Artwork of Ambrose Maurlias

This page is for all the artwork of Ambrose that I did NOT receive from my Gaia contests/

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Ambrose Commissions

Commissions of Ambrose - on and off Gaia

And XiaoRen drew an awesome Ambrose in wolf-form ^___^
Rayne Winner, also from Gaia, drew a hybrid-form Ambrose :)


An AWESOME commission from Beast of Oblivion - Ambrose showing his rare very feral side - just shapeshifted to his hybrid form ^_^


Iyou - from Gaia - did this Fantastic piece of Ambrose just starting to shift on the full moon - I love the color work here, and the atmosphere is perfect ^^


Mecromace - :D - a crossover piece ^_^ - I find the concepts of these MOST spiffy - a chance encounter between Ambrose and Sabin: makes me wonder what's going to happen ^^


Louhi's Ambrose - I accidentally switched the background color of this bmp from white to black while watermarking it >.<
Helkh did an adorable chibi Ambrose face :)
A great picture of Ambrose in Wolf form by Kipestshin - this must be long after he would have accepted it - I really like the air of dignity even in this form ^_^.
A beautiful and absolutely adorable commission from Kacey of Ambrose and Angelina (this would -definitely- be a bit later after Ambrose would be more comfortable with himself and able to control himself more ^^)  Artistic Nudity warning.
Ambrose by Tundra-Thrivis, commissioned over Go-Gaia - in a relaxed pose in hybrid form.
A cute Ambrose in hyrbid form by Naolin - a partial trade for a Gaia item she wanted ^_^
Susan Meyer's piece of Ambrose's 3 forms  ^___^  AWESOME job on a watercolor ^____^
An Ink Lineart of Wolf-form Ambrose by Sepp - done over Gaia - this is technically still supposed to be colored by her friend, Reanimator ^^
A fricking Awesome transformation picture by Merangue from Go-gaia.  This -really- captures a lot of emotion, and her pencils are excellent!
PinkSquid - another most spiffy Gaian - did this angry werewolf Ambrose - great job on the teeth and ferocity here :)
From Daisuke-kun of Gaiaonline, this is a most spiffy CG of Ambrose in his were-form ^__^
From Akon - a very spifftacular commission by G Bedell of Ambrose in his 2 forms ^^
A simply AMAZING realistic piece by Ailah - a commission well worth the wait.  Done on imitation parchment paper, which really adds to the historical feel ^__^.
xxsilvanxx from Gaia was doing quick sketches for people and I got a cute Ambrose bust-shot
1 2 3 4 I commissioned Bernice to do this set of very spiffy Character ref sheets - It's interesting to see Ambrose in a more "toony" style :3
Speaking of cute Chibis, here is an avatar edit of Ambrose from Gaia Online ^_^
Helkh from gaia drew a neat mid-transformation Ambrose, emphasizing a lot of emotion!
Might be a lion from Gaia did this really spiffy Ambrose pic - I love the feel of this one - it really captures him I think :)
A commission from Evil Disco over Gaia - a really spiffin glam shot of Ambrose in hyrbid form ^^ - I love the feel of this one :)
AnimeshunZero's Comic-style Ambrose lineart - very clean and a good, typcal shot of Human-form Ambrose
endejester's really spiffy human-form Ambrose, yet with a few bestial features if you look closely ^_^.  Very dynamic and fitting.
And her friend, Ryugen's Ambrose - depicting both forms - Great work on both forms ^___^
And Bettina of Dreamworldstudios piece of Sabin and Ambrose - real media and sooo purdy!
Arezou did this fantastic Open Canvas rendition of Ambrsoe!  So much detail - I couldn't imagine ding this without layers 0.0  Wonderful work of Ambrose shifting to wolf-form ^_^.
ACVan!  I loved her Sabin piece and I was lucky enough to win an auction of hers that hadn't gotten nearly enough attention that she deserved for her artwork - and got a lovely piece of Ambrose looking very dashing ^__^
Suki_Daiyo4 - another wonderful artist from Gaia who did this lovely colored pencil piece of Ambrose - I love the feel of it, and his expression while viewing his reflection in the pool of water.
Kafers - another lovely piece with a great mood - Ambrose, his hair disheveled and his clothing torn with a full moon and howling wolf in the background!
And a very nice and friendly artist from Gaia, aptly named "werewolf" did this lovely piece of Ambrose in full-wolf form
And werewolf's full piece - and one that I really love - of Ambrose in human form, but with contextual clues as to his true nature - looking solemn in the winterscape, tracking
ARTISTIC NUDITY WARNING - A lovely commission from KaputOtter of Ambrose, just having shifted forms with the rise of the moon, sharing the evening with Angelina in the privacy of an inn room.
