Sabin Duvert & Kamiki's Dual Art Contest


This page is dedicated to all of the entries for Sabin Duvert's and Kamiki's Art contest :D  This is a HUGE art contest with a starting value of  MILLIONS of Gaia Gold in prizes given out!  Don't know what Gaia is?  Click HERE.   Here is where I will post all of the submissions that I receive for the contest.  To visit the thread where the submissions are posted, etc, click HERE.

**If you entered the contest, make sure your entry is here (especially if you see someone who submitted after you on here.) ALSO, make SURE you Gaia name is spelled correctly - that's who trades will be sent to when the contest is over ^_~ **

Entry # Thumbnail Artist Character Description
1 phoxxhx Sabin The first entry!  And a lovely realistic portrait of Sabin at that ^_^.
2 phoxxhx Kamiki and Simon Another lovely realistic piece by phoxxhx - of Kamiki and Simon
3 Mystic Moogle Ambrose Yay for more realistic pieces ^^.  Amrbose in Wolf form holding his hat.
4 7Speaker For The Dead7 Samantha A piece actually done mainly with pastels of Samantha - and the first Samantha entry :)
5   endejester Kamiki A lovely, sexy pencil piece of Kamiki!  (Recent UPdate - Colored version!)
6 Junyi Kamiki's staff A really nicely done CG of Kamiki's staff!
7 Taka Hitogori Kamiki A wry, cute looking Kamiki in colored pencils.  Pencil version here.
8 Sam Skip Sam Ambrose A SPIFFIN animated avvie of Ambrose transforming into his werewolf form! :D
9 .BabsBunny. Kamiki A closeup serious look at Kamiki, gazing back at the viewer
10 .BabsBunny. Sabin Sabin, his hat covering his eyes, looking stoic or frightened while the anju looms behind him
11 .BabsBunny. Arania and Gavin A cute pencil sketch of Arania hugging her puppy Gavin
12 .BabsBunny. Jerri Jerri standing on a bridge, looking out nostalgically
13 Ali Always Kamiki Kamiki reclining with a smile at sunset
14 Cardboard Socks Kamiki Kamiki all glammed out with jewelry, crowns, and a wide grin.
15 djRosi_oh Kamiki A really cute CG chibi of Kamiki, in a smexy outfit, and some really nice CG
16 djRosi_oh Sabin And to go with his Kamiki, an adorable CG Chibi Sabin ^_^
17 [JunFic] Junyi Kamiki How Junyi writes like this both amazes and frightens me ^_^.  Yes, she really can write - but the amusement's sake is priceless.
18 Krista DarkAngel Kamiki A very smexy piece of Kamiki, looking sultrily over her shoulder in her skivvies.
19 Ryugen Modern Angelina A really neat pic of modern Angelina - wearing a combination of rave-clothes and a nod to Ravenloft Angelina with a touch of  buccanner style
20 Ryugen Sabin and Samantha A very elegant piece with such symmetry and reflection - Sabin and Samantha both mirroring each other and opposites.
21 Saroku Ambrose Ambrose in his wolf-form lookin quite "foxy"
22 Serrinatta Sabin, Kamiki and Gavin (& Samantha) The whole Gaia family ^__^ - including a nostalgic picture of Samantha sitting on the table.
23 Sundragyn Jerri A lovely piece of Jerri Alexander in her 3 forms!  Relaly neat to see all three of them together - and very characteristic representations of all 3 :)
24 endejester Jerri A beautiful piece of Jerri in both her human form and her dragon form - amazing detail in the scalework!
25 Flarie Kamiki A very cute and sexy pic of Kamiki reclining with a coy smile
26 Flarie Kamiki A characteristic shot of Kamiki looking back over her shoulder
27 Flarie Modern Angelina ANgelina, looking a bit unsure, but dressed up in some nice clothes for her - perhaps on a date? ^_^
28 Vanilla_Suga Ambrose Ambrose in wolf form looking exceedingly happy!
29 Beat Fu Richelle A lovely darker piece of Richelle, stepping out of the bath, and showing the nasty scarring.
30 Arezou - The Dream Walker Sabin (Anju) and Arezou The Anju invades Arezou's dreams, twisting and distorting them - but she has yet to look up to realize that the man she was hugging has been replaced by the Anju :twisted:  Amazing work with ArtRage 0.o
31 AsiagoCheese Kamiki A lovely, sexy piece of Kamiki - I especially love hwo she did all the bangles and bracelets here!
32 Xenostatica Sabin, Kamiki, Samantha, Gavin Sabin, past and present - from the Victorian Legends is Samantha, and from Gaia Kamiki and Gavin, with the everpresent Anju influence behind him.
33 DragonFlie Sabin An adorable chibi Sabin from Dragonflie - even wiht his shadow being cast as the anju - so cute!
34 Pixel Wicheta Kamiki Pixel Wicheta's sexy and punky Kamiki - Love the pants and belts here! XD. 
35 Flarie Kamiki Another adorable Kamiki from Flarie ^_^.  Cute wing style and pose :)
36 Cardboard Socks Kamiki Cardboard tackles Kamiki's fox form - Lovely shading and purple hue - and I really like how it's evident that it's Kamiki even though she's a fox in a realistic style with the coloring and the forehead jewel.
37 .BabsBunny. Arania and Jerri Awww!  A couple piece of Jerri and Arania done in a realistic style ^__^  Don't they look so happy? ^_^
38 Flarie Angelina Angelina in her new costume update!  Thanks to Flarie for doing this up! :D
39 [Vignette] Xaniski Sabin Xaniski writes for Sabin - his first journal entry after being possessed by the Anju, putting down his thoughts and dealing with what happened :3  Great setting/concept to do a vignette!
40 Sam Skip Sam Ambrose Sam Skip Sam has definitely had the contest and our characters on his brain: enough to spot some appropriately colored wildflowers and grasses around him to made a natural sculpture of Ambrose ^_^
41 jackthepumpkinhead Sabin and Samantha jack has done a VERY insightful piece here of Samantha and Sabin - with LOTS of personal symbols integrated and attention paid to their designs!
