Commission Information

I love doing commissions!  Its always so interesting to see and have the privilege to draw other people's characters or ideas! 

 Contact me at
Prices for commissions are outlined below.
If you have any trouble reaching me through that email address (ie, if you email me and you haven't heard a response within a week), you can try me at my gmail account araniaartist(at)

If you are interested in checking out my up to date worklist, click here:  MY COMMISSION WORKLIST

What I will do:


  • Original characters

  • Furries/Anthros/weres of any species

  • Transformation Sequences

  • Animals and fantasy critters/monsters (unicorns, dragons, etc)

  • Fantasy races including (but not limited to) elves, mermaids, centaurs, satyrs, fairies, vampires, etc.

  • Any rating from G to NC-17

  • Straight, yaoi (male-male), yuri (female-female), herm, or multiple partner romance

  • Fan art (reference materials might be required)

  • Please ask if you have any questions!

What I won't do:


  • Children or non-anthro/sentient animals in sexual situations

  • Mecha, machinery, or artillery.  I really can't draw these well.  If your character has weapons like a gun, if you give me a few really good reference pics I'll try my best.  I will occasionally draw vehicles like a car or motorcycle, but they are REALLY not my strong suit. 

  • "Bathroom" subjects: if it goes into the toilet I'm not comfortable drawing it.

  • "DTF" (ie, the whole character changing into a sexual organ)

  • Very sticky, nasty, fluids-dripping-off-the-ceiling, shock-factor pornography.  I have no problem doing adult images, just try to keep it at least semi-tasteful.

  • I maintain the rights to say "no" to any commission for any reason. 


Commission Pricing
Please note, the prices as followed are the standard/base prices.  Complex designs of characters, features such as wings or detailed scale or pattern work will raise the price.
SEE THE CHART FURTHER BELOW for pricing for multi-page transformation sequences.


*Pencil Sketch:
a detailed pencil (such as this ) piece might raise the price

    $15 for a single character
    $25 for two characters
    $35 for three characters


   $25 for a single character
    $40 for 2 characters
    $60 for 3 characters

Colored Pieces:

A) Basic Pismacolor Colored Pencils:

Inked, and colored with colored pencils.  Does not include background in base price.

(Example 1) (Example 2)(Example 3)

    $65 per character

* For a more detailed colored pencil piece such as THIS, contact me to work out a price

B) Digitally Colored 

   ~  Does not include price of background in base price
Once again, Wings, Scale work, taur-forms and other complicated clothing/designs/etc will raise the price.  Inquire for a quote.

* DIGITAL STYLE 1 -   Inked Style Digital Colors

-  $60 base rate for 1-character in the INKED style
   $90 base rate for 2-characters in the INKED Style*

* DIGITAL STYLE 2 -   HIGH DETAIL Digital Colors

- $100 per character base rate
 I will do UP TO a 5-page transformation sequence in this detailed style.  I MIGHT offer a discount on that depending on the subject.

Example of Inked style vs Detailed style of Same character:

Inked style  - - - High Detail Style


C) Watercolor and/or mixed media watercolor (w. colored pencil touches)
* Inquire for price/availability.  These are generally in the $100 range, but subjective based on complexity of the character and background.



A) Backgrounds
~ Basic flat colors/filters/textures/etc are free
~ Actual backgrounds run from $20-$150 based on complexity and medium
~ I am much better at outdoor/natural scenes than interiors or building/cityscapes. 
Cityscapes/urban environments/interiors that are more than just a piece of furniture will ALWAYS be on the more expensive side. 

Simple Background Example
Medium Background Example
Complex Background Example

Tattoo Design:   
Due to the high level of precision with these pieces and the opportunity for a lot of corrections, and often vectorization of the image, these tend to run a little higher than the comparative commission of that level.  Also, these come with exclusive rights to be the only person to use the design for your own tattoos.  Anywhere I post these online will have a heavy watermark on the image.

- Simple Tribal-Style Tattoo [ Example ] - $60 *
- Greyscale shaded Tattoo [Example] - $75 *
- Color tattoo - no examples - inquire for price

*Prices are approximate here and may vary with a complex design or inclusion of extra designwork, etc.

