Fanart, Art Trades, Gift Art and Commissions

This section is a bunch of different sorts of drawings lumped together as they are all characters that I do not own.  Be it fanart that I have felt inspired, inclined or commissioned to draw, Art Trades between myself and another artist, or commissions from other people of their own characters, or if I feel particularly inspiried to draw gift art of another artist's character for them.  None of these characters belong to me; the images themselves, however, do.  

**Images with a Big GRAY Border may contain nudity.**



Cheetah of Gold Digger Fame.  Character Fred Perry and Antarctic Press
A watercolor I did quite some time ago but still like how it turned out.  Kenshin as the Battousai from Rurouni Kenshin. 
Many of the Heroes of the Dragonlance Saga. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and Wizards of the Coast.
A fanart piece of Link and Midna from Twilight princess.  Spoiler for Midna if you haven't finished the game.  Part of a set of prints I made for A-kon, though most of the other are anthro versions of the characters.  Check out my anthro page for more of my anime anthro series. 
An obligatory fanart piece of Sephiroth ;)
A commission piece - a cute fanart pencil drawing of Po & Tigress and a hybrid baby from Kung Fu Panda.
Another Kung Fu Panda fanart commission based on the commissioner's story that deals with the Daughter of Po and Tigress, and the Slenderman as an antagonist.
<Just the raw Inks>



Gift Art and Commissions

For Transformaion commissions visit the Anthro and TF Page

Gift art for Apsylus of her character Pyreon.
Gift art for Glass of her nifty Zombie Murkoph.
A gift for Kamiki of her Gaia-version Kamiki looking rather Sultry :3
Another gift for Kamiki - a more anime-style Kamiki ^^
 And another gift for Kamiki's Birthday - a newer piece of Kamiki - showing some of my progression over the past year :3
A commission for Jason!  A wizard and a mage!  The color version is on the Collaboration page!
A commission for Moldred of his characters, Unis the Unicorn and Mel the Griffin.
Another Furbid Commission, for Mandy Snowpaws, of her Red Panda character Apricot.
Now my 3rd Furbid Commission - this one of Tafka's fursona, an anthropomorphic weasel.
A commission for NorseHorse from Furbid, of a Draft Horse filly.
A commission by Aidan of his and his friends' Canine furry characters in the roles of some of the fellowship from Lord of the Rings ^_^
A commission from Aidan's friends for his birthday - him and his friends' doggie fursonas at his birthday party :)
A commission from Trent, of a character of his - a deadly maiden (who has yet to be named
A commission from Jessica of her Fursona, Mayim the skunk ^_^ - one of my few Ink works.
A commission for Matt of his character, Silivenist the lizardman :)
Another commission for Matt, of his character who has 2 forms - a gryphon and an anthro hawk.
A Gaia commission for Gabriel of his Avatar and pet.
A commission for Mousira, of two of her characters, Izzak and Setrelca in colored pencil.
Another commission for Mousira, of 2 more of her characters, Somuria and Kalsam.
A commission from Charmaster of his liquid metal panther, Parthec
 A commission for Zain Akkla of his Fursona raving :)
 A commission of Figarou for Figarou :3
A commission of  J.H's Saint Seres - watercolor!
D'yana, an anthro Lambeosaur - a commission by her creator :)
A Christmas present of/for my friend, Kytty.
 Pawscat and arcas - a commission from Pawscat for her bf, arcas :)
 Deborah, an anthro Zebra, a commission by her creator :)
 Merrit's commissioned fursona - a winged wolf
 A Christmas commission from a Lynx to his Kitsune :3
 Psycho Giraffe's Dinotopia character Lellywin, a Troodon knight thinking reflectively on the beach.


Psycho Giraffe's Dinotopia character Lellywin, a Troodon knight in an ancient city.


Kitsune Chris's D&D character Corwyn
Kitsune Chris's D&D character Synn
Kitsune Chris's D&D characters Lucent and his fox familiar, Alton
Kitsune Chris's D&D character Candace
PW's commission of his "Werepyre" creation
Armonkyi's commission of his fursona by the same name with his mate, Elven
Psycho Giraffe's commission of the 2 forms of a kirin-girl
    Part of Psycho Giraffe's commission set - the original design, modified design, and shrunk-version of his pink elephant lady :3
 More commission from PsychoGiraffe ^^ - his mosquitotaur - and the ultimate final outcome of the inked mosquito tf sequence on my TF page.  Eventually, the scientist regains a measure of her humanity and original size, though thoroughly altered.
 Brandy and Jessica - the inflatable apatosaurus and giraffe - more commissionwork from PsychoGiraffe :3
 A lovely cowgirl, also for PsychoGiraffe :D
A beautiful Egyptian sphinx for Sara the Sorceress
  A beautiful Hindu Naga for Sara the Sorceress
Two mermaids kissing ink :3
A commission by Nero Drakus of his fursona
A World of Warcraft bust portrait - commissioned by EchoLimaFoxtrot of her sister's dwarf character

A set of four character profile pinups - these are four werewolves for a novel that the commissioner is writing.