42 Ebony Dragon Kamiki An absolutely stunning CG of Kamiki!  Very flashy, sexy, and all around Kamiki here! 
43 Miko_Kikyo1 Richelle Woo! Another Richelle drawing :) - I'm really glad to be getting some artwork of her ^^.  She's done a really nice job of integrating the main character design points like the braids, the ears, etc :)
44 kamtrouble Richelle And another spiffin Richelle pic!  Really good job with the red embers in the eyes in particular :3
45 [Short Story] welnis Gavin welnis wrote a very dark songfic centering around Gavin, and his world crashing down around him.
46 MaraciaNiAsa Kamiki A very spiffin Fox/Demon form Kamiki - looking fierce, her wings ruffled, in a nice cel-style shading :)
47 Neztnerol Sabin Neznerol did a Sabin version of his Flops
48 Reitheneko Vastella And Reitheneko did a series of some cute, characteristic sketches!  The first is a very elegant Vastella..
49 Reitheneko Kamiki And an over-the-shoulder peek at Kamiki...
50 Reitheneko Gavin A mischiviously smiling Gavin, looking cute and definately up to no good...
51 Reitheneko Arania A very pretty, and demure/sexy Arania ^__^...
52 Reitheneko Sabin And finally (so far ^~ ) A charmingly-handsome Sabin.
53 [Poem] Goth_Arrowyn Sabin Poetry about Sabin and his Anju - very lovely and metaphorical
54 Buffynick Kamiki A fantastic CG of Kamiki, looking very characteristic and very sexy/sultry!  Great work! :3
55 Ouka005 Sabin A picturesque Sabin standing in his traditional Victorian garb, with an intimidating stare and a trickle of blood.
56 of fire and rage
Shimazu Hisamitsu
Sabin The first combination writing/art entry :).  A poem about Sabin and his darker nature with a complementary drawing - a collaboration piece :)
57 K_i_n_t_a_n_a_ Kamiki An adorable pic of Kamiki looking quite happy, with a blue background :)
58 [Poetry] of fire and rage Sabin And a stand-alone poem from fire and rage, also an Sabin-centric poem ^_^
59 animus Sabin A dramatic, shaded pencil piece of Sabin with his anju-form lurking behind him
60 Artist with fangs Simon A VERY smexy Simon in his near-human form, shackeled and collared
61 Cardboard Socks Ambrose Ambrose bust in wolf-form with an actually well applied lens flare effect on his eyes :3
62 [short story] Cracovin Ambrose and Angelina A slightly alternate Ravenloft story going along how Ambrose contracted lycanthropy and finding out about it
63 Dragonz_luvr Samantha A very pretty portrait piece of Samantha, showing her runes and features quite nicely
64 [short story] Elda-Chan Ambrose and Angelina A short story of Ambrose in denial of his lycanthropy, and Angelina trying to comfort him and make him understand that he has to accept it :)
65 [short story] Hawt Pynk Modern Angelina A day in the life of Modern Angelina
66 Ilusen Kamiki and Gino A cute pair of face-shorts of Kamiki with Gino ^_^
67 [Poem] joih Sabin An insightful, well-written poem of Sabin and his internal battle, attempting to cope with guilt and what he has become
68 [Poem] joih Vastella And another fine poem by joih, this one centering around Vastella and the guilt that she faces
69 [Story] K a t h r y n Sabin (and Sam) A dark, bitter story of Sabin after Samantha was killed by soldiers, and facing some of their comrades
70 Reitheneko Kamiki Much fun with rainbow colored pencils - Kamiki in a vibrant rainbow :D
71 Miss Aeris Gainsborough Sabin A cute Sabin chibi that Aeris drew for me :
72 Mystic Moogle Jerri A spifftacular piece of Jerri in her Mixed dragon form!
73 [Poem] night_starz Samantha A poem about Samantha's conflicting feelings about her abilities
74 [Short Story] ObsessedFae86 Vastella Vastella on the brink of despair after having lost Vasile, faces what she sees as her only option
75 of fire and rage
Shimazu Hisamitsu
Sabin A collaboration piece of Sabin in his true form - smirking sinisterly
76 pikimomo Gavin A VERY sexy picture of Gavin, at about 17 years, and every bit as mischivious!
77 pikimomo Gavin Gavin, as his mischivious, yet adorable, current childish incarnation
78 pikimomo Sabin And to go with - a shirtless, sexy Sabin ^__^
79 pikimomo Gavin (&Sabin&Kamiki) The first in the Gavin comic series XD - Pikimomo finds a new obsession
80 pikimomo Gavin Pikimomo then attempts to do something about it... and catch him
81 pikimomo Gavin And if at first you don't succeed...
82 pikimomo Gavin (& Simon) Piki is ALMOST distracted from Gavin
83 pikimomo Gavin And Gavin realizes how pointless it is to argue with a fangirl
84 Rayne Winner Kamiki  A sexy and barely clothed Kamiki lounges seductively
85 Reitheneko Ambrose Ambrose in tears trying to fight what he's becoming
86 Reitheneko Kamiki More Reithenkeo sketches!  Kamiki in full fox form
87 Reitheneko Simon And A Reitheneko Simon, looking serene and happy
88 Reitheneko Ambrose and Angelina A beautiful, touching romantic piece - in purtiful rainbow pencils!
89 Sajhiri Kamiki and Sabin (And Sam) A beautifully detailed pencil piece of Sabin and Kamiki, reclining on the couch and holding eachother - with some significant photos on the wall.
90 Sayuri_Nitta PurrPurr Kamiki's Fa'e, Purrpurr, in her full glory - and wonderfully rendered in colored pencils:D
91 [Poem] ScionoftheBlade Akui A lovely poem about Akui - of his past and the innate hardships that were set up before he was even born.
92 Siren_Fae Sabin (& Sam) Sabin in Anju form, loosing a silent scream, Samantha's
93 sugarbell Sabin and Kamiki A really adorable and sexy pencil piece of Sabin and Kamiki
94 [Short story] Syril Starr Angelina A very dark piece about the worst possible outcome after the time in the Shadow Rift
95 Tokyo Pop Sabin A very insightful marker piece of Sabin, sitting at his mother's grave, the anju looming over him
96 [poem] Trivii Kamiki A poem about the D&D Version Kamiki, breaking psychological bonds of servitude
97 [Short Story] VampiresRegret Sabin, Samantha, Arania A crazy day - Arania and a Chucabra show up in France!