Transformation Sequences:   
    This is a wee bit special in my pricing - as they generally involve SEVERAL pages, and is a specialty of mine.

Medium Comic/full page Base Price Per Page
Pencil: minimal - no background Full Paged sequence $13 for 1-character,
$22 for 2-characters,
$40 for 3-chars,
$55 for 4-characters
Pencil Comic-form
INK Full-page sequence $22 for 1-character,
$40 for 2-character,
 more characters = inquire
INK Comic-form
Colored: minimal - no background, CG-colored Full Page sequence $60 for 1-character inked style,
$85 for 2-chars inked style
$100 per char in the detailed style (5 page detailed sequence max)
Colored (Inked Style) Comic-Form**
Colored (Detailed Style) Comic Form** $200
(MAXIMUM of 3 pages in the detailed style)

** = Comic form implies a sequence drawn in comic-book like panels.  As opposed to a normal full-page sequence, one feature at a time is usually emphasized for the change instead of getting a good view of the entire changing body.  HOWEVER, comic-form takes me a lot longer to draw.  At this quoted price, there is a maximum of 5 or 6 prescribed panels per page (if you are dictating to me the individual page layouts).  Of course, another option is to send me a general write-up and let me break it down into pages/panels keeping in mind the number of pages you're shooting for.  I may end up putting more than 5 panels on a page on my own accord - but in general I have a better idea of what I can or can't fit into a page ^^

***Special TF Sequence Offer:***

 For $100 flat I will draw you a 10 page full-page pencil TF sequence of a single character, no background.   If you want 2 characters in the sequence, it will be $150.  
The $10 synergy discount with
FoxyFussings CAN apply to this category if you commission both of us at the same time (She will write the story based on the artwork I make first). 
No more than 2 characters per page for the TF special offer.
I can pro-rate this if you want a longer sequence (15,20, etc page sequences along this line).
The CATCH is that you can only give me VERY BASIC information, and the rest of the sequence is up to me. 
Nothing that would require reference images or long descriptions. No scripts or page-by-page descriptions.
ALSO, must be human on one side of the TF (Either human into something, or something into a human).

Complicated design elements like wings, scales, stripes, etc will probably only show up near the end of the change.

You specify UP TO the following:

  1.  A VERY general "before"/"human":
                  You can specify:
                    -    gender,
                    -   long or short hair,
                    -   basic build/body type,
                     -  and a 1 or 2-word "Description" for the "Before" character such as a profession or clique. (ie: "Cheerleader", "Construction Worker", "Dog Walker", "Policeman", "nerd", "goth", "Cowboy", "knight", etc.)

  2. A trigger/cause for the transformation
        (if you want one at all)

  3. Emotional reaction
    (Pick up to two: pleasurable?  Fearful?  Willing? Painful? Denial? Lust? Something else? )

  4. What they turn into
                   -must involve at least animal/mythical somehow (not just transgender, inflation, etc - but can involve transgender, etc.) 
                   - No specific fursona designs  
    Just a couple of words.

  5. Up to what "Rating" you are comfortable with
                 (Complete Clean, Artistic Nudity, Nudity, or Adult content).

Beyond that - you give me free range to play with the sequence :).  I draw these on sketchbook paper - and you will receive digital scans. It is up to me if I add dialog/descriptions to the pages or not.  I might also choose to incorporate 3/4 body shots as opposed to full-body on every page to highlight changes in specific body areas. 


"OPEN Series"
Want to get a commission from me, but don't have a real idea of story?  There are a few ongoing transformation sequence stories that are open to be commissioned into by anyone who wants to add into it with your own character(s).  In other words, they would take place in the same universe and follow the same general rules of the storyline.  Please contact me if you have an idea - some of them are a little more restrictive in content than others. If you have any questions, please ask :)   Commission rates are the same as a normal transformation sequence. 

Commission Details:

*If you want the originals, let me know ahead of time so I can use heavier quality paper (bristol board).  Shipping is $10.00 anywhere in the United States for most commissions. If you live outside the US, contact me and we can figure out shipping, but in general will probably run in the $15 - $20 range.

*If you do not require the originals, then I reserve the right to sell the sketchbooks that contain them. 

I accept Paypal and money orders, though if you need an alternative form of payment, again, contact me and we can work out details.


Legal Information