A commission from malicekisho - Ambrose sitting in the corner, letting the dawn wash over him and return him to his human form - LOVELY emotion!
A Gaia commission from Suki_Daiyo4 - Ambrose riding on horseback at night - wolves sentries on the hillside
A dual-character commission from Nanariel of Sabin and Ambrose - impressive use of markers!
Artistic Nudity.  I had been waiting for the opportunity to be able to commission Huskie666 from DeviantArt to see her intrepretation of Ambrose, and was REALLY happy with the results.  The way she can do fur with colored pencils just blows me away 0.0
Artistic Nudity.  AND - she did this ink piece of him as well - this was the original lineart, but started over to do the one above, as it turned out more characteristic (and less foxy in the face) - but I do still like this one :)
Arezou - The Dream Walker was commissioned by the GM of the game for a series of character portraits of all of the characters in the game, reminiscient of the official Ravenloft artist, Talon's, portraits in the books for the NPCs.  To the left is her Rendition of Ambrose. Below are her sets of the rest of the characters :3
And a commission from the incredibly talented Cara Mitten - who's done work for White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast!  A 3-part transformation sequence of Ambrose to Hybrid form :)  I love the final expression especially!
A Gaia commission from phoxxhx - a very smooth, suave looking Ambrose in human form - and a nicely done job of him :)
For a present, Kamiki commissioned Angel Aiko to create a gif of Ambrose's sword, Imperion - for a great reference ^___^
And Bovar has been doing an AMAZING job on a couple of Ambrose pieces ^___^.  Her fur patterns and colored pencil style is so beautiful!!  This is a hesitant Ambrose, at the point where he's still not comfortable with what he is.
And I liked the first one she did so much, I commissioned a 2nd piece (and technically a 3rd that's not done yet >> ) - Ambrose after he's comfortable with himself, in more of a "glam", posed shot :3  Near perfect fur color pattern here!!!
And I picked up a commission from Chris Griffin at Aggiecon of Ambrose - great perspective on the rapier!
And another piece with some Awesome perspective, not to mention a wonderfully creepy and appropriate mood!  Even though Ratbat didn't know about Ambrose's loathing/fear of ravens, this really fits the mood- and in my mind Ambrose is shielding one of his eyes from the evil bird on his shoulder XD
And another very thoughtful gift from Kamiki, by Siyanna Twilight - a cute romantic pic of Ambrose and Angelina - in her newer outfit :3
WHOO!  A-kon!  This year I really went on an art buying spree ^__^.  Animecat did this adorable Ambrose, just after shifting, and looking quite surprised ^^
I shared an art table with Anya again this year, and commissioned her to do this sweet watercolor of Ambrose and Angelina - so cute =^^=
Bar-1 Studio's artist (under White Lightning) did this stylized Ambrose after his furry comic style :3.  I like seeing the different style, and the pose is so dynamic!
Chadwick did this wonderful Ambrose piece and took a few liberties with the interpretation - and every time I see it I can't help but think of a scenario that involves Ambrose getting QUITE drunk, getting a tatoo, and then stumbling home to Angelina...
Jackson Armstrong did a younger-looking, but nonetheless very cool Ambrose piece, staring up at the moon and beginning to shift :3
Kit Ingram did this lovely couple piece of Ambrose and Angelina - looking very sweet and with some excellent color work ^_^
Kristin Bergh did a very Inu-Yasha-ish Ambrose portrait sketch - looking quite pissed off
Scrambled Eggs did this very lovely marker piece of Ambrose in two of his forms!
Stacey LeBlanc is a WONDERFUL artist, and when she was interested in commissioning me at the con, I suggested instead an art trade -and BOY am I glad I did!  This piece she did is AWESOME!  Ambrose in ALL 3 of his forms - and some amazing inkwork!!
Tessa Stone was wonderful at capturing a character's personality with her style - and here is Ambrose, looking upstanding and suave rendered beautifully in markers ^_^
Toulou Young was doing some beautiful color pieces - and I was able to get an Ambrose/Angelina couples piece from him that shows off Angelina's new costume quite well ^__^
Gretchen Hintz of  was doing quick marker pieces - and I got a very cute Ambrose from her ^_^
Zachary Turnipseed at Akon did a colored pencil piece of Ambrose :D
White Coffee From Gaia!  She has a different, darker style from many artists, and did a wonderful portrait of Ambrose
