantha (and the anju) in their lives - Samantha and Sabin together for support, the anju an undenyable menace.
124 wolfiechan Ambrose wolf form An adorable picture of Ambrose in his full wolf form, dowing the colors of his coat pretty well ^_^
125 Algy Ambrose This piece really goes into an incredible amount of detail, especially on his clothing and sword - managing to capture a LOT of Ambrose's personality.
126 Yelehna Ambrose You can REALLY tell Yelehna did her research on period clothing for this piece - done in watercolors no less with oly a few colors to work from!  Beautiful job~
127 EvilPunkDemon Ambrose A cute, determined Ambrose, sword raised to challenge anyone who comes ^_~
128 Hikari Kagiyaku Ambrose A very clean, sharp looking piece of Ambrose displaying some of his more lupine characteristics
129 Abyssinian_Ran Ambrose and Werewolf from Ambrose A piece showing the dichometry of Ambrose - confident in his human form, and ashamed as a werewolf - NICE job on his hybrid form here!  The NON photoshopped version is here.
130 Noa Ambrose A characteristic, portrait shot of Ambrose in his musketeer uniform!
131 Kumita Ambrose and Angelina Simply beautiful lineart of Ambrose and Angelina with a keen eye to capturing each of thir looks and personality in the clean inking.
132 Willow the Wanderer Ambrose wolf from and Angelina An adorable piece of Ambrose in wolf form, sleeping in wolf form with his head in Angelina's lap.
133 Willow the Wanderer Ambrose Werewolf A piece of Ambrose in werewolf form - showing him (trying to ) maintain his dignity irregardless of his form.
134 Momoka Ambrose A CG portrait of Ambrose in fencing outfit.  The pencil version is HERE.
135 Ekirthi Ambrose A really smart piece of Ambrose fencing in the cloak and rapier style - with some great perspective on the rapier!
136 YanChan Sabin and Ambrose An adorable picture of Ambrose and Sabin chibis, looking cute
137 Willow the Wanderer Ambrose and Angelina A series of pieces in varying states of finished of Ambrose and Angelina - some really cute shots here, and neat transformations ^__^
138 Anya! Sabin A beautiful piece of Sabin sitting in a study, surrounded by books, and thoroughly enjoying reading a thick tome by JRR Tolkien - Sabin REALLY looks at home in this piece
139 Shadedwillow Sabin A really neat piece of Sabin in a stylish original outfit - with an outline of his true form behind him ^_^
140 Hikari Kagiyaku Sabin A neat blending of a portrait of Sabin mixed with some rather appropriate lines from a Queen song!
141 Dragoness Sabin and Anju A frikking HILARIOUS entry spoofing "Got Milk" I LOVE the chibi Sabin commentary at the corner as well ^__^
142 Precious Flame Sabin Samantha and Anju Beautiful lineart of Sabin and Samantha holding eachotheres hands, the anju wielding its influence on the couple here in a very literal fashion!  Such clean lines.  I would LOVE to see this colored! :heart:
143 Neithan Sabin and Samantha Neithan's computer crashed while she was working on this beautiful CG, but I decided to put up what she DID have because of all the effort she did go into.
144 Slander Anju I think the most interesting media piece that's been turned in  - this painting of the anju was done on a piece of cut agate!
145 ryo0oki Sabin A dark piece of Sabin, crawling and looking quite out of it wiht a very appropriate tagline!
146 Fyre Anju and Sabin A  GREAT and hilarious chibi piece of Sabin and the Anju - I think I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw this!  There's just something about chibi anjus ^_~
147 Ultimecia Sabin A pretty sketch of Sabin showing off a very neat and original outfit!
148 Ultimecia Sabin A very nice CG of Sabin wearing a beautifully done ruffled shirt and patterned vest - I love the monocle here!
149 Yelehna Sabin and Anju And another beautiful piece done by the multi-talented Yelehna - another of her detailed pencil works depicting the Anju influencing Sabin!
150 nae-chan Sabin and Samantha A beautiful real media piece of Sabina and Samantha, looking particularly vampiric here - I really like how half of Sabin's hair/face is trailing off into shadows!
151 Hikari Kagiyaku Sabin A really cool concept and well exectued of Sabin holding a hand of playing cards fashioned after himself and his companions.  Detail of Cards HERE.
152 Evakitten Sabin A particularly sessy picture of Sabin with his shirt open and a neat pendant!
153 mouselet Sabin Av Edit A cute picture of Sabin in tureform wearing a newat greek outfit
154 Tremolo Sabin A really powerful and darkly beautiful piece of Sabin staring into a broken mirror - his horrifying visage of his true form reflecting back at him.
