Original Artwork

This section is for all of my artwork of characters and creatures that do not belong to anyone else, or are, for example, typical examples or my interpretations of the species (normal animals and monsters.)  Artwork of anthropomorphic creatures can be found on the Anthro page

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*Pictures with a big GRAY border contain artistic nudity.*

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Newer Artwork

This is the first piece I've done of Sabin in what seems like (and may be) Years.  I owed it to him to use my new skills to do a piece of him <3 A first experiment in a totally photoshop-drawn piece (I usually draw lineart by hand in pencil and scan it). Eye experiment based on a tutorial from furiae.com And a whole face experiment - also based on furiae.com tutorials, and also totally CG-done
"Mermaid's Touch" - a huge endeavor in photoshop in doing a realistic fantasy piece, with full composition practicing some of the techniques.
My muse hit me upside the head with the inspiration for this piece and wouldn't let me be till I finished - all in all, I'm very happy with my smexy demon man :3 A quicker CG of a character I made to try out the 4th Ed D&D system. This is Greer, a tiefling paladin of Bahamut. A big piece I composed based loosely on Ambrose & Angelina, and done as a study for a piece for the living room of our new home, integrating some of the color themes we're going for in the room <3    


Clothing Studies

The following pieces were done for my History of Western Dress class, and are studies on clothing styles from various periods. I'm frustrated that the prof 'lost' my Renaissance piece >>. These were done in 2003.

First off is, of course, Egyptian.  Then comes Greek and Roman costumes. Then is the Old Gothic Period (think King Arthur time.) My Renaissance drawing was lost... here is the Elizabethan period. Then Cavalier!  The age of the 3 Musketeers. And then Restoration.