98 Wind Demon Katori Sabin A Sabin made younger - looking impish and cocky
99 [ Julian ] Kamiki A sexy, grunge-punky Kamiki
100 =Cubi-x-NexUs= Kamiki A tasteful nude Kamiki, done in a style reminiscent of Yoshitaka Amano!
101 Agent Autumn Fox Ambrose Ambrose, most likely just having changed back to human form, looking quite embarrassed and hiding behind his hat =^^=
102 Agent Autumn Fox Ambrose Ambrose looking quite dashing in his hybrid form
103 Anetra_Pendragon Kamiki (D&D) A very sexy D&D-version Kamiki with a neat, original outfit!
104 Anetra_Pendragon Kamiki And a very dynamic (Crotch-shot!XD) pose of Kamiki displaying some of the new items that had come out at the time :3
105 Angelchild Angelina Angelina in a neat combination of her newer and older outfits
106 Angelchild Kamiki Kamiki in a swanky sexy outfit and pose, wings manifested
107 Angelchild Samantha and Anju The Anju has Samantha in its clutches, surrounded by shadows
108 annikins Sabin A simple, but characteristic pencil sketch of Sabin
109 Beat Fu Richelle A really neat, atmospheric piece of Richelle, looking out at the viewer in horror, the mirror behind her reflecting back the visage that she sees.
110 [Short Story] Bishounen Bunny Generator Gavin and the GMFC A day at the GMFC, and Gavin meets a strange individual...
111 [Short Story] BurrowedLurker Ambrose A very dark, yet very well written short story: what might happen if some of the worst-case possibilities for Ambrose happened - pulled away from Ravenloft as suddenly as his arrival, alone, and no longer in control of the Wolf inside of him.
112 Chie Kamiki and Sabin ADORABLE set of Kamiki and Sabin emoticons! :XD
113 Constable J Kamiki An UBER Smexy Kamiki - with a frikking awesome shirt, and done in a very spiffy style :)
114 [Short Story] Cracovin Gavin A short story about some of the misadventures of Gavin, having snuck out one night
115 darkkiss12 Ambrose A close-up of Ambrose, a horrified expression, beginning to change.
116 DarknessFallenAngel_M Kamiki Smexy Chibi Pimpin' Kamiki!
117 DarknessFallenAngel_M Kamiki And a more serious portrait of Kamiki by the same artist ^^
118 Elda-Chan Kamiki Elda-chan designed a neat outfits for Kamiki, and colored 'em up with real media pencils :)
119 Elda-Chan Kamiki The 2nd of her Kamiki's, in Kamiki's ghetto fabulous outfit ^_~
120 etrnlfoenix Gavin Two sides of Gavin -happy and sad :3
121 etrnlfoenix Richelle And a serious look at Richelle, some of her scars visable, in a very pretty dress.
122 fargokraft Ambrose An animated gif of Ambrose transforming... and getting a shoe thrown at him 0.o
123 Flarie Kamiki  A really super cute Kamiki tablet sketch - looking quite lovely
1234 [ASCII art] Immunity Anju A very creative visual art media - ASCII Art Anju! XD
125 [Poem] joih Akui More poignant poems from joih!  I wonder if she intends to do all the characters :3.  This is of Akui, and his unfortunate background
126 [Poem] joih Kamiki A neat poem covering the transformation of Kamiki
127 [Poem] joih Richelle And Richelle - of coming into her new life, and dealing with visions...
128 [Poem] joih Simon And a sad poem about Simon's position, always a friend, never a lover
129 Kamata Richelle Richelle, bound and furious, based after her Gaia avatar incarnation ^_^
130 Kawaii_Hime_Ceres Kamiki Kamiki, wearing cuffs, seated sexily on a table, nude save her binds,  her hair and tail conveniently obscuring her ^~
131 keetabirdy Ambrose The two sides of Ambrose: a half-and-half shot ^_^
132 Kurrio Sabin and Anju A neat watercolor piece of Sabin and his anju-form. Leave the pic open for a few moments for a surprise ^_~
133 Kurrio Kamiki And a watercolor piece of Kamiki - close up and a full body :D
134 liiya Kamiki A sexy wallpaper-esque layout of Kamiki, dressed to kill in shades of her signature color
135 [Limerick] Mara-ani Ambrose One of two of Mara's hilarious limericks XD
136 [Limerick] Mara-ani Samantha And one for Samantha as well!
137 Mecromace Sabin and Ambrose A really beautifully done CG of a chance encounter between Sabin in Anju-form and Ambrose mid-shift.  The scene definately fuels the imagionation (and Ambrose is looking most smexy IMHO ^~)
138 MegaRose Anju A dynamic piece of the anju, emerging from blackness, with murderous intent
139 MegaRose Richelle And by contrast, an absolutely adorable piece of Richelle, smiling happily
140 MegaRose Sabin And a cute Sabin, looking somewhat uncomfortable, hiding in the lapels of his cloak
141 [Advertisement Spoof] Mousira Ambrose Based on a funny beer commercial, this spoof has Ambrose speaking out about his Lycanthropy and dismisses stereotypes
142 [Poem] Ninjadude Samantha, from Sabin's POV A poem, as if written by Sabin, describing Samantha, his feelings for her, and his anxious reservations.
143 phoxxhx Kamiki Kamiki tries some slightly different styles - here donning a formal empire-waisted purple dress.
144 pikimomo Sabin Sabin looking sexy, bound in black ribbons
145 pikimomo Gavin And a compliment to the above, Gavin in the same wrappings
146 pikimomo Gavin And a rather poetic image of Gavin: Omoide no Namida - Memory's tears
147 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki/Sabin Continuation of the Gavin comic!! Gavin tries to bring in his Daddy to help...
148 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki And finally!  Gavin finds Piki in a moment of weakness... what does he decide to do?
149 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
150 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki Gavin gets a present from Piki!