A gift from Kamiki for my birthday - she commissioned Razputin from Gaia for this AWESEOME Sabin and Ambrose piece - both characters are VERY well done and characteristic - and I actually happened to run into Razputin at A-kon by pure chance, and was able to get a signed printout of this piece ^___^
A Gaia commission from Penden - Ambrose in his hybrid form - looking suave and cute ^^
Not an A-kon piece, but a FANTASTIC piece nonetheless, this is Bovar's 3rd commission I bought from her, and I think the best of the three - Ambrose, staring at his reflection in shock and horror, after shifting forms. Great atmosphere, and AMAZING detail - and the fur color is SPOT on!
demon_pachabel did a really cute couple piece of Ambrose and Angelina in their later outfits :3
H4rliban's Ambrose, howling at the moon, with some really dramatic lighting :3
jeffie_eve - Ambrose and Angelina ^^
Mecromace's Spiffy watercolor of Ambrose and Angelina!
Wegs did a very impressive and characteristic Ambrose!
Ana-Hi - Ambrose and Imperion ^^
Baneful's Ambrose and Angelina - I really like pieces that depict Ambrose in his hybrid form with Angelina - and this one Kamiki got from Baneful :D
Jerrymalou did this fantastic semi-chibi mixed-form Ambrose ^_^
A simply drool-worthy, FANTASTIC commission from the wonderful Starfinder of Ambrose - this is a REAL MEDIA piece!!
Auriana's first commission of Ambrose - a FANTASTIC dual-shot of him in both his human and hybrid forms :D
And an even better 2nd commission from Auriana - a piece of Ambrose in hybrid form (with ALL the little details) and Angelina - wonderful characterization on both of them ^__^.
A beautiful dance pice of Ambrose and Angelina, dressed up, by Sotalean - from an art auction of hers I won.  This was actually in Gaia's art arena top 10 for a few days :D
Tamen finished this FANTASTIC commission for me - a two-part transformation comic of Ambrose, still not comfortable with his lycanthropic nature.
Whippy's bishie-Ambrose sketch :D
and Yuoma's inkwork of Hybrid-form Ambrose
Kamiki commissioned these two pieces from Demon Angelina for my birthday - she took a while, but the pieces turned out beautiful!  This one is an Ambrose/Angelina couple pic
And this Demon Angelina pic is a Smexy Ambrose ^_^
A commission from Khyrhn of Ambrose and Angelina being romantic <3
A commission of Ambrose in his two forms from Jepster on Gaia :3
A gaia-commission of Ambrose and Angelina from Irenylie on Gaia
One of many commissions of Drayke from Gaia
Luck-In-Spades's Ambrose - also from Gaia - looking quite dapper
Oniseraph's adorable chibi Ambrose, looking rather indignant
blankpapers' exceedingly smexy Ambrose bust-shot
And Woeful Infinity's talented pencil commission of Ambrose - wonderful detailwork! 0.0
tiggerfactory's Ambrose commission - great shot of hib, and great feel to the piece
A fantabulous portrait real media commission from Dr. Seiji :3
A spifftastic Ambrose Chibi from Digital Stiches
Inkmo did this awesome, dynamically posed Ambrose :D
peachysticks from Deviant art did an amazing job at making this piece look like an oil panting portrait of Ambrose <3
A-kon 2006 was a blast!  Here is Anderjak's inked piece of Ambrose and Angelina, a precurser to Auriana's couple piece where Ambrose is fully in hybrid form
Aris Ravenstar's fabulous Ambrose CG
DeZarin did a very spiffy job, especially incorporating the mirror in the background
Kaji is amazing with real media!  Ambrose and Angelina, being a little naughty.  BREASTS and censored nudity warning!
Mark Boyd's very musketeer hybrid-form Ambrose ^_^
Phillis's markerwork Ambrose and Angelina :)
Sakai Hamachi's lovely manga-style Ambrose and Angelina
Tashiya-san's markerwork of Ambrose and Angelina
Kiniro Oniba's Pixel-Ambrose :D
And a really, truly AWESOME piece - this graphite piece is by Ron Spencer, a major professional fantasy artist for D&D, White Wolf, Magic the Gathering, etc etc etc ^______^
GunnerRomantic's fabulous Ambrose piece - awesome atmosphere and representation!!
Reiben Prince's End-of-campaign Ambrose
Kelii's snarly hybrid-form Ambrose
Kipestshin's faboo Ambrose and Angelina - commissioned at A-kon ^.^
Balaa did an awesome Ambrose at Anthrocon!  I am so giddy that I got art from her! :D
Hibbary also did art for me at Anthrocon~  She did a fantastic job on snarly Ambrose
Sarah Palmer/ Caribou 's adorable, cute Ambrose
And a very noble looking Ambrose from Meezer/Winged Siamese! ^.^
And an AMAZING Ambrose watercolor from paintpixel at A-kon
y2jenn from Deviantart's quick Ambrose bust sketch - very characteristic! :D
part of a sketchbook commission from m a r l o w ^.^
And Spatterdash's CG Ambrose :3
Raging Hormone's greyscale Ambrose sketch
FluentSarcastist's nifty mid-transformation Ambrose - great energy here! :D

