Modern Ambrose Non-Contest Artwork

Modern-Werewolf Ambrose

Auriana Artwork of Ambrose and Angelina, posed for a photograph ^___^
Tamoko's couple piece of Ambrose & Angelina
Bernice commission- one that has been stuck in my mind that I wanted to see brought to life - High School Ambrose and Angelina, on a "movie night" - holed up at her house on the full moons, watching videos, with mounds of snacks/foods lying around the couch.
A PHENOMENAL piece by Mecromace of Ambrose and Angelina, clinging to each other as the moon is rising - Angelina sticking by Ambrose "No Matter What" ^____^
Damalia's jaw-dropping "Movie Night" piece - done Even BETTER than How I had imagined it. 
Bones's Ambrose and Angelina - great emotion, and sitting in those uncomfortable airport seats :3
Tavis Harts's Ambrose and Angelina - "PUPPY" <3
Digital Stiches's Lovely Ambrose and Angelina on an early-in-his-werewolfness full moon night
Batzy's neat vector-style modern Angelina with Ambrose in wolf form
Soteh's cute Little Red Riding hood inspired Ambrose & Angelina piece
Furesiya's concept Ambrose & Angelina sketch
Furesiya's different and even spiffier final piece of Ambrose And Angelina - absolutely adorable, love the posework ^.^
And Sayael's smexy punky/modern-little-red-riding hood Angelina coming onto Big Bad Wolf Ambrose :3
I also got some artwork of Ambrose and Angelina through the m a r l o w booklet auction ^.^  Here are the pieces she did with modern Ambrose
And a lovely toony-ish commission from Hibbary of Ambrose and Angelina in a modern inversion of Little Red Riding Hood
Nerversis's fantastic, dramatic piece of Ambrose and Angelina!
Phoenixelement (From DA's) adorable ink of Ambrose and Angelina - Scritches! :D
Sudden Changes by the incredibly talented Emryswolf, aka Blaqriot! 
ADULT WARNING: A sexy piece done by Azelyn of modern Ambrose & Angelina.
A piece I did of Ambrose in a big Dire/Wolf Form
And a crossover illustration of Ambrose, Angelina & Ethan
Pample did this absolutely fantastic Ambrose & Angelina piece - very characteristic for both!
PaolaPieretti did this lovely, simple-but-beautiful bust piece of Ambrose & Angelina
Akreon is a very talented artist - I particularly love her wolves and canines so I was very happy to get a shaded sketch from her of Ambrose & Angelina!
Fantastic Ambrose & Angelina by Stellacadente113 - great atmosphere and interpretation!
Dirt-chomp did this fantastic colored bust of Ambrose & Angelina
painted-bees did this adorable Wolf-Ambrose and Angelina - she has her own wolf/person couple and it was fantastic to get ours done by her hand <3. 
June Jenssen has an absolutely beautiful style and was willing to go outside her comfort zone and do a wolf in this awesome Ambrose/Angelina - this is also a wonderful Angelina ref - especially with her hair dyed :)
Fantastic piece by the immensely talented shadow-wolf - Ambrose in big wolf form with Angelina.  I adore how she does shading and really gives the characters a sense of depth. 
Lovely Ambrose and Angelina sketch Commission by Nytrinhia




Island of Dr. Moreau Ambrose

Official Dr. Moreau Artwork (By Sirenz) of Ambrose at 0%.