   Three character inked pinups for a commissioner's RP characters. 
 A terrible battle between a ship and sea monster!  Technically part of a longer comic on the TF page, but I had to spotlight this piece by itself as well :3
A commission for my roommate of his character from our current RP (the same one Ethan is from) of his character, Dorian - gone all crazy with his newfound kinship for rats.
An infant angel for ScarletWhite for a story.
 A portrait of Silverfox's character Keys.
A fursona for a young woman named Daphne :)
A pair of OC designs for TRC
And a character design of a wolf soldier named Gage.
A commission of two forms of Eagle's original unicorn character
  Some character designs for TRC
A more adult version of Eagle's unicorn character - ADULT WARNING
And a color couples' piece of Eagle and Vari
An inflatable Pink Elephant girl!
A microraptor girl in frilly lingerie
And a Christmas gift for a friend of mine, Kytty, who had a son this year.
Another piece for Eagle - of a more cervine unicorn
A commission of three WoW Characters in a detailed background setting of the Moonwell in Stormwind at Night.
Eagle and Vari as Unicorns
A commission for Lady Aria Starstone of her Reverse-tiger patterned fursona :)
A commission for Gabriel of an alternate version of Lexxie from KH
A commission for Comiclover of a rat warrior forum avatar.  This avatar image was done exclusively for him, so please do not take it/use it.
A commission of a Russian Fox girl in a womens' military uniform
A commission of a shinigami mouse girl
A commission of a sexy skunk woman.
A commission of the three forms of a fennec anthro character.
A commission of Exo and Vae, a cute hyena & cat scientist couple
A commission of a white rabbit-taur sleeping on a bed.
A tattoo design for Kamiki of a fox.  NOT FOR USE by anyone else. This was designed for her.  If you are interested in getting a tattoo design from me, drop me an email and we'll work something out :)
A commission of Yuki the Snow Leopard.
The commissioner's original character from an Exalted RP, Naya
The commissioner, Bassilith's, two forms: Human & Dragon. 
Two plant-insect-unicorn hybrid characters
Eagle's two alternate equine forms of a kirin and a hippogryph!
Eagle as a merging of a hippogriff-kirin-unicorn - in both anthro and nonmorphic forms
Bassilith stand-alone in dragon-form with his wings spread
a wolf guy standing protectively in front of his fox-girl girlfriend.
Yohann and Aldric as werewolves - Aldric surprising Yohann with a kiss.
A Naughty Dragoness.
An inked piece of an Argonian from Skyrim for Bassilith
Jasmine in flight
A were german shepherd
Tattoo Design for KJ  - NOT FOR USE BY ANYONE ELSE
Tattoo Design for G - NOT FOR USE BY ANYONE ELSE
An updated design for Eagle's plant-unicorn-bee hybrid :) 
And also a version even further changed towards the plant/bee side.
NOW two more images pushing the bee/plant change further
Flora Character Vignettes.
A set of commissions of a high elf plane-traveller named Flora. 
Neva the skinwalker soquili (intelligent horse from a RP shop on Gaia Online) - for pippi
Celia Thorne, the Chaotic Queen
A Commission for ChaoticQueen on FA of her character Crazily celebrating the Holidays
Dark Mermaid - a commission for Maggatron of a creepy deep-sea mermaid
A commission for Obsidian Reaver of Jaina from Star Wars in a very difficult battle against a Sith lord. 
NEW  A commission for GS of his dragon fursona
NEW  A commission for Berkley of him and his brother, Josh - bear-feline hybrids
NEW  A commission for SW and MG of their DBZ fancharacter Kalla


Various Contest Submissions

My submission for the Bishonen Original Monthly competition, Meg's character, Eros.  My first experiment into Prismacolor Markers.  The real media w/o photoshopped background is HERE.
A submission for Kipestshin's contest - a Sphinxlet ^_^
An entry for PawsCat's art contest on Go-Gaia - one I'm VERY proud of - and my first full piece in photoshop with my new Wacom Tablet (Thanks Kamiki!!)
Big Version Here.
A 2nd Entry for PawsCat's contest - this of her other character, Alae and her 3 wolves - the 3 wolves in the description really set my muse in gear to get me to do this piece ^_~
A submission for Sajhiri (A GREAT artist and a wonderful person)'s art contest of her original character Duke Ian Noihn.
A submission for Britain's contest of her two original characters, Randal and Julian.
My Submission for The Poison Arrow's Gaia contest :3
My Submission for Daiton's Gaia contest
My Submission for Raesha's Gaia contest
My Submission for Emiko/RikProwley's Gaia Contest
My Submission for Babyjammi's Gaia Contest
A Submission for Dragoness's Gaia Contest :3
A Submission for Spiritweaver's art contest - mixing a wolf with FF's Shiva on Gaia.
The first of two pieces for JadeEye: of a wolf character of hers named Notoka
And one of Jade's anthro white tiger character, Ja'eri'kailen.
For Sosiqui (and Sundragyn): their fa'e characters, Riven and Ghlyssa.  The pencils are here.
And for Sajhiri - two of her original characters Alessandra and Andres on horseback, a scene from her novel she's working on.  Definately the biggest endeavor piece I've done in a LONG time.
Dragonstar - one of Winterfalcon's characters, for her art contest
And Winterfalcon herself, for the same contest.
 A giftart for Poufy Werewolf of Gaia :3
"Embrace of the Sun" An entry to Emerwyn's Gaia contest of her character, a vampire-descended cleric of the sun-god Pelor
   An entry to Lilwerewolfgirl's art contest on Gaia - her fursona by the same name - an arctic wolf/snow leopard hybrid :)
An entry to chibizoo's art contest on Gaia - his character Seyerel and his slave, the fallen angel Ashiikyuu - and an example of my cel-style coloring :)
 An entry to Emerwyn's Gaia art contest of three of the characters from her Precursors universe and Simon's descent into madness as he kills Julia, goaded by a woman that only he can see...
Desert Mirage - Kamiki's character Durriyah - An Arabian unicorn, and an entry to the Soquili art contest
He Dances to his Own Tune - Nerpin's character, Jack B Nimble, and another entry to the soquili art contest.
"A Song in the Breeze" - my entry to the 2013 Soquili art contest :)  This is Gypsy Song - a winged draft horse character that belongs to Cyhorse. 