Two booklet arts from the booklet auction I won from m a r l o w
And a lovely shot of Ambrose in full musketeer regalia from Earthkid!!
I've been wanting artwork from Goldenwolf for literally YEAAARS :D :D  I was lucky enough to catch her at Anthrocon in 2007 and commissioned a badge of Ambrose - while it's little, it's still Goldenwolf art - and in color no less <3.  She doesn't take commissions in any other fashion.  
I couldn't resist - Transfuse does AMAZING women, and attends a lot of conventions I do - So I decided to commission my three main male characters as women from him - leaving the specifics to his intrepretation.  Here's Ambrose XD
And crier au loup from Gaia did this adorable headshot of Ambrose ^.^
While this is the only piece of art from A-kon I got from A-kon, it is a WONDERFUL piece.  I LOVE the style and the characterization.  It very much captures Ambrose's feel as a character <3  By Kelly
A lovely, atmospheric piece by the talented GlassShard!
clap-san's (from DA) lovely pencil drawing of Ambrose
Nuclearchild's (From DA) swashbuckling Ambrose!
Commission from Rhazcrossbones (from DA) of Ambrose in his wolf-form.
FANTASTIC 5-part transformation sequence of Ambrose into his werewolf form by sugarpoultry!
Anisis is an amazing traditional artist and did this beautiful moonlit piece of Ambrose.
Blackpassion777 made this fantastic cel-style Ambrose with some AMAZING detailwork on his garb!
Rhazcrossbones 's absolutely adorable Ambrose chibi! X3
Sullivan's fantastic werewolf-form Ambrose!
ProfessorPemzini did this great perspective shot of Ambrose!
Caecilia Kolibri from FA's Ambrose sketch that I got from her via Gaia Online :)
An absolutely breathtaking campaign piece from the eminently talented Elengwat - the main characters from the Ravenloft game!
A color sketch commission from Teknicolor Tiger - and a great characterization of Ambrose!
A dire-form Ambrose by blighthound
A smexy Musketeer human-form Ambrose by keelerleah!
A recently had the opportunity to get a second commission from the immensely talented, professional artist  Ron Spencer (who does work on Magic: The Gathering, Dungenons & Dragons, and White Wolf RPG books).  And a color piece this time - I adore it!
Ambrose by xxslow-burnxx on DA!
Ambrose sketch commission (and a really lovely one!) by Nytrinhia




