Sabin Duvert and Sam Skip Sam's Joint Art Contest Entries


This page is where I have saved all of the entries that included my characters from a joint art contest I ran on Gaia with a friend, Sam Skip Sam.  Sabin, Ambrose, and Ethan were all eligible characters for this art contest.
ALL of the entries for both of us are hosted in This Photobucket

The contest itself can be found Here, in a thread on Gaia.

Thumbnail Artist Character(s) Depicted


Andry1234 Ambrose & Angelina
Andry1234 Ethan
Andry1234 Sabin & Anju
Andry1234 Sabin & Anju
Andry1234 Sabin
Asport Ambrose
Blue Eyed Wallflower Ethan
Chiisai Kimiko Ambrose & Angelina
Diamond_destiny Sabin
Dramatica Away II Ambrose & Angelina
Dramatica Away II Sabin
Ephemeral_Dream Sabin
Forbidden-Twilight Sabin
Kaiser-chan Ethan
Kiara Lime Kamiki & Sabin clothes swap
Kiara Lime Sabin & Anju
Kiiro-chan Sabin & Anju
KotokoPlum Sabin & his kids
KotokoPlum Ambrose, Angelina, and their kids
[Crossover Story]
KuraiKitty Sabin, Samantha, Simon, and Sam Skip Sam's characters
Kurocihigo Sabin, Ethan, Ambrose, all Sam's Characters
Lady Silverine Ambrose
Lady Silverine Anju
Lita Rutherford Anju
Master Eragon Sabin/Anju
Miss Gizmo Sabin & Samantha
MochiPuchiko Ambrose
[Perchance to Dream Story] NeoBakeneko Sabin
Ritterlich Sabin
Ritterlich Sabin
Se7enthShadow Sabin & Anju
Shanara-Chan Ambrose
Shiko' Ambrose & Angelina
SonicSweeti Sabin & Samantha
SonicSweeti Sabin
Suiichirou-sama Sabin, Ethan, Ambrose & their alternate forms
Thrivis Anju
Unholy Divinity Sabin & Anju
UnrisenPhoenix Sabin & Samantha
Wendall Ethan
Yelehna Ambrose
[+Katch+] Ambrose
[+Katch+] Anju
[+Katch+] Sabin
clocktock Sabin and Samantha
fox shaped sticky notes Ambrose
fox shaped sticky notes Ambrose
iAlacrity Ethan
meowmeowkitty Ambrose & Angelina
meowmeowkitty Ambrose & Angelina
meowmeowkitty Sabin & Anju
meowmeowkitty Sabin & Anju
michelechan Sabin & Samantha
mouselet Sabin & Anju
mouselet Sabin & Anju
pretty frown Ethan



VL Commission Artwork

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