Original Characters


This page is the section where I display those characters whom I have created that are the closest to my heart.  I've been role playing for the last about 10 years of my life, and during which I have admittedly created many characters.  These, however, have stood the test of time and have earned a place in my heart.  If anyone wishes to gift me with fanart, do an art trade with me, I've asked to surprise me on which character to draw, or has gotten me for an art exchange, this is where to go.


Primary Characters

These are the characters the closest to my heart.  Big chibi art by Rhazcrossbones!


Sabin Duvert

Sir Ambrose Maurlias

Ethan Cuskley
 My favorite character, and very much an aspect of my personality.  He's been a character that I've had for over 10 years now, in a Victorian-based Fantasy/Horror Setting as well as exported to a modern setting.


 A well loved and well developed character whom I played in a D20 Ravenloft game and enjoyed playing/ putting him through psychological trauma ;). He's a musketeer turned werewolf.


 A young seafaring lad with questionable parentage. Ethan is an impetuous and impressionable half-demon, unaware of his heritage until later in life.



Modern Ambrose Sometimes ya love a character too much to let them go at the end of the campaign.  A spin-off/AU Ambrose from the modern era (two versions to be even more precise ^^; )


Secondary Characters

Other characters I am fond of, but for one reason or another are not (yet) as close to me as my primary characters.

Arania This is my idealized self.  My fursona, my persona, whatever you'd like to call her.  It's too much fun not to have one ^^. Setting is primarily real world. 
Also a werewolf ^~
Den Maurlias Actually a much older character (created by Kamiki) and the inspiration for Ambrose - finally getting some spotlight time and more development. 
A distinguished fey (think elven) borderguard.
Professor Barnabas Graham A character created for a Shadowrun game - an elven professor of magic turned Changeling and Shadowrunner
Pierce Everitt A revivication of sorts of Richelle in a different game, setting... and body.
Richelle Winter A female character created for a  D20 Ravenloft game.  Modified human spliced with Barghest
Abrexa A female anthro wolf character made for a D20 "beastworld" campaign.  A white wolf ice sorceress.