Ambrose Gift Art and Trades

Artwork of Ambrose that I either traded for or were given to me :)  Also from on and off Gaia.  Also includes contest art from contests I didn't run (Art from contests I DID run have their own pages) and after-contest finished pieces.

November A MAX by Hinode of a smug looking Ambrose with his rapier ^^
Ambrose by Hawk - this was for MAX's 1-year anniversary where Hawk drew a character of every participant that round ^_^.
Ambrose by Kumita from Go-Gaia with Angelina - a very sharp, characteristic take on him ^_^
OtacontheOtaku from Kamiki's Gaia art contest did an adorable Ambrose x Angelina picture :3
Yay Akon!  I was able to get Brian Stelfreeze to do an awesome and flamboyant piece of Ambrose :D
Astrosnik's Adorable Chibi Ambrose and Angelina, from Kamiki's Art contest
I got this at the same time that Brian Stelfreeze did his inked piece - a "doodle' on the back of the tablet I lent him - and while a pen doodle, it's got a lot of personality - and I love how he expressed some of the more lupine features - the protruding fang and hair along his neck.
The picture below by Tavis, but colored now ^__^ THANKS, Tav!
Ambrose by Tavis
Another adorable gift from Tavis - this one is a Chibi of Ambrose, though, ironically, even Chibi, Ambrose looks dead serious ;)
Tavis was awesome and for my Birthday did an art commission for me - I requeseted a Reference sheet of Ambrose :)
October CMAX I received from Little Artist - an adorable frustrated Ambrose in Hybrid Form - the collar and the tears amuse me to no end.
An art trade with Aura Moser of Ambrose in his hybrid form and looking very dashing ^_^  This is VERY close to how I picture him in this form ^__^ Amazing job!
An adorable Game-Sprite by Verdego over Yerf :3
And this is a full piece of Ambrose in his Hybrid form by Sepp, done for an art trade.
A VERY cool vector-drawing of Ambrose in his wolf-form by Kheleksul from Gaia!
And I did a quick sketch trade with Kheleksul - and she did an adorable wolf-form Ambrose :3
Rayndancer's Awesome Art-trade with me of Ambrose in Human AND were-form
Ambrose and Angelina by SuicidialBunny - done for a Yerf Secret Santa trade :3
Slipkn0t did a quick digital sketch for me as well :cute: ^^
Kitsune_rei from Gaia did this adorable bishi Ambrose - partially shifted ^__^ - minor nudity advisory - but no real details showin'
Slipkn0t, also from Gaia and after my contest sent this to me - a piece of a sequence that she had planned - right as the Transformation is beginning - very lovely emotion ^^
SilverSpiritWolf did an AWESOME piece for me for our art trade ^___^.  I love the imagry in this one - awesome background and VERY suiting ^^.
Another souvineer from Gaia Online - a really cute outline of Ambrose by KenshinKitty ^_^
I won an art contest of Spiritweaver's from Gaia and she drew 2 Oekakis for me - one of each of my chars.  I really love this one of Ambrose :)
The Yerf Forums are doing monthly themed Secret Santa trades: Here is May's, from Kohali, with the Historical Theme (Egyptian Ambrose!)
Here's June's Secret Santa: from FoxyFennec, with the monochrome theme - a really dramatic piece done in greens ^__^
Whoo!  July's Secret Santa - this one from the awesome Shadowolf!!  She did a beautiful idyllic Summer-themed piece of Ambrose stopping to smell the flowers ^^
And August's is also Most awesome!! The theme was "Fairy Tales" and Eva did this hilariously adorable Ambrose as the big bad wolf... in disguise (he seems to be having a bit too much fun here than he should ^_~ )
An art trade I did with Anya! - she did a wonderful job on this one - I LOVE The atmosphere, the terror in Ambrose's eyes, really conveying his fear at what he is/becoming.
Ambrose collapsed onto his knees, terrified, as he shifts to wolf-form, by Tavis :)
One of two portraits that Trent/WizoTiger, the GM of the campaign, drew of Ambrose
The 2nd pic that the GM did :0
An adorable pic by Kamiki of a "what if" Sabin and Ambrose had known each other as kids XD - I love images that tell a story, and crossover what ifs between my chars
And Mousira did these two adorable smiley gifs for me :3
And for Xmas, over Gaia Kamiki got Arafel to do a couple pics for me ^^ - This is a dynamic portrait of Ambrose, doign whta he does best - swinging his sword around ^_~
An AMAZING piece of Ambrose, tearing free of his clothing, just completing a transformation.  WONDERFUL example - by Lobo Leo
Xazy did this Spiffin Ambrose semi-animation for the last YERF SeSa trade =^^=.  His eyes moooove :3
Sarahstp was taking requests and did a very cool pencil-shaded Ambrose mid-transformation :3
And part of a trade with the Ranzab!  He says that he has plans on refining these, but I like the sketches enough to post them as-is ^_^.  A 3-part mid-transformation sequence :3
Artistic Nudity. And a 4th pic from Ranzab! :D
A gift from Tavis Harts for my Birthday!  A wonderful piece of Ambrose and Angelina - updated at near the end of the campaign - and the first piece to feature ALL of Ambrose's new look - lupine eyes, slim goatee, and small round blue glasses ^_^ - and Angelina in her post-swanmay outfit as well :D
Chica decided to do something a bit different with a trade - he did Ambrose, but with nods to some of my other interests
Sam Skip Sam gave me this just-finished-transforming Ambrose :D
For a new shop we're running on Gaia, I'm doing a verison of Modern Ambrose, and Sirenz is doing the art. Meanwhile, I'm doing the art for her RP character.  Here's the version before she "cut" the hair for the Moreau-version.
missjtsang's Ambrose - a gift from Chibi Hige as a part of a bumping/art auction prize :)
Mousira's spiffy gift!  A drawing of Ambrose through various stages of transformation ^_^
And an awesome watercolor gift of Ambrose by Emerwyn looking very scarily-cool!!! :D
OneOfTwo had originally drawn this for my art contest, but didn't get it turned in in time - but gave me the art later as a gift :D
A smextastic piece from Karma_K for Xmas! ^___^  Thanks so much Karma!  She does awesome anthros :D
and a Christmas present from Takakun with The Gerbil's coloring ^_^
And sketchies gifts from ChimeraNell - porr Ambrose XD
An art trade with Comus!  Comus drew Ambrose shapeshifting ^_^
A freebie headshot from Woeful Infinity ^_^.  Getting an actual full commission from him soonish
An amazing piece from Artoki for my patience with the commissions she's working on for me.  Beautiful effects.
  Doodles from Bilious!  These are sketches he did of a spontaneous RP thing we did ^^
Daphflamm's gift art/art trade with me :3
Nulltorque took the quick sketch of Ambrose I did (on the ref area) and really brought it to life!!  So - a very spiffy gift/collaboration piece <3