151 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki Gavin gets visited by a mystrious, beautiful stranger... or is she really a stranger?
152 pikimomo Gavvy/Piki/Sabin Relaxing in the tub...when all of a sudden...
153 [short story] Pink Tu Tu Of Death Sabin and Kamiki When Sabin met Kamiki....<3
154 Prolixity Anju A dark, twisted, and definately cool intrepretation of the anju in stark black and white
155 [Song Lyrics] PumpkinScones Sabin (Creante) and Sam This is the lyrics to a song that PumpkinScones composed, about the first time Creante kissed Samantha, intending on it to be a play with HER emotions... not his as well...  She recorded and sent the song as well, not posted due to size/bandwidth limits
156 [Short Story] RaveWolf Sabin and Samantha Sabin has another attack, losing control and hurting someone, and goes to Samantha for support and comfort
157 Saroku Ambrose Ambrose in wolf form, still wearing his hat ^^, and howling to the moon
158 [Short Story] Sundragyn Sabin A well-written glimpse into the mental workings of Sabin and the anju, early in the possession - both scared and dealing with the new situation.
159 [Short Story/song] Wind Demon Katori Kamiki and Sabin And another possible first meeting between Kamiki and Sabin, over a song.  Like Pumpkin, the song was sent, but can't be uploaded due to size limits.
160 zookafye Ambrose and Angelina zookafe has done a series of mostly romantic entries - all of them beautiful.  Here, Ambrose and Angelina share a kiss underwater, with some lovely detailwork ^_^
161 zookafye Sabin and Samantha Sabin and Samantha embrace, sharing a tender moment
162 zookafye Sabin and Samantha And another tender romantic piece of Sabin and Samantha - this one rendered in colored pencils
163 zookafye Sabin And a bit different from the rest  - Sabin grinning wickedly, shifting forms
164 ~Magical_Trevor~ Simon A cute SD Simon drawing, looking suspiciously at his tail
165 Akkhima Ambrose Ambrose in full wolf form, having settled down for a rest, with his hat still perched on his head
166 .BabsBunny. Samantha BabsBunny tries a different media form and does a lovely and realistic Samantha portrait in pencils!
167 [Poem] Baniru Sabin A poem spun about the tainting effects that the Anju has had on Sabin.
168 Beat Fu Sabin A spifftacular character reference sheet of Sabin with plenty of useful information!
169 [Short Story] beautiful_accident Sabin and Richelle A really neat idea for a story - what if Sabin met Richelle in a modern setting?  Some really neat interactions!
170 Black Briar Kamiki A mischievously smirking Kamiki rendered in some nice, shaded pencils
171 Black Briar Sabin A very characteristic Sabin both in appearance and setting - lounging in a library, with fuzzy monster slippers, and reading with interest a book on mythical creatures!
172 chaos18782 Kamiki A pretty anime-styled Kamiki with her eyes shut in thought.
173 [Short Story] Dream WhiteWitz Sabin and Samantha During an idyllic stay in the countryside, Samantha is stricken with a mysterious malady!
174 Fargokraft Kamiki A lovely screen-saver-esque Kamiki in a risque pose and a sultry wink.
175 firegurl123 Simon A sexy Simon with brilliant blue eyes that really leap out at you
176 [Short Story] Frogboy Sabin Sabin enters a mysterious ballroom and, for a moment, is nearly lost in an eternal dance
177 Kaiser-chan Sabin A dark and moody Sabin portrait with some lovely attention to detail and CG work - with the eyes of the anju looming out of the darkness behind him.
178 Kamata Kamiki Kamiki posing with her weapon of choice, her staff!
179 kara-chan Kamiki Kamiki in a purple negligee, knealing invitingly on the bed
180 kara-chan Richelle A very atmospheric piece of Richelle, the representation of the barghest swirling around her as her hands and feet are fading out of sight
181 kara-chan Samantha An adorable, smiling Samantha surrounded by the celtic-runes like those found on her body.
182 KarmaCondemned Sabin A very lovely realistic pencil portrait of Sabin, looking quite sexy, yet with a hint of a sad or haunted air to him :3
183 Kawaii_Hime_Ceres Kamiki Kamiki, glancing back over her shoulder thoughtfully, with a pointilistic background.
184 [Short Story] Kiara Rouge Sabin A closer look at Sabin's fateful night - the night that the Anju possessed him and the last time he saw his mother...
185 megjen Arania and Gavin This is too cute for words!  Especially Teh Gavin - flopped on Arania's head with a biiig smile and his short stubby legs ^^
186 Miya Kalvorn Gavin and Kamiki doll Gavin stands, clutching a stuffed representation of Kamiki in her full fox form, looking wide-eyed and curious.
187 NaOmI_kId Kamiki Kamiki spinning and looking over her shoulder while manifesting Kitsune fox-fire, Simon perched on a third ball of fox fire - really adorably done in an anime style
188 NaOmI_kId Kamiki And another, smaller, piece by NaOmI, looking more reserved, with Simon perched on her head
189 Perri Indiya Anju A really nifty, stylized piece of the Anju done with paper cut-outs! 
190 Perri Indiya Kamiki And a complimentary piece of Kamiki - also done with cutout paper!
191 personpeople Kamiki A super-adorable Kamiki done in a mostly chibi style, with very wild, fluffy hair!
192 pikimomo Gavin and Piki Piki and Gavin take a break from the world and sit down to let out stress with a fighting game!
193 Quinny-chan Kamiki and Simon BOOBS!  Kamiki in her exuberance, and Simon not quite sharing her enthusiasm XD
194 Rhanako Acacya The first in a series of portraits of many of our characters by Rhaneko - this a serene portrait of Acacya
195 Rhanako Ambrose & Angelina A touching kiss shared between Ambrose and Angelina
196 Rhanako Angelina Angelina standing firm and staring out at the audience in determination, with a hint of sadness
197 Rhanako Arania Arania, with a secretive smile
198 Rhanako Kamiki A colored Kamiki, her ears down and with a firm, defiant stare
199 Rhanako PurrPurr PurrPurr with a relaxed smile
200 Rhanako Richelle And Richelle, with a somewhat nervous/fidgety smile
201 [Poem] Setsuna San Simon A poem about Simon's frustration of always being the "friend"
202 Silencieux Kamiki A sexy, teasing Kamiki - with a wink and a mischivious stuck-out tongue in a lovely CG style!
203 Silencieux Samantha And a dramatic Samantha piece, anxious with shadowy tendrils pulling at her and a  twisted dreamlike setting - some really lovely atmosphere behind this piece and wonderful detail!