Art Trades, MAX, and CMAX Trades

JULY A Submission for MAX - for Darksortie's character Katee.
JULY B Submission for MAX - Hawk's character Brooke.
July Submission for CMAX - Ironically, Kamiki and I got each other for recipients...
August A Submission for MAX - A Twu's character, Li Hsiao-Lin.
August B Submission for MAX - Dot's character, Namida Samui.
September A Submission for MAX - Stareyes' Characters, Delwyn and Shashi.
September B Submission for MAX - Hinode's Character, Rhiannon from "Spiral Dance" (The name being the inspiration for the pose/background of the image.  I REALLY like how this piece turned out!
October A Submission for MAX - Sunstrike's Character, Cro.
October B Submission for MAX - Modesty's character, Nali
November A MAX for Xalan of her character, Basil Oshko.
November B MAX for Anke of her werewolf character Grenn in wolf-form ^_^
December A MAX for Fenrir of Nathan
January MAX for Sonia
September CMAX Submission for Nate Clark of his catgirl charcter.
October CMAX for Kutaly of Sar.
BOM Tarot Omake art trade submission: Sunstrike's Cris Knights as the Devil card.
My submission for the May Yerf Secret Santa trade - for Aisling :)  I REALLY like how this piece turned out - it is a historical-theme month, so I did her illusion/hallucination dragon persona during the Victorian era Opium houses - I call the piece "Chasing the Dragon" ^_~
My submission for the July Yerf Secret Santa - for Magnoona of his char Levant the Lion/Wolf.  The theme for this piece was "Summer"
My Submission for the August Yerf Secret Santa - Equilo's character Kettie - cast in the role of Puss in Boots - with the theme of "Fairy Tales"
My October submission for ther Yerf Secret Santa - Birdz's dragon character looking all scary.  My first experiment with colored pencils on black paper!  Much funness!
An Art Trade with Shade, of her character by the same name, in wolf-form ^_^.
Art trade with Aura Moser of her unicorn-like fursona ^_^
Art Trade with Lobo Leo of a She wolf - Nudity Warning
Here's what he did for me ^_^ - me as a werewolf with my interest in Kenshin showing through ^_~
Holiday Anthro Chibis Holiday Gifts to some of my friends on Go-Gaia
Art Trade with Kipestshin over - a dragon bishonen after a fashion of the anime/manga Petshop of Horrors.
Another art trade with Kipestshin - she wanted me to draw her a "puppy" ^_~ - in other words, a nifty wolf boy looking quite dashing :)
An art trade with Sepp - of her character, Regaelia.  I had a lot of fun with the colors in her wings ^_^
An art trade with Rayndancer of her fursona - I'm VERY VERY pleased with how this piece turned out - And I think it's my best work to date - this will be one of my 3 pieces on my applicatoin to Yerf ^_^.
Art Trade with SilverSpiritWolf of her Fursona ^^
An art trade with Anya of her mendel (from Gaiaonline), Fluorine!
A birthday gift for Artoki of her original character, Vaucia!
Another art trade with the talented Lobo Leo - of his new character for a webcomic he started, Luna ^^
A second art trade with Rayndancer - of her revised fursona in nonmorphic form - a sort of American chimera creature bringing forth the storms.
A trade with Lyanti from Deviantart of her wolf character by the same name :3
An art trade with FinalFlight of her Jack the Ripper based character, Jake :)  Tons of fun with hiim ^.^
A trade with the uber-talented Yellow-Eyes, aka Zakka, from DeviantArt! :D
A quickie trade with Arezou of her Gaia character by the same name :3
A trade through a new year's art exchange on Deviantart.  This is RedRodent's fursona ^.^
For Raoleza - her wolf fursona for a round robin art trade set up on DA :)


Interested in a commission or Art Trade?  Visit my Commission Information Page!