Anthro Art

This section houses my non-commissioned anthro art, or humanoid animals.
I have now split off the transformation artwork onto its own page for the sake of people without high speed internet.
I started drawing animals long before I started drawing people, and have always been fascinated by animal-human hybrids (and the transformation process) since before I even knew that there was a following of them.  After working at drawing humans for several years, as well as my artistic abilities improving in general, when I came back to drawing animals, I had progressed there as well. Anthros were a natural progression - and it's proved a wondeful way for me to go back to my old interests! 

Transformation Art - New page for TF art

*Some images contain artistic nudity (designated by a big GRAY border) and/or censored areas*

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**For More of my Furry/Anthro Art, take a look at my commissions page. **

Anthro Art Series

 Lusty Lycanthropes:  *ADULTS ONLY*
A series I created to sell on Furbid.  Maybe eventually I'll do a print run (after I finish it - I have one more image planned for the series I may do at some point in time.)   Click the title to visit the page for this set.

A set I created for printmaking at A-Kon.  I had a LOT of fun with these!  I have done a full Wolf's rain Series, Naruto,InuYasha and Sesshoumaru, and Merle from Escaflowne, Yuki and Kyo from Fruits Baskets, Yoruichi from Bleach, Link from Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Amaterasu from Okami.  New this year is Orochimaru, Gaara, Haku, and a Link/Midna piece. I add to this series every year for A-kon.




 Island of Dr. Moreau Series
A group of 5-part transformation sequences done for a Roleplay via the GaiaOnline forums. These are the "subjects" whose artwork I did, although many other artists participated in the roleplay and drew other subjects.  Most of these are done in my high-detail CG style.

Madison (Female Doctor -> Anthro Fox)

 Amaya (Teenage Girl -> Anthro Iguana)

 Colche (Abused Teenage Girl -> Confident Anthro King Cheetah)

Chubbs (Genial ex-boxer -> Fierce wolverine/bear/Tasmanian devil hybrid)

  Pyroth (Native American man-> nonmorphic coyote)

 Father Young (Catholic Priest-> Anthro Goat)

Tommy (Air Force person-> Anthro Vampire Bat)

Cody (Little Boy with MS -> Mer-dolphin)

Zachary (Amputee Geologist -> Red Dragon)

Seth (Slobby Australian networker -> Thylacine)

Jamal (Gangsta' -> white tiger)

Freddie (chauvenistic guard -> female cow)

Dee (Amateur biologist -> Flamboyant Cuttlefish/Striped Hyena combination)

Jordan (Ex-Feral Labs employee -> Samoyed dog taur)

Richard (Aging corporate exposť-bloggist -> F displacer beast)

Nicky (Mafia man -> nonmorphic cerberus)

Ivy (Normal teenaged girl -> hippocampus)

Shenzi (Bohemian singer -> Griffon)

Russel (WoW addict -> Texas Blind Salamander)

Thina (Traditional Greek woman -> Blue Sea Slug)

Emerwyn (final two images continuation from LeLe's art. Woman -> Shika deer)