204 [Song/Sheet Music]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Thalassan Sabin and Kamiki A beautifully composed piece about Sabin and Kamiki's relationship, sung in Japanese as a nod to Kamiki's Kitsune nature.  The entry includes the rendered music, but could not be posted due to bandwidth limits.
205 [Short Story] YoRei Sabin A short story focusing on the tantalization of Sabin by the Anju, tempting Sabin to summon him forth, and the lies he spun to convince him to do so.
206 ~Magical_Trevor~ Simon Extreme close up of Simon's eye! :XD
207 Akkhima Kamiki A really cute Kamiki, who looks to be waiting on a rather belated date *looks sheepish* probably Sabin's fault >>
208 allychan90 Samantha A very pretty Samantha (and one of the few Samantha Stand-alone entries) with a very pretty, sexy, and original outfit!
209 ChimeraNell Kamiki Young kamiki!  Sooo cute - especially with the Simon ^_^.  Really adorable!
210 ChimeraNell Sabin And a complementary kid Sabin!  Equally adorable and the Anju with the pacifier cracks me up XD
211 da_queeny Sabin & Sam A really sweet couple piece of Sabin and Sam, done up to look like a frame from a movie ^__^
212 [Short Story] Faeriechan Ambrose and Sabin An interesting meeting between Sabin and Ambrose- with a clever setting taking place in a dream! 
213 [Short Story] Hikaze Hinoteya Sabin A dark vignette from Sabin's POV, and a showing an alternate ending to Sabin's story - and one that might have been very likely.
214 Julimonade Sabin A very lovely drawing of Sabin with a distant look, and a characterstic outfit ^_^.  Very well done!
215 Kel-chan Kamiki Kamiki releases a butterfly - a very lovely piece with some great costuming and jewlerey!
216 Kuni Lord of Death Sabin A clever idea of a Sabin video game - this stylized showing the disk and the description of the hypothesized game ^^
217 Liraell Akui Father and Son  - Akui lifts his muzzle and howls to the night sky
218 Louis_Comfort_Tiffany Kamiki Kamiki grins and tips her halo characteristically
219 Mecromace Richelle A dark, and appropriately atmospheric piece of Richelle - showing her confusion and terror as to what's happened to her - with the silhouette of the mysterious alchemist nearby! 
220 Mecromace Sabin and Kamiki A lovely couple piece of Sabin and Kamiki, embracing under the moonlight and sharing a very tender moment.
221 MewStar Kamiki Kamiki wearing an I Love Gambino Shirt - something that if they made, I am positive that she would wear QUITE frequently XD
222 MysticFaerie Kamiki A more realistic look at Kamiki - done with lovely soft colors, and set against a beautiful background.
223 Pixel Wicheta Kamiki An adorable Kamiki with a spunky attitude and a cute outfit!
224 Rincs Richelle A metaphorical Richelle piece - looking characteristic and surrounded by spectres - symbolically bound
225 roxbaby Sabin A most smexy and dark Sabin - in an atmospheric Victorian study, surrounded by books - with a lot of subtle darker aspects and hints to his nature ^___^
226 Saroku Samantha Samantha sitting beneath a tree, calling a bid to her - and done in lovely colored pencils.
227 Silencieux Sabin A very realistic and most sexy Sabin portrait - amazing detail work here, and this is really really close to how I picture Sabin would actually look!
228 [Short Story] stardancer Arania An adventure Arania Story!  Arania is all sneaky and clever and after tomes of secret knowledge - but someone is out to stop her!
229 [Vignette] stardancer Arania And a more introspective writing piece about Arania, breaking free from society and its mouldes.
230 stardancer Many Stardancer decided to try to see how many names of our characters she could fit on one small canvas.
231 Swiftpaw Kamiki A lovely, shaded pencil piece of Kamiki looking beautiful and serene
232 Swiftpaw Sabin And a Sabin/Anju piece by Swiftpaw as well!  The looming, wrapping Anju hovers around a nervous Sabin.
233 [Short Story] Teen Titans! Sabin Sabin's existence draws the ire of Death itself - and has to find a way to reclaim everything important to him.
234 Tokyo Pop Sabin (And Rene) A clever piece that really shows digging into Sabin's backstory!  Present Sabin reflects sadly on his lost innocent childhood.
235 [Poem] Xaniski Sabin A different perspective on Sabin and the Anju - Sabin yearning for the darkness and mystery that lurks in that side of him - fascinated.
236 Yo_Landa Sabin Sabin run ragged by the Anju's presence, the proverbial monkey on his back.
237 Zhaan Kamiki A beautifully colored and incredibly clean Kamiki with a spifftacular outfit!
238 [ m a r u c h a n ] Sabin NOTE!!!! From this point forward I shall be commmenting on the images when I receive them in the thread!  (I have already commented on all of them that were received from this point on, and it takes several extra hours to re-comment on them for the updates.  I think it would be preferable to have more updates frequently than take many many hours updating with added comments.  I shall still comment on any further entries - but I shall do it in the thread!!
