Sir Ambrose Maurlias, Musketeer to the Queen and Knight of the Shadows

    Full Name:     Ambrose Vespasien  Maurlias

    Race:               Human (werewolf)

    Age:                25

    Eye Color:      Clear Blue

    Hair:               Long, straight, blonde

    Height:            6'

    Occupation:    Musketeer

    Birthday:         January 25, 1611

    Setting:          A D20 Swashbuckling campaign turned Ravenloft

    Significant Other:  Angelina

    CharaHub Page:  Here




Reference Sheets: 

General Human Appearance/Attitude:

In human form, Ambrose is tall, thin,  lithe, and graceful, maintaining his poise and impeccable grooming if at all possible.  His face is long, narrow and distinguished, his features very sharp and angular, and his hair usually pulled back into a very smooth ponytail.  His eyes are sharp and discerning.  He is most frequently seen wearing the traditional outfit of a Musketeer, a rapier at his side, and a musket nearby.  He is stylish, but not to excess.  To him, the most important thing is to never lose control of himself or a situation everything about his demeanor speaks this.  Because of this, he is highly rational, and derisive of superstitions and the like.  He is very stubborn about what beliefs he does hold, and does not like to compromise with others liking to be the one in control of a situation, and his own fate.  Because of this, he might be thought of as uncompassionate in many situations, but this is not the case he believes strongly in the good cause, and protection of the weak he just does so in his own fashion. 

Also see the "Recent Developments" section down below for other... more interesting physical developments as well... Additionally, he has begun to actually (gasp!) loosen up some ^_~.

Lycanthropic Appearance:
Ambrose has three main forms. 
-hybrid-form (bipedal werewolf - about a foot taller than human form, a little thicker, but still more lithe than strong.  He would still be able to hold a rapier in his hand. DOES have a tail. 
-wolf-form: Very large for a wolf, but otherwise indistinguishable from a mundane wolf.

- Mixed forms: Later in the campaign, he can take on further mixed-forms other than just human, hybrid, and wolf (integrating lupine features into human form - like ears or a tail, or visa versa (a human voicebox in wolf form), etc.

Sample 1 - howling Wonderful Real Wolf color reference!
Sample 2 - Also a FANTASTIC color reference.  This is probably the closest I've seen to the right colors PERIOD.
NOTE:  The blonde tone would match Ambrose's hair color - especially noticeable in hybrid form, where he retains his human hair. 
Further physical aspects of note in hybrid include yellow wolf eyes, pads on his feet and hands, and digitigrade legs. 

"Tells" in Human form
His lycanthropy, over time, expresses  itself on his human form - In order: (1) his eyebrows meet and his hair is much more unruly than it previously was, (2)his canines are longer and more drastically pointed, (3) his fingernails are also longer and sharper, (4)his ears take on a small point, (5) his eyes become lupine in human form (golden in color, black rims and hardly any white visible.  At the VERY end, he is able to revert his eyes to the normal blue, but they easily shift to the lupine style when he gets emotional.  Despite Ambrose's attempts to maintain a dignified appearance (ie, plucking his eyebrows and spending even -longer- on his hair than before, and filing his nails) his eyebrows and fingernails regrow every morning, frustrating him to no end. 


~Typically, Ambrose is usually seen in traditional musketeer garb, as detailed in many of the references images.  A blue and silver tabard, feathered hat with the brim lifted on the right side, gloves, boots, shirt with billowy sleeves, etc.  He carries a VERY fancy rapier at his left side. 

~At the very end of the campaign, after returning home to France, Ambrose is promoted to Captain of the musketeers and wears the blue/silver musketeer captain's uniform (see above in the image used next to his bio OR HERE is a drawing I did of Ambrose (in hybrid form) - wearing said uniform with Angelina in a fancy, matching dress.

~ However, he has other clothing, and may very well be drawn in other appropriate clothing for the period/setting. 

Signature Magic Items: 
*Ambrose was crafted an EXQUISITE rapier that he has named Imperion.  He carries it by his side at all times, if possible.  The hilt is platinum, with a fancy basket.  The blade is enchanted steel.  On the pommel is a black (obsidian) heraldic wolf (done cameo-style on either side of a flat, rounded pommel).  The first few inches of blade (see reference for location)  has the musketeer cross above his initials, AVM (not actually in red, I just did that to make it stand out).  It is highly magical ((speed and blurstrike for those who know D&D, as well as an ability to call it back to him, and only he can draw it from the scabbard, along with a rather nasty magical bonus)).

* Ambrose also wears a pendant in ALL of his forms (a good detail to distinguish him in wolf-form), that looks something like THIS.  It is on a cord, the outer circle wood, and the inner piece stone set into it.  The design on the stone, which I drew poorly, is an Arthurian dragon.  It notably assists him in lupine form.

Reference images for costuming: - First picture - normal musketeer outfit.  Bottom Right = captain's uniform - END of campaign.