Official Dr. Moreau Artwork (By Sirenz) of Ambrose at 25%.
Official Dr. Moreau Artwork (By Sirenz) at 50%
Hargun did this spifftacular giftart for me of Ambrose in 2 of his forms 0% and 100% (though in actuality he'll have long hair at 100%).
Perri Indiya's adorable chibi Ambrose, based on the Island of Moreau-version Ambrose on Gaia ^_^
Desna's adorable chibi Ambrose - fully changed, with his epee ^_^
OneOfTwo's Bust-shot of an anxious-looking Modern Ambrose
Perri Indiya's joke sketch of Island Ambrose with Pigtails XD - following an early-morning conversation
Sanura Panthress's awesome couple piece of 100% Ambrose and Angelina (Island of Dr. Moreau Angelina is becoming an genet)
Sundragyn's spifftastic piece of Ambrose at 50%
Dust Entropy's piece of Ambrose on the beach at sunset
Yuoma's inkwork of Modern Ambrose - could be either version - I love the preppy tied sweater ^__^
Emerwyn's fun doodles of many of the Isalnd characters, Ambrose included :3
Kiniro Oniba's Island Ambrose looking sullen
Kiniro Oniba's illustration of a scene from the Island RP :3
  Kiniro Oniba's fantastic Pixel Ambrose's  :D :D
mouselet's marker-style Ambrose :3
rabid jigglypuff's adorable Island Ambrose and Angelina at 100% <3
AnimeCat's FABULOUS and absolutely adorable Ambrose and Angelina at 100% <3
One of many of Antigra's hilarious sketches.  IoDM characters cast as HHGTTG roles
Antigra's great sketch of a joke from the IoDM LJ community XD
Birvan's Ambrose ball <3
Birvan, drawing as his character Cody might, Ambrose
ChibiGingi from Akon's Smexy Ambrose <3
EvionVixen's Beach Ambrose - looking quite beefy ^^
Mecromace's commission of Ambrose and Angelina at the beach :3
SusanVanCamp's Inkpiece of Ambrose, at the cliffs overlooking the ocean and howling, mourning his loss of humanity and separation from home.
Hilarious Ves LJ icon XD
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Emelyn wrote a three-part short story about Island Ambrose along a potential future line.  One were submitted for the '05-'06 contest, and the second two finished later.  For convenience, all three parts are posted here.  Part two, however, is mostly from Sabin's POV.
Short Story And a side-story, also by Emelyn, of Ambrose if he had managed to escape the Island
Emerwyn's cute parody sketch of Ambrose and her character, also named Emerwyn
MouseAlchemist's IoDM Ambrose :D
Arafel's cute Ambrose & Angelina
Arafel's spiffy Ambrose sketch - drawn after the Annie attack, when Ambrose got an all fours and defensive
Kiniro Oniba's pixel Ambrose!  Really nice 100% form!
A secret santa gift from Kimie Kitty  with lines by Amy D - Ambrose with his rapier
And the gift that Kamiki received from Miller - drawn by Bilious!  In character during the truth or dare Miller dared Angelina to dance naked... much to Ambrose's chagrin. >3
Bilious's MASSIVE Chibi piece of nearly every IoDM Character!

Contest Artwork ('03 - '05)

Beat Fu's awesome HS Ambrose & Angelina from the Joint contest
Pandara's Cute couple ^_^
[Short Story] Emelyn's short story - A crossover with Modern Ambrose & Angelina with my other character, Sabin Duvert

Yokochan did a set of modern Ambrose & Angelina pics ^_^
Kiiro_Eriko's Modern Ambrose designwork
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Kiiro_Eriko's 5-page comic of High School Ambrose's first change
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 LynxKabaro's Transformation sequence
1, 2, 3, 4 Hikari Kourien's comic illustration of High School Ambrose's first change
Acinonyx_Jubatus's Ambrose and Angelina from the IoDM Art Contest
Acinonyx_Jubatus's Ambrose from the IoDM Art Contest
Birvan's adorable puppy/kitten version of Ambrose and Angelina from the IoDM Art Contest
Timeerkat's quilt of ALL the IoDM islanders from the IoDM Art Contest
Terminal.Romance's human Ambrose and Angelina from the IoDM Art Contest
Mouselet's sharpie doodles of all the islanders from from the IoDM Art Contest
Mindsend's full piece of ALL the islanders from from the IoDM Art Contest
EchoLimaFoxtrot's all-the-islanders chess set (Ambrose is a knight) from the IoDM Art Contest
KuraiKitty's nearly complete group of islanders from the IoDM Art Contest


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