239 allychan90 Ambrose and Angelina  
240 allychan90 Arania  
241 allychan90 Kamiki  
242 allychan90 Sabin and Kamiki  
243 Black Briar Gavin  
244 ChimeraNell Ambrose  
245 ChimeraNell Kamiki, Sabin, and Gavin  
246 Constable J Anju  
247 Dante-Sayre Sabin  
248 Dante-Sayre Sabin  
249 DemonsDream Kamiki  
250 DemonsDream Samantha SKETCH VERSION
251 E r o t i c a Sabin  
252 ErikErik Simon  
253 [Short Story] Erimety Sabin and Samantha  
254 ~Yaoi Story: Not linked for TOS purposes~ Exhayle Sabin and Ambrose  
255 Julimonade Kamiki  
256 Julimonade Vastella  
kara-chan Richelle  
258 Kasai Kitsune Kamiki  
259 Kawaii_Hime_Ceres Kamiki  
260 Kyoupiruchi Sabin  
261 [Poem] ladyumbra Akui  
262 [Poem] Liraell Sabin  
263 lunaarose Kamiki  
264 mirrorimage Arania & Jerri NO BACKGROUND VERSION
265 [Short Story] Moira Marigold Sabin and Kamiki  
266 Mugimugi Sabin & Ambrose  
267 NaOmI_kId Kamiki  
268 NaOmI_kId Kamiki & Sabin  
269 Nephrenia Kamiki  
270 [Poem] Nephrenia Arania  
271 [Short Story] Nephrenia Sabin & Samantha  
272 Nephrenia Sabin  
273 Nephrenia Kamiki  
274 [Short Story] obstenant Akui  
275 obstenant Chibi Kamiki  
276 obstenant Kamiki  
277 obstenant Kamiki  
278 Ouka005 Sabin  
279 Ouka005 Simon  
280 pikimomo Ambrose  
281 pikimomo Gavin  
282 pikimomo Gavin  
283 pikimomo Gavin  
284 [Short Story] PrincessNeko Ambrose & Zita  
285 Prolixity Kamiki  
286 Reiben_Prince Sabin and Samantha  
287 Reitheneko Ambrose  
288 Reitheneko Kamiki  
289 Reitheneko Kamiki  
290 Reitheneko Kamiki  
291 [Short Story] SageTubbs Kamiki  
292 Sayuri_Nitta Kamiki  
293 Tes Ambrose  
294 Tes Kamiki fox form  
295 Tokyo Pop Richelle  
296 Tsui-chan Kamiki  
297 Wiccan Temptress Sabin & Kamiki  
298 Yelehna Kamiki  
299 [Poem] Yual Sabin
300 z0mbify Ambrose  
301 allychan90 Vastella  
302 [Short Story] AquaSpirit04 Sabin and Kamiki  
303 Auriana Arania  
304 Auriana Kamiki  
305 Brad_Margera Sabin, Kamiki, Gavin  
306 Brad_Margera Sabin  
307 ChimeraNell Kamiki  
308 ChimeraNell Richelle  
309 CJHeth Kamiki  
310 CJHeth Vastella  
311 Constable J Vastella  
312 Digiavalon Kamiki  
313 [Story] Emelyn Ambrose  
314 [Story] Emelyn Kamiki, Sabin, Gavin, Simon  
315 Erustis Simon  
316 Erustis Ambrose  
317 Erustis Jerri  
318 Haku-Yume Sabin and Kamiki  
319 ilovepinkhair Gavin and Anju  
320 Iris_virus Kamiki  
321 Jitsumi1221 Acacya  
322 Kitten 67 Ambrose  
323 Kitten 67 Ambrose  
324 Kitten 67 Ambrose  
325 Kitten 67 Kamiki fox form  
326 [Theme Song Lyrics] Lil_JaLs Sabin  
327 Lomylia Samantha  
328 lucky lungs Samantha  
329 Mecromace Kamiki  
330 Mezacis Kamiki  
331 minachann Angelina  
332 minachann Angelina  
333 Minachann Richelle  
334 Minachann Richelle  
335 minnachann Samantha  
336 minnachann Samantha  
337 minachann Vastella  
338 Minachann Vastella  
339 Minnachann GROUP  
340 mirrorimage Ambrose  
341 mirrorimage Ambrose  
342 mirrorimage Arania & Jerri  
343 mirrorimage Simon  
344 Mirrorimage Gavin Alternate Coloring
345 mirrorimage Gavin  
346 mirrorimage Kamiki  
347 mirrorimage Sabin  
348 mirrorimage Simon  
349 mirrorimage Simon  
350 mirrorimage Vastella  
351 [Short Story] Zo-Zo Kamiki  
352 Moira Marigold Sabin  
353 Moira Marigold Vastella  
354 Mousira Gavin  
355 Mousira Jerri  
356 Mousira Kamiki  
357 Mousira Richelle  
358 Mousira Sabin  
359 Mousira Simon  
360 Namida Fierce Anju  
361 Namida Fierce Anju  
362 NeoAkira Sabin  
363 NeoAkira Simon  
364 [Poem] Ninjadude Kamiki Sabin  
365 [Short Story] obestenant Sabin  
366 ProdigyBombay Sabin  
367 Reitheneko Kamiki  
368 Reitheneko Kamiki  
369 Reitheneko Kamiki  
370 ropin and riden Ambrose  
371 ropin and riden Ambrose and Anju  
372 roxbaby Kamiki  
373 Sam Skip Sam Tavis and Samantha  
374 Saroku Samantha  
375 Saroku Samantha  
376 Sheep Hunter Samantha  
377 Shoulnake Ambrose  
378 Shoulnake Sabin and Kamiki  
379 Songstress_Kyonie Samantha  
380 [Short Story] Symphonie Ambrose  
381 T a i s u k e Sabin  
382 [Poem] Takara467 Sabin  
383 Tekkengirl Akui and Nyx  
384 Tekkengirl Ambrose  
385 Tekkengirl Ambrose  
386 Tekkengirl Anju  
387 Tekkengirl Gavin  
388 Tekkengirl Kamiki  
389 Tekkengirl Kamiki  
390 Tekkengirl Sabin  
391 Tokyo Pop Kamiki  
392 Tokyo Pop GROUP  
393 Tokyo Pop Sabin and Samantha  
394 Tsui-chan Samantha  
395 White Arsenic Sabin  
396 x~Berserker~x Kamiki  
397 Yelehna Sabin  
398 Akiko Tamashii Ambrose  
399 Akiko Tamashii Ambrose and Angelina  
