Ambrose Maurlias, Modern Version


    Full Name:     Ambrose Vespasien Maurlias

    Race:               Human (werewolf/anthro wolf)
                            ((see below))

    Eye Color:      Clear Blue

    Hair:               Styled and blonde. 
                            On the long-side of acceptable

    Height:            6'

    Occupation:    Student

    Birthday:         January 25, 1985

    Setting:          "Real" world

    Significant Other:  Angelina

(see image left, but for art purposes, she usually dresses much punkier.  See below for more information.)


      Charahub Page:  Here




This version of Ambrose, the "modern" Ambrose is a reinterpretation/ AU of the original, swashbuckling Ambrose

This deals with Ambrose as if he grew up in a well-to-do family in the modern day, went to high school and lived a relatively normal life...  not being able to express his true feelings because of strict adherence to the facade that he thought would make his parents happy notwithstanding.  ... until something happens to invoke in him a transformation of the lupine variety.  The backstory is pretty much a direct translation and closest approximation from the swashbuckling version into the modern day, and deals with elements vital to Ambrose's character to shape his same, basic personality.  The other three vital elements (other than his basic personality) are (some initially-unwilling wolf transformation,  fencing, and Angelina - are the characteristics for Ambrose to be Ambrose.  What's described below is kind of the jumping-off point and the initial reinterpretation of Ambrose to a modern setting, but I've done a NUMBER Of off-the-cuff RP's with Angelina's player with other modern versions of Ambrose that follow the basic theme/set up. 

*High School Ambrose

This is the MAIN "modern" version of the character.  Ambrose deals with actual lycanthropy as a case of a family curse that skips generations, and lands on his shoulders during those vital personality-shaping years in High School, and various and sundry complications. The story, as written out in brevity, is here:

>>> Modern Ambrose Storyline #1: High School Ambrose - Click for the storyline. <<<

HOWEVER, the basic set-up of Ambrose from the modern setting afflicted with lycanthropy either through a generational birthright or other infliction is a story that I have and continue to do various spinoffs of.   Some of them rather detailed and fleshed out of their own right (That I really should write down to supplement the first interpretation above). 
Suffice to say, most others don't specifically involve Nyx and the specifics of the lycanthropy is a bit different, but still requires him to change on full moons/has accidental shifts with strong emotions.  Most of the storylines do involve an old familial tie to lycanthropy, however, buried for several generations. 
Ambrose's modern storylines also tend to cross over well with Ethan's modern storyline and we've explored a story with those characters together in a modern/initially High School setting.

High School Angelina
Angelina is often drawn with this version of Ambrose.   There is a webpage for Modern Angelina HERE.  However, there are no images. 
Angelina is flirty, brash, and strong-minded, though that generally is a cover for some insecurities.

  Reference Images
Auriana's "Photo" - is a great reference for Angelina's face and appearance, but not her normal clothing.  This is her as if she were dressed up.
Paintpixel's Angelina - is also a fabulous ref- both of her general appearance (slight build) as well as her clothing
Art by Pample - great image of Angelina's typical wardrobe, too
IoDM stage 2 - While the IoDM version Angelina (and thus normally wouldn't have animal-features) this is a great build/clothing ref
Ambrose & Angelina by June Jenssen - is a fantastic ref of Angelina's hair when she dyes it (pink chunks like that in the right places) and is a good age ref - (ambiguous-looking)

Size Comparison:
There should be a fairly drastic size comparison difference between Angelina & Ambrose in werewolf form.  These images give a good idea of the relative sizes:

This is the same for both versions :)

General Human Appearance/Attitude:

    As a human, Ambrose is tall, thin, lithe, and attractive.  He is very concerned with his outward appearance and style - and is hygienic to a fault, and tends to wear preppy clothing - along the likes of Abercrombie.  His hair is styled and blonde - and about the maximum length that is still considered 'appropriate'.  He values control, and by maintaining his outward appearance helps him maintain the facade of being in control of himself.
((His appearance is VERY similar to the swashbuckling-version Ambrose, shaving off a few years and with shorter hair.))

Lupine/Werewolf Appearance:

Most of the modern versions of Ambrose deal with him primarily taking on the form of a LARGE wolf with some werewolf characteristics.  Think a mix between a wolf and werewolf - mostly quadrupedal, no head-hair, dexterous front paws.  ((If you've played werewolf the apocalypse, think Hispo ("Near wolf") form.))  Similar to this image, but without the human-hair. 

He also can in most modern incarnations take on a hybrid form identical to the werwolf form from the swashbuckler version.  Bipedal werewolf with long blonde hair.

Wolf Photo References & Coloration

These are examples I've collected from the web of wolf pelt colors that are similar to how I visualize his coat.  These images tend to be THE best examples I have of coat color.   I have yet to get a piece of artwork of Modern Ambrose that nails his coat color - as it unfortunately is a hard pattern to reproduce.

Sample 1 - howling Wonderful Real Wolf color reference!
**Sample 2 - Also a FANTASTIC color reference.  This is probably the closest I've seen to the right colors PERIOD.**







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*Alternate Version: Island of Dr. Moreau

This version was spawned for a (now closed) online Role-playing game in the Gaia forums for a shop/RP by the aforementioned name: Island of Dr. Moreau.  Here, Ambrose continued with his 'normal' life up until after his freshman year of college, where, after having finally stood up to his parents and did what he wanted to do for college (and was cut off financially) realized that money didn't grow on trees.  Responding to an add in the paper for $5000 for a two week medical study, Ambrose unwittingly became part of an experiment where himself and many other other unfortunate subjects had become part of a genetic experiment that slowly changed them permanently into anthropomorphic animals, and faced a lifetime imprisonment on the mad scientist's island.

is slowly changing from human to hybrid-form wolf described in the modern version above.  There is no transforming back.  The changes will happen in four spurts (after supplementary injections), resulting in a 25% change, 50%, 75%, and finally a last 100%.  However, during the process, Ambrose's hair grows out - eventually to long hair like the swashbuckling version when his transformation completes. 
            ~0% Official Picture
            ~25% Official Picture

           ~50% Official Picture
          ~ 75% Official Picture
          ~100% Official Picture

Basic Backstory (Pre-Island)

Ambrose's Online Journal - very comprehensive!
*This is a still on-going RP, and Ambrose is currently 75% of the way through his transformation, facing the facts, and facing an Angelina recently brought to the Island, now trapped as well, and had to messily break things off with Emelyn. 

For couple art and forms they'd be in at a given time, Angelina arrives on the island (as a human) when Ambrose is 50% of the way through his transformation.  She changes to 25% while he is at his 75% stage and remains that way until he is 100%. 
Angelina as a human can be drawn with Ambrose as a human, 50%, or 75%. 
Angelina at 25% can be drawn with 75% or 100%,
Angelina at any of the rest of her stages (50, 75, 100) would be with Ambrose at 100%.
Official Angelina 0% art - see also the above section (High-school Ambrose) for other human Angelina refs.  The base char is the same.
Official Angelina 25% art - GREAT clothing reference for any version of Modern Angelina.

Official Angelina 50% art



Need other good references for wolves for artwork?  Check out these great reference sites: - search for "wolves" - over 1000 images!

 Ambrose Maurlias is Arania 2003- present