A photomanip gift from Red Wolf of Ambrose's eyes and Hands transforming stage by stage as described in the transformation writeup I did and posted on Ambrose's page :)
ManicShadow's (from DA) sketch of Ambrose in both of his forms - a warmup to the following amazing CG piece
ManicShadow's awesome Ambrose - looking VERY sexy and starting to shift to werewolf form
Invisible Friend's Ambrose portrait ^_^
Rayndancer's fabulous end of a trade!  Ambrose looks so dark and snarly and I am very fond of this piece in general <3
And Reivan finished this werewolf-form Ambrose ^__^ - He does such an amazing job with wolves <3
A drawing from Raphael Vespion - he was inspired by Ambrose's design :)
naon's watercolor of Ambrose -this was done for a Yerf secret santa/round robin art trade ^_^
Laxis's Ambrose - this is a gift from Kamiki via Gaia <3
Kitsune Kurisu's Ambrose lineart - in his end of the campaign captain's uniform!
Ladyumbra's Ambrose-wolf :D
Bones did this very spiffy nightscene piece, inspired by Ratbat's piece :)
Baneful's Ambrose headshot :)
Lyanti's very spiffy naturalistic Ambrose in the woodlands and a brown cloak
Cara Mitten's spifftastic mid-transformation Ambrose :D
Shiro did a trade with me - including this awesome perspective-piece of Ambrose :D
Beeejay's trade with me at Anthrocon of Ambrose in full-wolf form
Tiberius also did this faboo trade with me at Anthrocon ^^  I love how Ambrose turned out here
Zax did this FANTASTIC 2-page inked comic for me at Anthrocon! 0.0
And Maxxyne's cute giftart through the OGAWG guild on Gaia
A gift animation from YinAngel - she did a photomorph - and the model she found for the human form looks amazingly close!  I wish she remembered who it was >>
A trade with Yellow-Eyes/Zakka from Deviantart ^.^  Lovely realistic snarly- Ambrose bust
A very spiffy piece of gift art from Raphael Vespion of Ambrose and his character, Raphael, dueling
A gift from Dietmar - Ambrose vs Zorro X3
Artwork from MoonstalkerWerewolf from Deviantart! :D
Ambrose in wolf form by Raoleza!
A "Free commission" for a favor I did for Venlian!  A really beautiful werewolf-form Ambrose!