400 Akiko Tamashii Chibi Sabin  
401 Akiko Tamashii Gavin  
402 Akiko Tamashii Gavin  
403 Akiko Tamashii Richelle  
404 Akiko Tamashii Sabin  
405 Akiko Tamashii Samantha  
406 Akiko Tamashii Samantha  
407 [Short Story] Alini Richelle And Vastella  
408 [Poem] Amira Keller Sabin and Sam  
409 [Poem] Amira Keller Sabin and Sam  
410 Anetra_Pendragon Kamiki  
411 Anetra_Pendragon Sabin  
412 Asemo Angelina  
413 Asemo Kamiki  
414 Asemo Kamiki and Sabin  
415 Asemo Kamiki and Sabin  
416 Auriana Richelle  
417 [Poems] Avenorell Sabin and Kamiki  
418 [Short story] azuredreams Ambrose  
419 .BabsBunny. Vastella  
420 Baneful Ambrose  
421 Baneful Ambrose  
422 brujah the thornybeauty Kamiki  
423 CJHeth Richelle and Vastella  
424 CJHeth Richelle  
425 Dem Kamiki and Sabin  
426 Destiny-Marie Vastella  
427 Digiavalon Ambrose  
428 dragonglass Sabin and Sam  
429 Draslic Sabin  
430 [Vignette] Emelyn Sabin and Kamiki  
431 ethereal_star Angelina  
432 Helloween06787 Angelina  
433 HelterSkelterX Jerri  
434 HelterSkelterX Simon  
435 [Poem] Kahime Angelina and Ambrose  
436 kara-chan Angelina  
437 killuachanx3 Akui  
438 killuachanx3 Gavin  
439 killuachanx3 Kamiki  
440 killuachanx3 Kamiki  
441 Kimaya Kamiki  
442 Kootaku Angelina  
443 Kootaku Ambrose  
444 Kootaku Various Comic  
445 [Poem] ladyumbra Ambrose  
446 [Poem] ladyumbra Gavin  
447 Lish Kamiki  
448 Lish Sabin  
449 Loz.x Ambrose  
450 Lucifer Force Sabin  
451 Lucifer Force Sabin  
452 Luminous Imp Arania and Gavin  
453 [Short Story] Moira Marigold Ambrose and Angelina  
454 Mystic Moogle Ambrose  
455 Mystic Moogle Kamiki  
456 puddingphobia Samantha  
457 Reitheneko Samantha  
458 Rum N Coke Kamiki w Sabin  
459 [Short Story] SageTubbs Kamiki  
460 Sam Skip Sam Ambrose and Kamiki  
461 Sam Skip Sam Kamiki
462 Sam Skip Sam GROUP  
463 Saroku Angelina  
464 [Short Story] Sesshoru Ambrose  
465 Sheep Hunter Samantha  
466 Shelaka Kamiki  
467 Songstress_Kyonie Kamiki  
468 Sorshania Kamiki  
469 SpazzyKoneko Kamiki  
470 Tekkengirl Kamiki  
471 Tekkengirl Simon  
472 Tokyo Pop Sabin  
473 traffic_cone Kamiki  
474 VioleShezar Sabin and Gavin  
475 x~Berserker~x Sabin  
476 Yokochan Ambrose  
477 Yokochan Angelina  
478 Yokochan Angelina  
479 [Short Story] +[~ Exit ~]+ Sabin  
480 [Short Story] Akarusa Sabin and Samantha  
481 Alexandrea Zenne Ambrose  
482 Arezou - The Dream Walker Anju  
483 ArynLight Kamiki  
484 Asahi Kumoru Ambrose  
485 [Short Story] Baron Daemon Sabin and Ambrose  
486 Beat Fu Modern Ambrose and Angelina  
487 ChimeraNell Richelle, Vastella and Sebastian  
488 ChimeraNell Ambrose  
489 ChimeraNell Kamiki Charsheet  
490 Ciori Angelina and Ambrose  
491 Ciori Gavin and Simon  
492 Ciori Kamiki and Gavin  
493 Ciori Kamiki and Sabin  
494 Ciori Kamiki  
495 Ciori Sabin and Sam  
496 clarion Sabin  
497 [Short Story] Coronaviridae Ambrose  
498 Crimple Vastella  
499 Dante-Sayre Kamiki  
500 Desna GROUP  
501 Desna Kamiki  
502 Desna Sabin  
503 Digiavalon Gavin  
504 Digiavalon Sabin  
505 DragonFlie Sabin  
506 dragonglass Angelina  
507 dragonglass Sabin and Sam  
508 Ebony Dragon Richelle  
509 [Short Story] Emelyn Ambrose, Angelina and Sabin  
510 [Short Story] Emelyn Kamiki (And Gavin and Simon and Sabin)  
511 [Short Story] Emelyn Ambrose and Angelina
512 ethereal_star Richelle  
513 ethereal_star Samantha  
514 F4llen4ngel Angelina  
515 feralchicken Kamiki  
516 Final_Advent Vastella  
517 [Short Story] FullMetalNekoboy Ambrose and Angelina  
518 hanging gallow Anju and Ambrose  
519 Hikari Kourien Sabin, Gavin, Kamiki  
520 Hikari Kourien GROUP  
521 Iris_virus Ambrose and Angelina  
522 Iris_virus Vastella  
523 Ivynian Kamiki  
524 Ivynian Sabin and Sam  
525 JackalAndromeda Kamiki and Simon  
526 Kahime Ambrose and Angelina  
527 Kahime Angelina  
528 Kahime Anju  
529 Kahime Kamiki and Anju  
530 Kahime Kamiki  
531 Kahime Kamiki  
532 Kahime Sabin and Anju  
533 [Poem] Kahime Sabin  
534 Kahime Sam and Anju  
535 Kahime Anju Kamiki Sam  
536 Katherdante Kamiki  
537 Keiosho Murisakin Samantha  
538 Keiosho Murisakin Vastella  
539 Kimaya Sabin  
540 Kokoro-dorei Ambrose  
541 Kokoro-dorei Kamiki and Gavin  
542 Kootaku Sabin, Kamiki, Gavin  
543 Kootaku Simon  
544 Kynthari Kamiki  
545 [Yaoi Fic] ladyumbra Ambrose and Anju  
546 LeLe Ambrose  
547 Lucifer Force Angelina  
548 Lucifer Force Sabin, Sam and Anju  