155 Chibi Beat Ambrose and Angelina A cute and frikking hilarious comic of Ambrose's daily trials - I'm really glad that someone drew this! XD
156 Nae-chan Ambrose and Angelina A beautiful and REAL media piece of Ambrose and Angelina underwater!  Beautiful colors here!
157 Animal and Monica Carvalho Ambrose Werewolf A great piece showing the more savage side of Ambrose's werewolf form.
158 Ebony Dragon Ambrose A very clean and beautiful piece of Ambrose, up against the crest of the musketeers.
159 Aeralea Ambrose and wolf form A beautiful and realistic piece of Ambrose on an antiquated background - making this a very fitting and solid feeling artwork!
160 tundra-thrivis Ambrose Werewolf A very characteristic shot of Ambrose in werewolf form, adventuring in a less-than-safe looking area!  AMAZING oekaki work!!
161 Chibi Beat Ambrose and Sabin A cute integration of Ambrose and Sabin in modern clothing!
162 PawsCat Ambrose A piece actually done with pastels - that crazy medium that I find impossible to control ^__^
163 PawsCat Ambrose The side of Ambrose you hardly ever seen - bruised and cut and stubbly, and probably right after a full moon.
164 Slander Ambrose werewolf form And another piece showing off Ambrose's secret side - this one being his darker feral nature, feeding off something bloody in hybrid form - and very  possibly not quite himself here
165 Shadedwillow Ambrose and Angelina A VERY sexy piece of Ambrose and Angelina - Angelina dressed in her undergarments, and Ambrose apparently in nothing by Angelina's feathered cloak around his waist *smillles*
166 Dragoness Ambrose A wonderful Transformation picture of Ambrose - during his first conscious change - I love how she captured the terrified expression and the movement in  the piece!
167 Short Story Sosiqui Sabin A very well written short story taking place early in Sabin's possession when he was still very much battling the anju for control, and had yet to make any lasting companions.
168 Neithan Sabin and Samantha A touching and romantic sketch of Sabin and Samantha touched up just a bit in photoshop to give some subtle details and character ^_^
169 Flashdragoon Ambrose A very skimpily dressed, Sexy Ambrose piece with some very clean linework and solid, cel-style colors.
170 Ryo0oki Ambrose Mixed Form A really cool shot of Ambrose in a mixed form - bicolor eyes, wolf ears and a tail - and a great, traumatized expression - very nice job!
171 Angel-Wing Sabin and Anju A wonderfully detailed piece of Sabin being literally puppeted by the anju - some GREAT imagery here! 
172 Roseanne Sabin and Anju A very striking piece of Sabin with the anju-shadow looming beside him - nice detailing on the hair especially here!
173 HellDragonFlie ALL the VL chars An amazing undertaking by HellDragonFlie of ALL the Victorian Legends characters, Sabin standing front and center - each character completely detailed as they should, and TONS of research into this piece!
174 Snicket Ambrose A wonderful and gripping transformation scene of Ambrose under the full moon - his nose pushing out, teeth sharpening and sprouting fur and ears!  Great expression and mood - the angle just adding more to it!
175 Algy Sabin An amazing piece of Sabin in a Victorian street, complete with crazy detailed background, being taken over by the anju side of him!
176 Sirenz Sabin and Samantha An adorable piece of Sabin and Samantha, Straightening his cravat ^_^
177 ryo0oki Sabin and Ambrose An Adorable piece of Chibi Sabin with a Chibi Ambrose in wolf form, looking rather irked at being in his lap ^_^
178 Short Story Sosiqui Sabin and Anju "Control" A very interesting short story written from the Anju's perspective right after the possession.  VERY dark and creepy.
179 okami-chan Sabin and Anju A dramatic Sabin striding forward with a creepy, shadowy anju with a really neat, psychedelic feeling shadowy background.
180 Mystix Ambrose A dramatic pencil piece of Ambrose with more of his lycanthropic features showing through, scared and frustrated with what's happening to him.
181 Fyre Sabin and Samantha A very emotional, Caravaggio-inspired piece of the Torture Sabin is undergoing in his internal battle, and Samantha there as support.  Not completely finished, but nearly there.
182 Apsylus Sabin A cute, relaxed feeling CG of Sabin by an open castle-like window.  THE LAST ENTRY! ^_~



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