This is the best reference for
Ambrose's face/head,
hands down.  The narrow
angular features and slight
show of lupine qualities NAIL the mark on the nose.
This is Ambrose's look later in the campaign -  lupine eyes, goatee beard, and small round blue glasses that he uses to hide the eyes :)
This image is in effect Ambrose over the entirety of the campaign!
While the fur color is not spot-on, the build here is perfect for Ambrose's werewolf form.  Werewolf, somewhat feral, but still lithe and capable of holding a sword.      A very awesome and
spiffy piece by Bovar!
This piece is a great fur color ref - namely, note that the head-hair matches the blonde tones in the fur. BUT, for the best refs, please take a look at the real wolf references above :)
I love this piece!  Ambrose's'
mannerisms are VERY
characteristic - and I love the boots! Ambrose DOES have some outfits tailored to his hybrid form (and a few enchanted ones to change with him).   But drawing frayed/torn ones make me
just as happy :). 
A wonderful shot of Ambrose's
3 forms: a great size-comparison,
and wonderful art to boot - also great ref for the musketeer uniform. 
A wonderfully period
and realistic portrayal.
Ambrose looks very lupine
in the face in hybrid form; this also portrays his proud demeanor, even shape shifted.
A lovely piece by Auriana that really perfectly captures both Ambrose and Angelina - near the end of the campaign :)  






Ambrose Artwork Collection


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Ambrose was born the third son of the noble house of Maurlias in the country of Guillaume (France) the first son, Dreu, about 4 years his senior, inheriting the title and the estate, the second, Sebastien, only a year and a half older, joining the clergy.  As a boy, Ambrose had the tutors and swordsmanship training common to a boy of noble upbringing, but was made painfully aware that he would not be able to maintain this lifestyle after reaching his manhood.  As a boy, ironically, Ambrose was full of passion both creative and destructive.  However, his tutors in knowledge, etiquette, scripture, and the sword all maintained (as was common for the time) that vibrant display of emotion was a weakness in man, and to be a holy person/ a good fighter/ a man of noble status that one must never let emotion rule you.  They beat into his head the ways of an ideal gentleman, maintaining ones' even demeanor and to hold oneself above earthly passions.  This did not change Ambrose's inherent passions, so instead of expressing them, he began to bottle them up from an early age trying to grow into a fine young man to impress his father and his tutors.  Dreu, also did not help in Ambrose's attempts.  No matter how formal, and how reserved Ambrose acted, Dreu always seemed to be the epitome of a gentleman - earning the fawning attention of his father.  His father also seemed to always be able to catch Ambrose whenever he slipped and displayed his anger or passions.  His father would chastise Ambrose, and compare him to his brother, using Dreu as an example.  To Ambrose, Dreu seemed to have no passions at all, the ideal gentleman - always reserved and cool, with perfect manners.  Ambrose's only real outlet for his emotions was with the sword and even that while training was highly restrictive.  This led his hand to decide to become a musketeer he didn't have the privilege (or really the desire) to stay at home and become a man of the court, and since what emotional outlet he had was with the sword, he used his good name to join the ranks of the Musketeers.  All the years of lectures of restraint has been taken to the extreme with Ambrose he is uptight, and anal to a fault, bottling up his frustrations and passions.  His main desire, his driving goal became to impress his father, to prove to himself that he could change his fate, and that if he could outdo his brother at his own game, that maybe he could get the respect that his brother received.  While he does not particularly care about the wealth of an inheritance, he wants the position of respect from his father, to be considered a son of worth, not "my other son", and for his father to be proud for him to carry on the Maurlias name.

Since becoming a musketeer, he has proven himself a gentleman and a man of courage and dependability to the musketeers and the crown, but still had not really garnished the desired attention of his father despite his heroics and actually completely changing his demeanor and suppressing his passions to fill the role that his father expected of a gentleman.  Attention was still lavished on Dreu, and Ambrose was generally thought of by his father, and the rest of the courts, as "Dreu's brother." 

Sword style:

Ambrose focuses exclusively on the rapier (to the neglect of everything else.  He can -use- other weapons, he's just not remarkable with any.  His use of a musket has fallen into disuse, and if you disarm him he's pretty much screwed.)  Contrary to most other fencers of the time period, Ambrose does not use a second weapon or defensive object in his off-hand (which according to most is stupid, because you've got another hand there with which you can use a parrying dagger, a cloak, or even a mailed glove to make yourself more effective.)  Instead Ambrose concentrates his attention on one sword and makes his body as small of a target as possible (when using your off-hand you need to turn your body towards your opponent more so your off-hand can be useful, but in exchange it exposes more of your chest as a target) and pinpoint accuracy.

Developments Since the Game Began:
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*Since the Game Began, aka Ambrose's Story:*
How Ambrose got to the realm of Ravenloft, and he was forced to deal with a strange world and a changing worldview.

*Story Update#2: Ambrose's Lycanthropy*

How Ambrose contracted Lycanthropy, and its strain on his sanity, but forcing him to discover more about who he is and what it is that he really wants in life, undergoing a fall and a rebuilding, strenthening his psyche and his character in the end.

*Story Update #3 - Developments Since Then
The latter part of the Ravenloft campaign - till the return Home

* The Further Adventures : 11 years after the return, and a new trip
The characters are pulled into Eberron - a reunion campaign.  Honestly, this return to the game took place a few years after it had concluded, and I view it more as a "What If" More so than anything strictly cannon.  I enjoy having an actual conclusion to the game in the previous log, and I feel that it went full circle. 


Alternate Version Ambrose and Angelina

I also have a modern-incarnation of Ambrose that I have been developing in an Alternate-universe side-story, and have been working on a write-up for this storyline. Because of the differences, he has his own page HERE

Ambrose Maurlias is Jenny, aka Arania 2003- present