Ambrose "Cosplays"/Nods

On Gaia-Online there are what are called "breedable" shops in which people use (usually) stock-lineart pets and color them different ways for distribution.  Long/complicated explanation to really get the gist of it that I will spare you.  To make a long story short, I have gotten a few pets colored like Ambrose.  I am putting them here ^_^.  For the best "cosplay" see the Modern Ambrose page - one of those "pets" is more like an involved RP character and an alternate-universe Ambrose built for a modern rendition of the Island of Dr. Moreau.  It is a 5-artwork stage RP character as he slowly becomes more lupine.

*I have made a subsection of a photobucket account for ALL of my Ambrose-cosplay pets HERE. *


My Artwork of Ambrose Maurlias

*Note - in some of these images, I was playing with an alternate symbol for the musketeers, as this was from a setting similar to, but not exactly the real world.  In the end, I decided not to bother, and went with the generic musketeer symbol of the cross on the square.  This is also far from all the doodles and sketches I've done of Ambrose - but are only the pieces that I was willing to stick up online - the rest are hididng away in binders, sketchbooks and computer files if they were fortunate enough to meet the scanner.

Ambrose alright drawing. Sketch that I liked that I doodled on the back of his char sheet. Ambrose shirtless, and feeling very on the spot. Original design - old symbol on his shirt. Colored portrait.
Original conceptual drawing of him in hybrid form - he's nowhere near this amount of control yet.  I still like how it turned out, though. Recent drawing - and more aptly displays his opinions on the matters.  I plan on attempting to color this. Yay - colored version of the picture to the left - I'm really proud of how this turned out ^^. Prismacolor markers and pencils. Another image of Ambrose in mid-transformation, and very disturbed by this fact. Ambrose in a mixed form - between human and hybrid (Theriomorphic) and looking quite nice ;)
Ambrose - in full hybrid form, nude (but not showin anything) on a stool.  This is a watercolor and prismacolor pencil piece - though I shouldn't have done it on textured paper I realized too late. This, my newest Ambrose piece, and having learned some fun Photoshop Tricks - This is a GREAT example of how I picture both his coat color (though I still think more gray >.< ), and his general build (def bigger, stronger, and thicker than human form, but still lithe and fast-moving, not lumbering/bulky). This is a collaboration piece I did with Lars - I drew it and he colored it - Ambrose midway through a painful transformation, and I really like the combined effect!! Another older design, colored. It's been so long since I've drawn for myself - or at least of my characters.  This is Ambrose, Angelina and Zita - from a VERY recent point in the game showing just how much the three of them have changed.
Ambrose in a dire-ish form, mostly anthro, but quadrupedal - his hair blowing in the wind. Ambrose at the end of the campaign - in the Captain of the Musketeers uniform, and Angelina in a fancy dress. Ambrose in a large wolf form I did as a fun color exercise when I actually had some time on my hands :)    

Ambrose Transformation Sequence:    
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

    A series I drew of him in the process of a very unwilling and painful shape shift to wolf-form.  In the last panel his awareness leaves him, replaced by the bestial one.


Unfinished Ambrose works (that I don't envision being finished any time soon):

I've gotten several preliminary pieces of artwork that either were never finished (perhaps going to be some day for some - perhaps not for others) as well as some sketch concepts getting Ambrose's character down before the final piece was drawn (or a series of pose ideas for it). 


For more artwork of Ambrose and the other characters, please visit:

Tavis's Gallery of the campaign: The Ship Gallery :)

The raw Directory of all the art not from the contest linked below



  - Major Sabin AND Ambrose Gaian art contest

  - Ambrose-only Transformation Art contest

 - Sabin and Kamiki's JOINT art contest

-  And another new one - Focusing entirely on Ambrose & Sabin.  Entries are HERE

Joint Contest run with Sam Skip Sam - includes some nice art of Ambrose!