Sabin Duvert's 3rd Art Contest:

Ambrose Werewolf Transformation


This section is dedicated to Arania's (Sabin Duvert's) 3rd Art contest - one focusing entirely on transformation images of Ambrose to his werewolf form (yes, I know, a bit focused and strange, but hey - I'm eccentric ^_~  This is a contest run over Gaiaonline. Don't know what Gaia is?  Click HERE

The Contest Thread is HERE

**If you entered the contest, make sure your entry is here (especially if you see someone who submitted after you on here.) ALSO, make SURE you Gaia name is spelled correctly - that's who trades will be sent to when the contest is over ^_~  HOWEVER!  This page is only for the finished entries - if you submitted a preview, it won't be posted yet :3 ** 

Entry # Thumbnail Artist Description
1 MartyWolfson A cool colored piece of Ambrose just finishing the change, his eyes still different colors - with a distraught Angelina nearby :3
2 Galatia A sketchy hybrid-form Ambrose, with lots of emotion!
3 Mousira A nifty sequence of Ambrose shifting in front of an overlay of a howling wolf's head - neat showing the different stages all on the same page :)
4 Daisuke-kun A frikking hilarious comic!!  You have to read to see XD
5 Arezou - The Dream Walker A really well-done animated gif made with the Easytoon program (I belive) - awesome job working with a tough program!
6 MartyWolfson A really sweet Transformation comic of Ambrose shifting to full wolf form ^_^
7 RakuraiKami A cool piece of Ambrose in his hybrid form onboard the ship during the full moon :)
8 MartyWolfson The first Modern Ambrose piece!  Modern Ambrose the morning after ^_~
9 Kunoichi_Kaze_Tsukai Ambrose, mid-shift and lying in front of a pool reflecting the full moon light.
10 mousira Ambrose right after the shift, his clothes torn and looking dejected.  The black and white version is here.
11 ~writing~ mousira The first Written Entry! :D - a neat scene of an alternate way Ambrose could have met Angelina ^__^