549 Lucifer Force Kamiki and Sabin  
550 Lucifer Force Kamiki  
551 [Poem] MaNgAoBsEsSiVe Sabin  
552 [Story] Merlinic Matrices Arania  
553 mirrorimage Ambrose and Angelina  
554 mirrorimage Arania  
555 mirrorimage Kamiki  
556 mirrorimage Simon  
557 mirrorimage Richelle  
558 Moira Marigold Sabin  
559 Mousira Ambrose and Angelinas  
560 Mousira Sabin and Sam and Kamiki  
561 [Story] Neobakeneko VL (Sabin, Sam, Tavis)  
562 [Songfic] Neobakeneko Sabin and Samantha  
563 Orestae Kamiki  
564 Pandara Jerri and Arania  
565 Pandara Ambrose and Angelina  
566 [Short Story] Presca Richelle, Sabin, Kamiki, Sam  
567 Reivan Kamiki  
568 Ryvaya Kamiki  
569 ryo0oki Angelina  
570 ryo0oki Arania  
571 ryo0oki Samantha  
572 [Short Story] SaekoChan Sabin  
573 Sajhiri Sabin and Samantha  
574   Sam Skip Sam GROUP This is just a sampling of animated gifs and images that make up a whole animated windows media file put to music as a "trailer" for the Victorian Legends story ^_^
575 Samika Sabin and kamiki  
576 Samika Sabin  
577 Samika Samantha  
578 Sayuri_Nitta Angelina  
579 Sayuri_Nitta Vastella  
580 Sayuri_Nitta Vulpina  
581 [Short Story] Sesshoru Simon and Kamiki  
582 Shelaka Angelina  
583 [Songfic] Shelaka Kamiki  
584 Sirenz Arania and Jerri  
585 Sirenz Kamiki and Sabin  
586 Sirenz Samantha  
587 Songstress_Kyonie Ambrose  
588 [Short Story] Songstress_Kyonie Ambrose  
589 Songstress_Kyonie Sabin, Kamiki, and Simon  
590 Songstress_Kyonie Simon and Kyonie  
591 Sorshania Sabin  
592 [Short Story] Sosiqui Vastella  
593 Sseureoji Sin Ambrose and Angelina  
594 [Short Story] Sseureoji Sin Ambrose  
595 Sseureoji Sin Angelina  
596 Sseureoji Sin Kamiki  
597 Sseureoji Sin Kamiki  
598 Sseureoji Sin Richelle  
599 Sseureoji Sin Richelle  
600 Sseureoji Sin Simon  
601 Sseureoji Sin Vastella  
602 surreality Kamiki  
603 surreality Sabin  
604 [MUSIC] Thalassan Anju Music Not uploaded due to bandwidth
605 Tiffa-san Angelina  
606 Tokyo Pop Ambrose vs Sabin  
607 Tokyo Pop Richelle  
608 TrelutoPop Sabin and Sam  
609 TrelutoPop Ambrose  
610 TrelutoPop Sabin and Ambrose  
611 Usaku Ambrose  
612 Usaku Sabin and Kamiki  
613 Usaku Kamiki  
614 Usaku Sabin  
615 VioleShezar Richelle  
616 Virie Ambrose and Angelina  
617 White Wallaby Kamiki  
618 x~Berserker~x Ambrose and Angelina  
619 x~Berserker~x Samantha  
620 Yelehna Ambrose PENCIL VERSION
621 [Short Story] Yuriuki Sabin, Kamiki, Sam, Simon  
622 Yuzuha Sabin  
623 zephyree Sabin  
624 roxbaby Ambrose  
625 [Short Story] hah_its_chad Ambrose  
626 mikomihino_25 Angelina  
627 mikomihino_25 Angelina  
628 mikomihino_25 Sabin  
629 mikomihino_25 Sam  
630 mikomihino_25 Vastella  
631 [Short Story] Chicky-chans Ghost Ambrose and Angelina  
632 tsk tsk tsk Samantha  
633 [No Thumbnail] Haku-Yume Kamiki and Gavin  
634 [No Thumbnail] Kuronue-chan Kamiki fox-form  
635 [Short Story] Kuronue-chan Sabin and Ambrose  


These are WIPs that are far enough along to be considered for entries as-is.  These are placed here based solely on level of completion.
If they are completed, it will be removed and added to the normal entries section above.

WIP1 [ Julian ] Sabin  
WIP2 Artist with fangs Ambrose  
WIP3 Asemo Kamiki  
WIP4 .BabsBunny. Ambrose and Angelina  
WIP5 Black Briar Sabin And Sam  
WIP6 Casseopia Sabin  
WIP7 Curious Design Kamiki  
WIP8 [Short Story WIP] Debrutsid Ambrose  
WIP9 [Short Story WIP] Deceased Sianna Sabin and Sam  
WIP10 DemonsDream Sabin  
WIP11 dragonglass Multiple WIPs  
WIP12 Feinxyn Sabin  
WIP13 geostormz Anju  
WIP15 Haku-Yume Kamiki, Sam, Gavin  
WIP16 hanging gallow Vastella  
WIP17 Ivynian Ambrose  
WIP18 [Short Story WIP] JadeEye Ambrose  
WIP19 Kitten 67 Ambrose  
WIP20 [Short Story WIP] Lady Sierra Arania and Jerri  
WIP21 megjen Ambrose  
WIP22 Nekov Sabin  
WIP23 OneOfTwo Sabin and Sam  
WIP24 [Vignette WIP] ProdigalDaughter Ambrose  
WIP25 [Vignette WIP] ProdigalDaughter Ambrose  
WIP26 Rune Traverse Kamiki and Sabin  
WIP27 Rvaya Sabin and Sam  
WIP28 Sally Chang Kamiki  
WIP29 [Short Story WIP] Sam Skip Sam Sabin and Kamiki  
WIP30 [Poem WIP] Storei Sabin  
WIP31 Tokyo Pop Sabin and Anju  
WIP32 traffic_cone Kamiki  
WIP33 tsk tsk tsk Samantha  
WIP34 Vanilla_Suga Kamiki  
WIP35 Vanilla_Suga Kamiki  
WIP36 Vanilla_Suga Sam and Sabin  

ALL of the WIPs are in  this directory, regardless of level of completion.


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