My online handle/persona/fursona

First, off, it's probably pretty obvious that this is my handle, idealized self, my persona or "fursona" or whatever you'd like to call it.  In that respects, it is heavily based off me IRL.  Therefore, for lots of information about things I like, don't like, look like, etc go to My About Me Page.  All of that is considered valid for "Arania" as well (even owning my puppy, Gavin =^^= ).

Name:  Jenny, aka Arania

Age: 25

Eyes:  blue-gray-green with a fleck of yellowish brown in her left eye.  (Can change to lupine yellow when upset)

Hair:  long, straight and brown with streaks of light brown or white near the front (see photo)

Height:  5'3" (6'3" in hybrid form)

Occupation:  Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Grad Student,  TA, and Freelance Artist

Setting:  Real-world

Race:  werewolf


General Human Appearance/Attitude:

Arania is short and curvy, and doesn't care too much about makeup or fashion.  She generally wears what's comfortable, with a penchant for long sleeves, blue and black jeans (even in the Texas summers) and (when the weather permits) trenchcoats (or, rarely, cloaks.)  She's highly intelligent, wry, and keeps to herself unless she is around close friends.  She can take a while to warm up to someone (baring others that she clicks with whom share her interests such as gaming) and feels awkward in a group of people she doesn't know well.  She does, however, have an intensity to her, and despite her short height has a much bigger force of personality and an unwavering gaze.  She's also a wee bit OCD, especially when it comes to Collections.

Lycanthropic Appearance:

In wolf or hybrid form, Arania looks like a mostly brown and cream wolf with vivid blue-green eyes.  In her hybrid form, Arania gains muscle and about a foot of height, but is still sleek and graceful.  She is digitigrade (walks on her toes), pads on her hands and feet, and a bushy tail.  She has control as to whether her human hair manifests or not.  She can also manifest select features while in another form (ie: ears/tail in human form, human voicebox in wolf form, etc.)  Finally, she can also take the form of a large dire-sized, feral wolf (think Hispo from White Wolf).

Reference for wolf coloration. (thanks to ^~)


Arania is well-read and highly intelligent, especially in her major of Anthropology, folklore, and Asian studies.  She also is an artist, working at her skills in drawing, CG'ng, etc.  However, physically she has a decent background in the martial arts and self defense, and swordfighting of both the Asian persuasion (katanas) and the European rapier style (primarily the rapier/dagger combination). 

Special Abilities:

Personally, Arania has an affinity for darkness: she's a night owl by nature and has the innate ability to put out/burn out lights (streetlights, lightbulbs, moniters, televisions, etc).  She also has a sensitivity to sunlight (they can cause headaches and sneezing). 

However, primarily, Arania's ability is to channel physical or magical characteristics of individuals whom she has created and literally brought to life within her mind.  Or, simply put, if Arania develops a (for example) Role-playing character so fully, after at least a year of development, with an extensive life history, mannerisms, appearance, a solid grasp of appearance, and puts a bit of herself into the character, then the character literally becomes a part of her, and she can "channel" that individual in a manner of speaking.  So far there are only two characters that qualify, Sabin Duvert and Ambrose Maurlias.  She can do this anywhere from a very minor degree (to all outward appearances just getting very into character/their mindsets: her speaking style changes appropriately, and she picks up a few mannerisms, and finds it much easier to view things as they do) to physically manifesting traits (such as Sabin's white hair) and magical abilities and talents (Sabin's shadowmancy, Ambrose's swordsmanship).

Photo References:

A photo reference for standard wolf-form coloration.


Artwork of Arania:

Some of the first artwork of "Arania".  This is a set of dogtags made by Redfeather ^^
My sketch of Arania in human and hybrid forms.
From Serilda Aline during one of my Gaia art contests, Arania with Ambrose and Sabin and her shoulder angel and devil ^_~
A spiffy giftart/trade from Lobo Leo, who knows how much I really liked Kenshin and dressing up ^_~
The most wonderous gift from my friend, Kytty.  She commissioned myself and my two roommates - this would be an example of Arania channeling some of Sabin ^_~ (with the hair/shadowyness)
An AWESOME gift from Shadowsaber, the one who made my costume below - not only is she an incredibly talented at making costumes, but a graphic artist as well!
A combination of my two loves, costuming and werewolves ^__^ - I've wanted a realistic werewolf costume since I was VERY young, and Shadowsaber helped make that a reality for me ^____^ - MUCH love to her! 
1, 2 , 3 And another VERY Spiffy gift, from Wild Fox - a partial transformation of me to wolf form =^^=
A very spiffy entry to our last art contest: Arania and Jerri (her girlfriend).
And a fantastic entry to the art contest by Ryo0oki - and a really cool depiction of the channeling ^__^
Spifftastic gift art of a futuristic Arania from Bones, of Transfur ^_^
And a cute lineart Arania from Kitsune Kurisu! <3
Another really cute Arania from Kitsune Kurisu ^_^
JayWolf1985's really thoughtful giftart photomanipulation :D
And Bones did this faboo Arania!  I love the movement in this one, and the mix of human/wolf features :D :D
Precious Flame's Arania sketch, one of a series of commissions from her, to be colored :3
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Giftart sequence from TRC.  He's commissioned me for sequences many times and decided to retun the favor by making one of his own  - the resulting transformation being me doing too many sequences ^_~.
Shiro's fabulous 3-page colored comic of Arania caught by a full moon and shifting to her were-form.
A nifty photomanip gift from Cameron!
An awesome chibi Arania by Eyecager
A lovely sketch of Arania gift from Obsidian-haunt on DA.
I won a sketch raffle from Teknicolor Tiger on DA to "infect you with lycanthropy" - ie give her a photo and have her draw you as a werewolf from her mythos/setting :) 
A gift art piece from MBT808 from DA


For More artwork, check out some of the entries to the HUGE Joint art contest that Kamiki and I ran over Gaia!!