RakuraiKami An awesome transformation comic of Ambrose to full wolf form - and even includes a narrative~!
13 Chibi Beat A really cool animated gif of Ambrose shifting to wolf form ^__^
14 lilwerewolfgirl A detailed pencil piece of Ambrose just shifted to hybrid form under the full moon in a creepy setting :3
15 Lunar Rikku A silhouette of a howling wolf with a small shapeshifting Ambrose superimposed inside ^^
16 Poems Lunar Rikku Lunar Rikku's two poem entries :D
17 LynxKabaro A neat mid-change real media pece from Lynx ^_^ - I like Ambrose's strained/feral look here, and how it shows the growing fur and changing feet ^_^
18 NaOmI_kId A nice, realistically penciled piece of Ambrose in his full wolf form.
19 Perri Indiya A really funny gag comic - of Ambrose trying to find a way to cover his affliction ^_~
20 mousira A really thoughtful cand cute birthday gift =^^=
21 mousira Ambrose looking distinctively uncomfortable around Mousira's other personas :3
22 MartyWolfson Ambrose finishing a change to were-form, and shrugging off the remains of his clothing.
23 Kiiro_Eriko A set of character designs for a comic that she plans on entering - but I decided to throw the designs up as an entry by them selves anyway ^_^
25 Kipestshin A neat and surreal shot of him finishing the transformation under a crescent moon.
26 Spiritweaver Ambrose finishing a change to full wolf form - looking frightened - and still wearing the shreds of his musketeer tabard.  The color version will replace the outline when she finishes it ^^.
27 WaRSmurF A really dramatic and emotional drawing of Ambrose doubled over and clutching his stomach as he painfully shifts to his hybrid form.  The Black and white version is here.
28 WaRSmurF A very well done photo-edit of Ambrose's face as he begins to shift - one eye shifting from blue to green (eventually to yellow) - the base model he chose for the face is VERY suiting!
29 DeMoNtAiNtEd A very fierce looking werewolf, with snapped manacles dangling from his wrists, under the full moon.
30 WaRSmurF Another masterful photoedit - this time a close up of his now yellow eyes as he snarls, fur begining to grow down his cheeks, and his eyebrows thickening.
31 Animeshun A very professionally-done American-comic style comic page - great detailing on the period costuming and wonderful emotion!  The pencil-version is here.
32 HyoudenRai A really creative and cool-looking transformation image using shadows to express the change :D 
33    Kunoichi_Kaze_Tsukai Two really amusing parody comics by Kunoichi - Incorporating anime and popular movies XD
34 Kajo A dramatic piece of Ambrose in were-form, silhouetted by the moon and snarling
35 WaRSmurF A neat piece of Ambrose mid-shift - with insets of his face going through various stages of Transformation
36 WaRSmurF A CG edited sketch of Ambrose crouched in Hybrid form.  The raw pencil version is HERE.
37 Sirenz Ambrose mid shift under the light of the full moon - I really like how she has the peripherals changing (hands, ears, feet, tail) -it really gives a nifty theriomorphic affect XD
38 Hunter-in-Darkness An adorable wolf-chibi of Ambrose :cute: 
39 Yaoi Chan Ambrose finishing up a rapid transformation, tearing free of his uniform.
40 Jade-Chan A really cool image of Ambrose before, during, and after a transformation!   Great expression midway~!
42 Kumita While just a sketch, a very characteristic and well-done one - with lovely emotion and break-down of a facial transformation (and a neat paneling idea to boot!)
43 [Story] .+[[L.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G]]+. A short narrative of Ambrose facing his transformation - still trying to deny it happening.
44 littletomol Ambrose, fallen to a kneeling position and full of denial - great attention to detail on teh costuming and this piece really grabs emotionally
45 littletomol Ambrose, shifted to hybrid form, still miserable in his existence, crying as he can't help but howl to the moon.
46 littletomol A really funny - and very characteristic piece - of Ambrose - in full wolf form, guiltily admitting some very canine desires.
47 Rynn the Vampire A characteristic portrait of Ambrose, wolf form silhouetted in the back against the moon.
48 Rynn the Vampire An adorable chibi-form werewolf :3
49 Slipkn0t An emotional sketch of Ambrose on his knees as the transformation finishes.  The color version is HERE.
50 Slipkn0t A cute wolf-form sketch that I had to throw in as an entry even if she said it wasn't entry-worthy ^_~
51 WaRSmurF A neat-effect transformation pic - his full hybrid form stands in the front with horizontal panels showing the stages close up on his face in the back :3
52 hunter-in-darkness Ambrose - before and after the change- hunched on all fours on the ground as he shifts to a large wolf.
53 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 LynxKabaro A VERY detailed out 8-page transformation sequence :D  I love how he focuses in on the different areas of change - like the tail and the feet and the face!!
54 .+[[L.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G]]+. Ambrose in hybrid form, fierce and savage-looking
55 admiral_pico And to contrast - Admiral Pico's serene looking wolf-form head, still with eyes blue like his human form
56 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ChimeraNell Chimera Nell's AMAZING 8-page long full comic sequence with some amazingly detailed inkwork and fully detailed buildup that says volumes without a word.
57 Gabriel Laurel Gabriel's very picturesque Human-form Ambrose - very characteristic and dashing looking ^_^
58 Grimma A hilarious "tip #1 for the traveling Lycanthrope" illustrated in a very storybook manner - featuring Ambrose :3 - The art style here is wonderfully adorable - and really does look like something out of a twisted storybook XD
59 Ivynian A wonderful comic really entrenched in the mythos behind the historical campaign - wonderful job on the emotions on the faces - and once again - great storytelling without saying a word ^_^.
60 Ivynian Warning - Adult Humor :3  - Yet VERY amusing adult humor nonetheless XD - if you don't get it, don't worry about it ^_~
61 [story] Mousira The second part to the vignette that she began earlier - and a very character in-depth look at an alternate Ambrose and Angelina ^__^ 
62 Perri Indiya *chuckles* I did say in the FAQ that any media was acceptable - down to glitter and glue XD
63 1, 2, 3, 4 Rynn the Vampire A very nifty 4-part anime-style comic of Ambrose to his hybrid form - in full color as well!
64 Samee A very dramatic 1-shot piece laden with symbolism of Ambrose, midway through the change - amazing perspective and full of emotion!
65 Slipkn0t Yay for animated gif's XD - A quick animated gif of Ambrose shifting to hybrid form :3
66 tweese_chan A different interpretation of Ambrose in his hybrid form, battling against another werewolf.  The Black and White version is HERE.
67   WaRSmurF WaRSmurF's Dramatic fully drawn and CG'd transformation comic - the bloodred skies and moon lending the whole piece a really creepy and dark feel ^__^
68 MartyWolfson A more realistic look at Ambrose in his hybrid form, just tearing loose of his shirt.
69 Dante-Sayre A very clean, crisp inkwork of Ambrose, finishing up the transformation, and crying in denial. ^__^
70 1, 2, 3, 4 Hikari Kourien A very intense 4-page comic telling the story of his First Change in the modern storyline - she even found a Linkin Park song whose lyrics fit modern Ambrose quite well, and has that "playing in the backgound" in the comic ^__^.  Nice work!
71 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Kiiro_Eriko Another version of the same scene - modern Ambrose's first change
72 Reivan A not-quite-finished, but well on it's way piece of Ambrose - just shifted to hybrid form - the moonlight streaming through the window ^__^.  Beautiful work and I can't wait to see it complete!
73 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sir Nopants A 6-page CG'd sequence of Ambrose shifting to full wolf form - wonderful coloring job in particular on this one!



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