First Gaia Contests 

This section is dedicated to the first contest that I ever ran on Gaiaonline - as well as selections from Kamiki's first contest. 

The Chibi Images above are from Tavis's and Sabin's Avatars from Gaiaonline


 Go-Gaia FIRST Contest Submissions

On Go-Gaia, I am Ran a Draw my Avatar contest with big prizes (in Gaia gold, items, etc.)  Here are the submissions (So Far).  Prize list is on the thread

Sojuku's Entry - A very original, very artsy submission!  3rd Place
Zel Luver's Entry - A shy looking Sabin tipping his hat (maybe the reason he looks shy has something to do with the fact it looks like he may not be wearing pants *grins*)
ZelLuver's Second Entry: A more stark black and white piece of Sabin standing amidst ruined buildings, looking broody.
Moonblossom's Entry - has a neat background mix of Asian and modern city elements ^_^. 
Little_Me's Entry: An anime-style Broody Sabin ^^
Nekura-Chan's Sabin in a veil, inspired from a late-night auction of mine ;)
Nekura-Chan's super-chibi entry - also inspired from above late night auction/avatar striptease ;)
Nekura-Chan's cute sketch of Sabin in a top hat
Nerine's Entry: A really cute picture of Sabin and Samantha, performing at a classy piano bar - a really neat idea :)
Deadspatula's Entry: Sabin in a top hat with a feral smile.
Jao's Entry: A really neat, dark and creepy Sabin in anju-form, rising out a pool of shadow and blood.
Jao's Second Entry: Another dark piece; a bust-shot of Sabin looking smug in front of a creepy clock.
Roller Girls's Submission: A really cool, clean cel-style shaded picture of Sabin grinning with his claws ^^  Possibly a work in progress.
Jackal's Submission for the contest - a creepy shadowy picture of Sabin holding Samantha.
MidnightCat's Entry: A cool picture of Sabin opening his extra sets of eyes with a smug smile ^^.
Kanshuu's Entry - a really well-done oekaki of Sabin in a coat, sitting in a windowsill, staring out thoughtfully.
Nae-chan's first entry: An adorable chibi Sabin looking quite vampiric.
Nae-chan's Second Entry: A very tragic and  bishonen looking Sabin with roses ^_^
Nae-chan's Third Entry: An adorable chibi of Sabin holding a Samantha doll, his shadow reflecting his nature :3
Starr-Chan's entry: A cute Sabin in a fishnet shirt, holding a rose :3
T//A//S's Contest Entry - A very different style from all of the rest - a hard, American-style comic style ^^.  Alternate coloration HERE.
Leash's Entry: A very hot Sabin CG, with his collar and tie loosened, giving a debonair smirk at the viewer.  Second Place
Vii's Entry: An interesting blending of an anime style with more realistic facial proportions - it suits him well ^_^.
Vii's Second Entry: Sabin looking quite sexy, extending a hand outwards while holding up a silencing finger.
Hotpinkbutton's Entry: Sabin in a tophat and vampiric-like cloak on the rooftops at night.
Farferello's Entry - a neat half-face shot of Sabin, with his newly acquired nitemare headband from Gaia Online.
Farferello's Second Entry: A more Goth Sabin ^^
Farferello's Third Entry: A cool photoshopped Sketch of Sabin grinning.
Kafer's Entry: Sabin sitting in a windowsill - a very nostalgic-feeling piece.  He also made a sepia-tone version of it HERE ^_^.
Kipestshin's Entry - A really neat counterpose of Sabin and the Anju, springing apart from each other ^_^  4th Place
SunBob's Entry - An American comic strip style Sabin, reminiscent of Peanuts.
Rukawagf's Entry - A really cool, Dramatic Sabin picture with  the Anju's shadow looming behind him.
NeOnArT23's Entry - A neat dramatic Sabin in his Go-Gaia avatar clothing ^_^
HellDragonFlie's Entry: Sabin Go-Gaia Avatar version, in a very clean and pop-art in shades of green.
Kawaii Kitsune's Entry: A sexy, smirking Sabin - looking quite confident ^^.
Kitsune_Rei's Entry: Two adorable Chibi Sabins - one of them with a neat Anju Shadow-effect.
Noa's Entry: a very cool, very striking shot of Sabin, with one of his eyes glowing out of the shadows on his face.  First Place!
Putret's Entry: A neat symbolic piece with a very anxious Sabin, with the anju rising up out of him :)
Ragingtofu's Entry: An anime-style Sabin portrait done with Prismacolors.
Ettoby's Entry: A creepy picture of the Anju holding Sabin at bay, tormenting him.
Hanasu's Second Entry: A sweet picture of Sabin and Samantha standing in the moonlight
Hanasu's Entry: A very cool picture of Sabin in a dark, old-style city with a rapier. 


Here are some select pieces from Kamiki's contest that included Sabin ^_^


Enumasam A beautiful picture of Sabin and Samantha.  I think Enu really captured the "feel" of them in this pic
Precious Flame Gaia Kamiki and Gaia Sabin posing for the camera ^_~
Sajhiri Mush overload XD  *swoon*  Samantha and Sabin share a kiss in front of a picture window in winter.  "As long as you love me so...let it snow let it snow let snow...."
Fyre Awww!  They're playing, how cute!  Look at the blush!



Kamiki ran a contest on Gaia, not just with Samantha, but with ALL of her original characters.  To see ALL of the Entries Take a look here:  ENTRIES  She's got over 200 Entries so far of all her characters (Samantha Included) as well as a few pieces with Sabin alongside Samantha ^_^




My second contest with bigger prizes and more prize categories over Gaiaonline ^_^.  Characters Eligible were both Ambrose and Sabin - so check out the AMAZING submitted entries HERE.

A joint-contest run with The Poison Arrow.  Entries are HERE.

A MASSIVE Joint art contest with Kamiki.  Entries are HERE.

"PURE GOLD" My Contest with Artwork of the versions of Sabin and Ambrose.  Entries are HERE

The Island of Dr. Moreau art contest, with Sabin as a staff-character: Entries are HERE.


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